Abby Hatcher Wiki
  • His original name was Fuzzly (Fuzzlies were originally called Monsters in early production), and he was voiced by an unknown voice actor who gave him a squeaky toned voice.
  • When Bozzly first met Abby, he spoke very little, but after the first episode he began to talk more often.
  • He and Abby are the only characters to appear in all the episodes.
  • He and Kai are similar. They both wear helmets, they're both animals that walk on two legs, and they're both leaders of something. Hence, their helmets are both yellow.
  • Mushroom pizza is his favorite kind of pizza.
  • His symbol is a star.
  • Pill Bug is his favorite toy.
  • several episodes show that Abby has a drawing on her wall of herself hugging Bozzly from behind with two red hearts bordering it
  • several episodes where Abby is in her room, there is also a picture on Abby's wall of Bozzly wrapping his ears around Abby's head with five hearts around them
  • His tummy growled 5 times, first in Abby's Afraid, then in The Princess Flug Challenge, then in Dance Dance Grumbles, then in Fuzzly Beach Day, and recently Bozzly And The Baby(false news)
  • He is seen as secondary leader of the Fuzzlies, which means he is in charge when Abby isn't around.
  • His stomach growls more than any fuzzly.
  • Bozzly is the only fuzzly that wears his helmet most of the time than Abby, Mo, Bo, and Princess Flug.