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Abby Hatcher is an American-Canadian CGI-animated children's television series created by Rob Hoegee for Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. The series first aired on January 1, 2019 on Nick Jr. on Nick, with a special preview airing on August 20, 2018. It moved to Nick Jr. on September 15, 2020. The show debuted on United States Netfilx on July 1st, 2020. But in Canada, the series aired on TVOKids in spring 2021. The show is currently cancelled after it’s second season.


Abby met a fuzzly names Bozzly, and he was the first fuzzly she ever met. Bozzly became Abby's sidekick and best friend. Abby loves Bozzly very much, and Bozzly loves Abby very much. They agreed to find fuzzlies together. When they worked together, they found alot of new fuzzlies. When a fuzzly is in trouble, Abby and Bozzly gear up together and ride on Abby's bike to the rescue. Abby even gave Bozzly his own helmet. Abby and Bozzly are always seen standing together. Bozzly will always stay next to Abby's side, no matter what happens.



  • Abby Hatcher, a 7-year old half Chinese-American girl who loves helping Fuzzlies and is equipped with gadgets. Voiced by Macy Drouin.
  • Bozzly, a blue rabbit Fuzzly who is Abby's best friend and sidekick. Voiced by Wyatt White.
  • Curly, a pink rabbit Fuzzly with a curly tail which she uses it to bounce. She is Chef Jeff's assistant in the kitchen. Voiced by Sophie Culligan.
  • Princess Flug, a slug Fuzzly who dresses like a princess and shoots glitter glue and pink bubbles. Voiced by Michela Luci.
  • Otis, a raspberry-like Fuzzly with extendable tentacles and has an obsession with buttons. He is the hotel's elevator operator. Voiced by Christian Dal Dosso.
  • Harriet Bouffant, a rag doll-like Fuzzly with an interest in styling hair and can extend her hairdo to various lengths. Voiced by Hattie Kragten.
  • Mo and Bo, twin rhyming cat Fuzzlies with extendable torsos that glow like nightlights. Mo is voiced by Laaibah Alvi while Bo is voiced by Leo Orgil.
  • Teeny Terry, a tiny Fuzzly who's half bird and half cat, who can blow up like a balloon. He has an interest in fixing things. Voiced by Jacob Soley.
  • The Squeaky Peepers, an octet of miniature rabbit-like Fuzzlies who repeatedly sing out of nowhere. Voiced by Kate Miller.
  • Grumbles, a big, lamb-like Fuzzly who has the ability to transform into anything. Voiced by Kaden Stephen.
  • Chef Jeff, the diminutive chef at the hotel who is subject to many gags where he screws up in the kitchen. Voiced by Paul Sun-Hyung Lee.
  • Lex Hatcher, Abby's American father who runs the front desk. Voiced by Terry McGurrin.
  • Miranda Hatcher, Abby's Chinese-American mother who works as a gardener. Voiced by Josette George.
  • Melvin, a friend of Abby's who lives in the hotel. He has an obsession with cheetahs. Voiced by Johnathan Sturgess.
  • Mrs. Melvin, Melvin's mom and the owner of the salon. Voiced by Kim Roberts.
  • Mr. Melvin, Melvin's dad. Voiced by Devin Mac.
  • Judge Thorn, a cynical judge of various events. Voiced by Catherine Disher.
  • Wai Po, Abby's Chinese grandmother who is also a Fuzzly Catcher. Voiced by Jane Luk.
  • The Flower Fuzzlies, a quartet of Fuzzlies who resemble flowers, and make up the Blossom Band.
    • Daisy is the oldest Flower Fuzzly with light purple daisy petals, and has a pink lightning bolt on his cheek. He's the only male Flower Fuzzly. He plays the keytar in the Blossom Band. Voiced by Jackson Reid.
    • Tulip is the second oldest Flower Fuzzly with dark purple tulip petals which cover her right eye, and has a pink heart on her cheek. She plays the saxophone in the Blossom Band. Voiced by Gracen Daly.
    • Rose is the second youngest Flower Fuzzly with pink rose petals with white tips, and has a pink star on her cheek. She plays the guitar in the Blossom Band. Voiced by Molly Lewis.
    • Sweet Pea is the youngest Flower Fuzzly with purple and blue sweet pea petals, and has a purple star on her cheek. She plays the maracas in the Blossom Band. Voiced by Beatrice Schneider.


  • Chef Beth, Chef Jeff's mother. Voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Flugtilda, Princess Flug's tomboyish cousin. Voiced by Emma Berman.
  • Mumbles, Grumbles' baby cousin who can clone himself if babysat incorrectly. Voiced by Ian Ho.

Recurring show elements

  • Every time a Fuzzly is in trouble, Abby's watch will beep and she checks the Fuzzly Spotter to find out.
  • Abby and Bozzly have a special sequence where they gear up after responding to the Fuzzly's distress signal.
  • Usually after gearing up, Chef Jeff has a screw-up in the kitchen which relates to the theme of the episode.
  • When Abby gets an idea or figures out the solution to the problem, she snaps her fingers and cries, "Brain spark!"
  • The various gadgets Abby uses, which differ depending on the situation.