Abby Hatcher Wiki


(In a hallway, Abby and Bozzly leap over each other.)
Bozzly: Leap...
Abby: Fuzzly!
Bozzly: Leap...
Abby: Fuzzly!

Melvin says whoa!

They say melvin?

Abby says melvin, are you okay?

Melvin says I'm better than okay. Come in.

Bozzly says ooh, surprise box?

Abby says did you get a present? (meowing) (gasping)

Abby says is that a...

A cat pops out of the box.

Bozzly screams.


Bozzly says c-c-c... (gasping)

He becomes invisible.

Abby says bozzly, it's a kitten. It scared Me when it jumped out too. But it's so cute.

Bozzly says yeah, cute.

Melvin says bring it down here, abby. Watch. He'll play with yarn.

The kitten plays with the yarn.


Abby says aww. What's his name?

Melvin: Well, my name is "Melvin." And my dad's name is "Melvin." So, the cat's name is...
Abby: Melvin?
Melvin: Nah, something totally different: Elvin.

(laughing) (teeth chattering)

Bozzly chatters his teeth.

Abby says bozzly, are you okay?

Up on a toy giraffe, bozzly says uh-huh. Yeah, yeah, good over here.

Abby says come pet elvin. He's so sweet.

Bozzly says umm, okay. (meowing)

Bozzly extends his mechanical arm to touch elvin from afar.

Melvin says you're funny, bozzly. (laughing) (gasping)

Abby says brain spark! We should introduce elvin To the other fuzzlies. They'll love him.

Melvin says good idea.

Abby says are you ready to meet Some fuzzly friends, kitty? They're going to love you So, so much. (whimpering)

Bozzly says not sure fuzzlies are ready.

Abby knocks on princess flug's snug and says princess flug? Come out. We've got a surprise for you.

Bozzly says yeah!

Princess Flug: Me? Surprise me?

Abby presses the elevator button.


Abby says otis, come on. There's a surprise.

Otis says ooh!

Abby: Okay, close your eyes!
(Princess Flug and Otis giggle and cover their eyes.)
Abby: (drumming on legs) them!

Melvin says kitten! (meowing)

Otis and flug say "Kitten"? (gasping)

They hide in the elevator.

Bozzly says abby, fuzzlies not sure About kitty.

Abby says oh, have you never seen a kitty? (meowing)

Flug says no.

Otis says no.

Abby says kittens are really sweet. I know you'll like him When you get to know him. Hmm. I have a fuzztastic idea! You can play with him. Then you'll see How much fun he is.

Melvin says that's a great idea, abby. Can you get elvin's toys? They're up in my room.

Abby says sure thing. Bozzly go too. (meowing)

Bozzly whimpers.


Melvin says want to pet him?

Flug says me? No kitty, me. You go, you.

Otis says ding-ding. Oh, no, you go. (gasping)

Elvin approaches them and flug whimpers.


They say no.

They scream and start running.


Flug says me no like kitty, me! (meowing)

Otis says run!

Flug says no!

Otis extends one of his arms and jumps on the chandelier.

Melvin says what's wrong? (meowing)

Elvin rubs his head against flug.


Flug screams and starts squirting goo.

She says uh-oh.

She uses the goo to jump up on the chandelier with otis.

(grunting) (meowing)

With all the goo squirting, melvin ends up glued to the wall.

Elvin meows at him.

Melvin says aww, cute. Help!

Abby says I've got elvin's toys.

She throws a toy in bozzly's pouch.

Bozzly says score!

Abby says yes, a perfect basket. The fuzzly spotter! (beeping)

Melvin says help!

Abby says spotted, melvin's in trouble! Oh, no. If melvin's in trouble, What's happening to elvin?

Bozzly chatters his teeth and says elvin.

Abby says fuzzly trouble, can't delay! To the rescue, save the day! (panting)

Abby says whoo! (grunting) (laughing)

They jump in a secret tunnel.

They gear up.

(imitating fanfare)

Abby says yeah!

She gives bozzly a treat.

Then they jump on a tricycle.


Abby says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then let's ride! (imitating engine revving)

Bozzly laughs.


Abby says we're coming, melvin.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, chef jeff stands on his rolling platform and makes a dish.

He says ah, the perfect kitty fish dish, Sprinkled with kitty kibble For crunch.

