Abby Hatcher Wiki

Tittle card

Bird on tree

Bird Head Down

Abby,Abby's Mom,Bozzly,Grumbles,Mo and Bo walking

Abby Excited

Fuzzlies Excited

Miranda Excited

Miranda I want to see the chicks

Miranda pretending to being a chick

Miranda and the pigs

Miranda pretending being a pig

Abby your so funny Mom

Farmer Joe Waves at Abby,Miranda and the Fuzzlies

Farmer Joe says hello to Abby,Miranda and the Fuzzlies

Abby,Miranda and the Fuzzlies enter the farm

Abby and Fuzzlies yay

Mo and Bo enter the farm

Grumbles enters the farm

Bozzly enters the farm

Abby enters the farm

Miranda closes the farm door

Abby introduces Bozzly

Abby introduces Bo

Abby introduces Mo

Abby introduces Grumbles

Fuzzlies say hi

Bozzly oh oh

Bozzly can't wait to see animals

Bozzly but where are they?

Farmer Joe don't wory

Farmer Joe they will come runing

Farmer Joe when they hear my animal call

Farmer Joe yep yep yeeep

Animals come running

Animals run foreword to Abby,Bozzly,Mo,Bo and Grumbles

Abby ohhhhhhh there so cute

Abby petting Pinky

Pinky runs foreword to Abby's backpack

Pinky sniffs Abby's backpack

Pinky sniffs Abby's backpack some more

Pinky runs around Abby's backpack

Pinky runs around Abby's backpack some more