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The Bomber Blimp Jackket is a Bomber Jacket which Abby wears. It inflates like a blimp (probably with something lighter than air, such as helium) making her appear weightless as she is able to float in the air. It is useful for cushioning impacts, slowing falls, and allowing gradual ascent, though she cannot ascend as quickly as Bozzly can with his helicopter ears.

In "The Fuzzlies Camping Trip", Abby reveals it had a super activation mode to inflate even more. She uses this mode to save Grumbles.

In Wai Po's Wild Day, Wai Po used it to save Abby and Bozzly. This is the first time it was used by someone other than Abby.

Times used

  • The Peeper Transport Tubes - Used to fly up to the central bay where the Peepers are stuck.
  • Game Time with Mo & Bo - Used to fly up to Mrs. Melvin, Harriet, Mo and Bo on the absurdly high salon chair.
  • Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail
    • Used to fly up to Mo and Bo.
    • Used to fly up to Otis but failed.
  • Mo and Bo on a Roll - Used Super Mode to bounce Mo and Bo back the other way but failed.
  • Chef Beth - Used to free Chef Jeff and Curly from the news box.
  • Abby's Track and Field Day - Accidentally used to cheat in the pole vault, and later used to save a couple from a hot air balloon.
  • Otis' Sick Day - Used to free the man and boy from the disco ball.
  • Lights, Camera, Fuzzlies
    • Used to stop the falling clock.
    • Used to free Lex from between the washing machines.
  • A Princess and the Peepers - Used to carry Princess Flug to the top of the giant bed.
  • Princess Flug Goes Skiing - Used Super Mode to stop Princess Flug and Otis from crashing into Lex.
  • Mo & Bo's Big Art Show - Used Super Mode to stop the Fuzzlies from crashing into the art show.
  • The Blossom Band - Used to fix the peep-a-phone.
  • Mo & Bo Hit the Road - Used to float down to the world's biggest tap shoes.
  • Happy Fuzzly Birthday - Used Super Mode to save Bozzly and Curly.
  • A Very Fuzzly Christmas - Used Super Mode to save Lex.

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