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly ride in through the door.

(cheering) (screaming)

As they ride past him, he falls off the platform.

He says oh, no!

He lands with his head inside a kitties' food bag.

Abby says sorry, chef jeff.

Bozzly catches the food.

Abby says mmm. (laughing) That's kitty food.

Bozzly says bleh! (grunting)

Chef jeff says okay, for kitties But too fishy for moi.

Abby rides in the lobby and says whee! Huh?

They see melvin glued to the wall.

(grunting) (meowing) (gasping)

Bozzly says kitty make fuzzly trouble. (meowing)

Bozzly says shoo, kitty. Shoo, shoo. (meowing)

Melvin says no, elvin! He's running away! My kitten is gone!

Abby says oh, no. Bozzly, why did you Chase elvin away?

Bozzly says kitten bad.

Melvin says it wasn't elvin's fault. He was only trying To play with the fuzzlies. He didn't do anything wrong.

Bozzly says kitten not make fuzzly trouble?

On the chandelier, flug says no, me did. Sorry.

Otis says and me. (purring) Sorry.

Melvin says and now my kitten is gone.

Abby says not for long. We'll find him And bring him back.

Bozzly says right, bozzly shoo, shoo, Shooed kitty. Bozzly find kitty. Super sound sense! (meowing) (beeping)

Bozzly says sound found! Upstairs, abby!

Abby says let's follow that sound!

Bozzly says onward!

Abby says elvin? Elvin?

Elvin hides in a closet.

Abby says elvin?

Bozzly says where are you? (meowing)

Elvin climbs up the shelves in the closed and drops a box.


Bozzly says sound found! (meowing)

Elvin runs out of the closet and climbs up the stairs.


Abby says elvin! (meowing)

Bozzly says uh-oh, stairs to the roof deck, Abby! (beeping)

Abby says to the roof deck!

Bozzly says onward!

They run along a secret tunnel.


On the roof, abby says zoomer view specs, activate. Hmm. I don't see him, bozzly.


Bozzly says sound found!

Abby says kitty! (meowing)

Abby gasps and says elvin's stuck all the way up In that tree! If we don't help him, He'll fall. Pogo spring shoes, activate.

She jumps to try to reach elvin but fails.


Abby says oh, no! (meowing)

Bozzly says try again?

Abby says I can't. It scares elvin.

Bozzly says oh, bomber blimp jacket!

Abby says I don't think so. The branches are too close.

Bozzly says then how save kitty?

Abby says you're the only one Who can save elvin. You can fly up With your helicopter ears And get him down.

Bozzly says me? But, but...

Abby says what's wrong, bozzly? I thought You wanted to help elvin.

Bozzly says oh. Bozzly do want to help. But... (meowing)

Abby says brain spark! Bozzly, I get it now. You're afraid of cats. Otis and princess flug are too. Fuzzlies are afraid of cats!

Bozzly says uh-huh.

The branch elvin sits on starts breaking.

(cracking, gasping) (meowing)

Abby says you can do this, bozzly. I know you're scared. But elvin is too. It would feel good to help Someone scared like you, right?

Bozzly says yeah. Yeah! Bozzly, help! Bozzly to the rescue!

He uses his propeller to reach elvin.

He says oh, oh, don't be scared, kitty. Bozzly save you.

He stretches his mechanical arm and elvin jumps on his hand.


Then elvin jumps on his chest.

Bozzly says aww.

Abby cheers.

Bozzly says abby, careful. Smush kitty.


Abby laughs and says I promise I won't smush him. I can hold him though, If you don't want to.

Bozzly says that's okay. Listen, abby. (purring)

Abby says that's purring. It means he likes you.

Bozzly says yeah, kitty like bozzly!

Abby says mm-hmm, and I think you Kind of like the kitty too.

Back in the hotel, melvin sighs.


Melvin says huh? Elvin?

Flug says you cuddle kitty? You?

Bozzly says aww, kitty nice to see fuzzlies.

Abby says do you want to Pet the kitty too?

Flug says me maybe, me. Kitty soft, kitty.

Otis says ding-ding! Otis touch. Otis like kitty. Trtw trtw trtw trtw


Melvin says look, abby. The fuzzlies Love my kitten. They love him.

Abby says purr-fect.