Abby Hatcher Wiki

In Abby's room, abby and curly play basketball.

Abby says curly has the ball! But can she get past Abby hatcher, fuzzly catcher? (babbling)

Bozzly holds the hoop for them.

Curly says curly bounce!

Bozzly says score! Curly wins!

Abby says great job, curly!

Curly says huh, hug, hug!

Abby says I'd love a hug!

Curly says hug!

Abby says aww.

Curly says now snacks?

Abby and bozzly say yeah, snacks! To the kitchen! (humming)

In the kitchen, chef jeff puts potatoes in a strainer.

Judge thorn walks in.

Chef jeff screams and throws a potato up in the air.


Judge thorn catches it and says I look forward to tasting your Food this evening, chef jeff. I do hope it lives up To expectations.

Chef jeff says thank you, judge thorn. It will.

Abby says hi, judge thorn.

She walks out and says oh, hello.

She throws back the potato and it lands in the strainer.

Abby says hi, chef jeff.

Chef jeff says so sorry, no time for hellos. I've got a dinner party To prepare. And it needs to be perfect. I still have to Mash the potatoes, Frost the cake And find my sauce. And menus, I totally forgot to make menus! I'll never have enough time!

Curly says mashed potatoes.

Abby says don't worry. Bozzly and I love To draw. We'll make menus.

Chef jeff says oh, thank you, abby. Remember they need to be The most magnificent menus ever, Worthy of me, chef jeff.

Abby says you can count on us.

Bozzly says you bet!

Curly says hmm, curly help. Curly mash.

Curly jumps on a potato and the potato starts bouncing around the kitchen.


Chef jeff ducks down to dodge the potato and says I can't be distracted By flying potatoes. Curly, please go with Abby and bozzly.

Curly says curly go?

Abby says yeah, it'll be fun. You can help Us make menus. Come on, curly.

Curly says okay. (sighing)

In ábby's bedroom. Curly help make the menus.


She says huh? (grunting)

She gets a sticker stuck to her arm and says stick!

Abby says check out this menu, bozzly. The balls of cotton Look like fluffy Mashed potatoes in a bowl.

Bozzly says oh, yeah!

Curly says mashed potatoes? A-ha!

Bozzly says bozzly make Fluffy mashed potatoes too.

Abby says perfect.

In the kitchen, chef jeff decorates a cake and says chef jeff's can't-resist cake.

Curly bounces in the kitchen and says mashed potatoes! Curly help!

She jumps on a potato and says potatoes, mash! (laughing)

The potato flies towards chef jeff and lands in his mouth.


He spits it off and says wait, no! Don't make a mess! (gasping)

Potatoes start flying all over the kitchen as curly jumps on them.


Chef jeff tries to catch them but accidentally pushes the lever on his rolling platform and lands on the hanging pots rack.

He says curly!

Meanwhile, abby sighs and says done.

Bozzly says me too.

Abby says how about you, curly? Curly?

Her fuzzly spotter beeps.

Abby says the fuzzly spotter! (beeping)

Curly says uh-oh.

Abby says spotted! There's trouble In the kitchen with curly!

Bozzly says uh-oh.

They both say chef jeff's special dinner!

Abby says fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day! (panting)

They jump in the closet and gear up.

(grunting) (laughing) (imitating fanfare)

She gives bozzly a treat.


Abby says whoo-hoo!

Then they jump on a tricycle.

Abby says ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then, let's ride!

(making engine revving noises)


Bozzly says yeah-ha-ha!

Abby says to the kitchen! (cheering)

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly ride in through the door.

Curly jumps on the potatoes and says fun, fun, fun!

Abby says curly, what's going on?

Up on the pot rack, chef jeff says abby, help! Curly's making A mess of my kitchen! And I can't finish my dinner From up here!

Abby says we'll help you, chef jeff!

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says time to catch some potatoes.

Bozzly grabs a pot and starts collecting the flying potatoes.

(grunting) (laughing)

Abby says pogo spring shoes, activate. Yee-hoo!

Curly says curly mash!

Abby says missed! (grunting)

Chef jeff says perfect. Now can someone please Get me down from here?

Bozzly uses his propellers and says bozzly help!

Chef jeff says my hero!

Bozzly says aww, shucks.

Abby says I got it. I know how to stop curly From squishing your potatoes. Curly, hug?

Curly says ooh, curly hug.

Abby says gotcha.

Bozzly says wow.

Chef jeff says thank you, bozzly. And thank you, abby. But this is why I didn't want distractions. Now I'll never Finish everything.

Abby says sure, you will. You're chef jeff. And look. We did your menus.

Chef jeff says ooh, magnificent. Thank you. Can you put them On the dining room tables? Ah, the tables, I still have to set the tables!

