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  • This is the first time more than one Fuzzly shows up on the Fuzzly Spotter.
  • Melvin (whose mother is Mrs. Melvin, so her full name would be Melvin Melvin) clarifies that his father is ALSO named Melvin, making him Melvin Melvin Sr. and his son (Abby's child friend) Melvin Melvin Jr.
  • This is the first appearance of Melvin's cat Elvin.
  • Abby mentions the episode's title when she says, "You're afraid of cats! Otis and Princess Flug are, too! Fuzzlies are afraid of cats!"
  • Moral: Something or someone who may seem scary at first can actually be really fun when you get to know them better.
  • Bozzly shouldn't have tried to shoo Elvin away in the first place.