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Bozzly Profile.png
Gender Male
Fuzzly Type Rabbit
Occupation Abby's sidekick
Fuzzly Skill(s) Invisibility/Camouflage
Flight via Copter Ears
Super Sound Ears
Voice Wyatt White (S1-S2)
Debut "When Abby Met Bozzly"

Bozzly is a Fuzzly that meet Abby the day her family moved in the hotel. Bozzly was once a very shy creature who hides inside the hotel's vents. He loves eating Fuzzly cookies and playing with Abby Hatcher.


Bozzly is a very silly, sweet, brave, and happy fuzzly. He likes eating snacks and playing games. A lot of times he is very serious about missions. He is Abby's sidekick, and seen as the secondary leader of the Fuzzlies. Whenever he and Abby are on a mission, Bozzly stays through it and does his best to help. He is very kind, and cares about others' emotions. He tends to get impatient easily, like when waiting in an elevator or in line. He hated being replaced in There's only one Bozzly, or so he thought.


Bozzly is an aqua-marine fuzzly with long ears that have blue-white stripes, sun-colored eyes, a small black nose with white-blue around his mouth, a light blue belly, and white hair that matches his poofy white tail.



103a - Abby and Bozzly hug.png

Bozzly would follow Abby to the end of the world. The fuzzly is Abby's loyal sidekick and fuzzly bestie. He would do anything for Abby, and will be by her side forever, and He never gives up on her. When Bozzly first met Abby, they soon became best friends. Abby and Bozzly love each other so much.


  • He can hide stuff in his pouch pocket.
  • He can turn translucent, nearly invisible. This is exhibited in his debut, and again in Abby's Squeaky Peeper Panic
    • this is a form of camouflage
  • He has super hearing which helps track down Fuzzlies, as seen in Curly and the Sock Doll where Abby names the ability
  • He has "helicopter ears" which allow it to fly by twirling them around. It has a narrower profile than Abby's Bomber blimp jacket allowing him to fly areas she cannot.
  • He is able to hold things with his ears, meaning that he might have special muscles inside of them.
  • He is able to walk on his ears like legs, which he does upside down in Game Time with Mo & Bo. This is similar to a human handstand but his arms are too short for that.


Despite his good hearing, he appears to have difficulty discerning between similar sounding words, sometimes listing off rhyming words which Abby must correct until he understands correctly. Usually third time's the charm after two failures. Examples:

  • in Abby and the Costume Ball when asked for something "shiny" he produces a pickle (which is BRINY) and a thimble (which is TINY) before producing a disco ball.
  • in Big Terry: Fix-It Fuzzly when asked for rope, he initially produces soap then a telescope.


Bozzly has a yellow helmet that he wears when Abby gives him a bicycle ride. He stores it within a pouch on the front of his belly when not in use. He also has the Extendo Hand, a hand that extends and distends. His new gadget, the Bozzly Flyer, is used to catch people and fuzzlies. It was first shown in Mo and Bo, Where'd They Go?.

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