Abby says we're on it. Come on, bozzly and Curly. To the dining room!

Bozzly says onward!

Curly says curly no kitchen. (sighing)

Bozzly hums as he helps set the tables.


Chef jeff says you can't drink chef jeff's Perfect punch without glasses. Can you set these out as well?

Abby says on it, chef jeff. We'll help you make the most Splizzacular dinner party ever.

Bozzly says yeah!

Chef jeff says not if I don't find a jar of my Supremely special sauce in time. It can't possibly be perfect Pasta without my super sauce! Oh, where could it be?

Curly says sauce? Curly help.

Abby says curly?

Judge thorn storms in.


Judge thorn says how is chef jeff's Dinner coming? All the guests and I are waiting For some delicious food.

Bozzly says uh-oh.

Abby says uhh, it's going great. We'll tell him you're ready. Come on, bozzly.

Bozzly says just one second.

Abby and bozzly walk in the kitchen and gasp. (gasping)

Curly tosses cans and jars off a shelf and says nope, nope, nope.

Chef jeff says abby, help! I can't cook With curly tossing food!

Abby says but judge thorn says she's ready to eat. We got to do something To help chef jeff.

Bozzly says and fast!

Curly tosses cans and says here? No. Here? No. Ah!

Abby gasps and says I got it. Hey, curly. Want to play Ride 'em curly with me?

Curly says yeah, play! (laughing)

Abby jumps on curly's back and says yee-haw! To the dining room!

Curly says okay.

Chef jeff juggles with the cans he caught and says thank you. Now maybe I can finish my meal. (gasping)

He drops the cans and says or not.

Abby bounces into the dinning room and says whoo-hoo!

Judge thorn says excuse me. We're all here And very much looking forward To an excellent meal.

Chef jeff says oh, no! I'll never finish Frosting my cake! Everything is ruined!

Curly says "Cake"? Curly help.

Judge thorn says did chef jeff say Everything is ruined?

Thorn and the other two judges gasp.

Abby says we'll be right back.

She walks in the kitchen and says chef jeff? Are you okay?

Chef jeff sobs and says no, I never found My jar of sauce. I didn't mash the potatoes. And now curly's Squeezing my frosting bag, So I can't frost the cake.

Abby gasps and says brain spark! Curly's not Squeezing the frosting. Show him, curly.

Curly makes a frosting curl on the cake and says curly help. Ta-da!

Chef Jeff: That's magnificent, Curly!

Abby: And you weren't squishing the potatoes either. You were mashing them!

Curly says curly mash!

Abby says can you finish them up? It'd be a huge help.

Curly says curly help. Curly mash.

Curly says mash, mash, mash! (laughing)

Bozzly taste the mashed potatoes and says awesome. Mmm, mashed and yummy.

Abby says and you weren't tossing jars. You were looking for the sauce. Do you know where it is?

Curly: (smirks) Curly help. Hop on.

Abby hops on her back and says yee-haw.

Abby grabs the sauce from a shelf and says here you go, chef jeff.

Chef jeff sniffs the sauce and says my sauce! Sauce (sniffing) Ah, perfection. I'm so sorry, curly. All this time, You were trying to help me.

Curly says mm-hmm.

Chef jeff says and I didn't understand.

Abby says none of us did. But it turns out curly's A splizzacular kitchen helper.

Curly says curly help, help, help.

Chef jeff says thanks to you, curly, I think we can make this Dinner party a super success.


Later, judge thorn tries the dish.

Abby says what do you think, judge thorn? Do you like it?

Judge thorn says I simply must Speak with the chef.

She walks in the kitchen and says chef jeff.

Chef jeff says judge thorn.

Judge thorn says this meal's the most... The most... Wonderful meal I've ever had!

Chef jeff says that's fantastic.

Abby says she loved it.

Bozzly says yeah!

Chef jeff says thank you, judge thorn. But I couldn't have done it Without my assistant chef.

Curly gasps and says assistant chef curly?

Chef jeff says assistant chef curly.

Curly says curly help.

Judge thorn says well done, curly. Thank you for a remarkable meal. (giggling)

Abby walks in and says she loves it, chef jeff. You did great.

Chef jeff says I have a very special Thank you gift for curly.

Curly says curly, gift?

Chef jeff says indeed.

He gives her a tiny chef's hat.

Curly says oh. (laughing)

Curly says your own chef hat!

Abby says curly, it's splizzacular.

Chef jeff says and that's not all.

He opens an under sink cabinet and says your own room.

Curly gasps and says whee! Curly fuzzly snug.

Chef jeff says so, you know you're welcome To help in my kitchen any time.

Curly says curly hug!

Chef jeff says oh!

Chef jeff says don't you mean "Chef curly hug"?

Curly says yeah, chef curly hug.

Abby says fuzztastic!