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The first one is Abby, who is an ordinary girl who lives on Hatcher Palace Hotel.


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Abby Hatcher
[[Abby Hatcher picture.png|250px]]
Gender Female
Age 7-11
Occupation Fuzzly Catcher,
Blossom Band Lead Singer,
Family Miranda Hatcher (mother)

Lex Hatcher (father)
Wai Po (maternal grandmother)

Voice Sofie Zamchick (Prototype/Nick promotional interstitials)

Macy Drouin (final product)

Debut When Abby Met Bozzly
Likes Helping fuzzlies
Dislikes Trouble

Abby Hatcher is the eponymous main character of the series with the same name.

She and her parents moved into a hotel in the first episode, and since being there have gotten to know the various Fuzzly residents and human guests.

She is the lead singer of the Blossom Band.


Abby has been depicted celebrating her birthday twice:

Her age is described once during the series description:

An eternally optimistic, kindhearted 7-year-old girl who loves lending a helping hand to others shares wild adventures with Fuzzlies, incredible creatures that each have their own unique abilities.

It is unclear at which point she was 7 in respect to these birthday celebrations, so she may have been depicted at 5/6/7 or 6/7/8 or 7/8/9.


Abby and her mother Miranda have some Chinese heritage as Abby refers to one of her grandmothers (Miranda's mom) as Wai Po, a Chinese term for grandma 外婆

As of now, Mr. Hatcher's ethnicity has not been revealed yet.


Abby is a spirited happy girl who loves to help and befriend every Fuzzly around her along with her best friend and sidekick Bozzly with fuzzly-helping gadgets at her disposal.


Gadgetry she has used include:


Abby has pinkish-white skin, jade-green eyes with and purple hair usually kept in a high ponytail.

Abby is sometimes drawn with lower lashes (in the first few episodes) and other times (later ones) she is not.

She appears to have vision limitations as she regularly wears glasses, and was shown having difficulties without wearing them in Abby Loses Her Glasses.


Her attire consists of a black t-shirt with a pink heart in the middle and black shorts (though the shirt and shorts may be a leotard) over which she wears a pink knee-length skirt and an orange belt, along with orange and red-striped socks and purple high-tops with white soles and laces. She also wears pink glasses and has a pink bow in her hair.


When Abby Met Bozzly shows that Abby enjoys eating fuzzly cookies like any other fuzzly, and is the only human known to do so.

Except for Abby And The Costume Ball where Bozzly takes over in her absence, Abby serves as the leader of the Fuzzlies. This was emphasized in the Paw Patrol crossover.

Abby abides by a curfew which is mentioned in "Trick or Treat Otis" where she and the Fuzzlies had to be home by dark.

Abby appears to be entrusted with great responsibility, as in Mo & Bo Hit the Road her father permits her to ride her bike in flying mode and only seems to exhibit pride, not fear.

Abby's Snug (which apparently has not recurred in later episodes) was built to help her overcome sleeping problems due to Melvin Melvin Jr. snoring.



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