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Bo is black.jpg
Gender Male
Fuzzly Type Cat

Bo is the fraternal twin brother of Mo. He has black fur, a white belly, and colored stripes. They are the main characters in: the eponymous characters of these episodes:

  1. Mo and Bo in the Snow
  2. Tappin Mo and Bo
  3. Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail
  4. Mo and Bo on a Roll
  5. Mo and Bo where'd they go


Bozzly He gets along with Bozzly, and they seem a bit like brothers. They are good friends. In Dance Dance Grumbles he was caught by Bozzly. In Bozzly and the Missing Pill Bug he was concerned for Bozzly.

Mo Mo is Bo's twin sister. They are always together, but have only been separated for a little bit in Mo and Bo go Toe to Toe, The Fuzzlies in the Attic, and Mo and Bo on a Roll. They really love each other very much, and love each other more than Abby .

Abby Hatcher Bo seems to be good friends with Abby. She saved him in many episodes, and helped him find Mo in The Fuzzlies in the Attic. That's also the same episode Bo met Abby.

Sophie Sophie is very good friends with Bo and Mo. There's a chance they may become her sidekicks and best friends. They share a very good relationship[1]

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