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Abby's shoes worn by Abby have two functions:


Pogo-Spring Shoes

The pogo-spring shoes are a function when the large springs concealed within them extend to propel her. She is able to use them to jump higher and longer than she normally would be able to. :)


Used in

  • Abby Loses Her Glasses
    • Used to bounce out of the mud as Bozzly pulls.
    • Used to jump to the girder Bozzly and Princess Flug are hanging from.
  • Teeny Terry is... TeenyMan!
    • Used to bounce up to Teeny Terry and pop the bubble he's trapped in.
    • Used to deflate Teeny Terry.
    • Used to bounce away from the recycle bins.
  • Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail - Used to bounce up to Otis but failed.
  • Chef Beth - Used to pop the giant dough ball.
  • Teeny Terry's Perfect Sport - Used to jump on Teeny Terry's trash can.
  • Abby's Track and Field Day - Accidentally used to cheat in the long jump.
  • Abby and the Rooftop Playground
    • Used to spin the merry-go-round super fast.
    • Used to jump into the floating glitter goo pool.

  • Sticky

    The goo-gripper shoes, or super-sticky shoes are a second function where, much like the goo-gripper gloves, she is able to stick to surfaces.

    Used in

    usage in "Costume Ball"


    • The Pogo Spring Shoes are the most used gadget in the series.