Abby Hatcher Wiki

At the hotel, mom hums as she trims roses to put on a vase.

Bozzly says shh! Tickle attack! (laughing)

Bozzly says hi-yah! (abby giggling)

He jumps on abby and tickles her.

Abby says cootchie-cootchie-coo! Watch out, bozzly! 'cause I'm a tickle fuzzly! (giggling)

Bozzly says abby not fuzzly!

Abby says oh yeah? Tickle, tickle, tickle! (laughing) Okay, okay!

Mom says careful! Watch out for the roses.

One rose falls off the table and lands in bozzly's mouth.

Abby says sorry, mom!

Mom says ha! That's okay! Thanks for catching That one, bozzly! (sniffing)

Bozzly says mmm! Smells good! (sniffing)

Abby says that's not all that smells good! (sniffing) Chef jeff must be cooking Something delicious!

Bozzly says yay! Delicious food! (sniffing) Yum!

Abby says to the kitchen!

Bozzly says to the kitchen! Yay! (humming)

Abby says chef jeff, Something smells great!

Chef jeff says indeed it does! I have sweet-smelling Caramel cornballs, Savoury-smelling Chicken noodle soup, And fresh-smelling Pink lemonade! (both sniffing)

Bozzly says yegh!

Abby says ugh.

Bozzly says what's that? (both coughing)

Chef jeff says it's terrible! It's such a bad smell, It's ruining all the wonderful Smells of my cooking! (coughing)

Abby says whatever it is, It's really strong! Where's the smell coming from!

Bozzly says bozzly find out! (sniffing) Chef jeff smell good.

Chef jeff says oh. Thank you, bozzly! (sniffing)

Bozzly says aha! Big smell here! (creaking)

They all say ew!

They open the cabinet.

Curly holds a squeaky toy and says hi! Say "Hi" sprinkles! "Hi"! (squeaking)

Abby says ah! Ugh!

Miranda: Abby! Bozzly! Will you help me arrange the flowers?

Abby says be right there mom! Sorry, we gotta go! Bye, chef jeff!

Bozzly says bye, sprinkles!

Curly says bye!

Chef jeff says curly, my dear assistant chef. I think we need to put "Sprinkles" somewhere else.

Curly says no! Love sprinkles!

Chef jeff says but she smells terrible! I'm so sorry but sprinkles Cannot be in the kitchen.

Curly says no, sprinkles stay! (sprinkles squeaking)

She bounces on the kitchen island and knocks down everything that's on it.

Chef jeff says now curly, be reasonable.

He screams.

The lemonade jar falls on his head.

(screaming) (stammering) (sighing)

He says mmm. Nothing tastes As lemony sweet As chef jeff's perfect Pink lemonade!

Mom says hmm. Rose?

Abby says rose.

Bozzly gives her a rose and says rose!

Abby passes the rose to mom and says rose!

Mom says hmm... Rose?

Abby says rose!

Bozzly says rose!

Abby says rose!

Mom says done! Ah! This bouquet is beautiful! (sniffing)

Bozzly says mmm! Smells good, too! (sniffing)

Abby says smells splizzacular! (fuzzly spotter chiming)

They say the fuzzly spotter! (pinging)

Curly says uh-oh. (pinging)

Abby says spotted! Curly's in trouble In the kitchen!

Bozzly says uh-oh! Curly and sprinkles!

Abby says fuzzly trouble, Can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says woo!

Bozzly says ya!

They jump in the secret tunnel.

Abby says ha!

Bozzly says ha!

They get all geared up.

Abby says ya! (grunting)

Bozzly says hi-yah! (beeping) (giggling)

Bozzly says doot-doo-doo

Abby says wha! Ah, ah? (laughing)

They jump on the trike and say woo-hoo!

Abby says ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then let's ride! Vroom, vroom-vroom! (laughing) The ride across the tunnel.

Bozzly says yeah, ha-ha!

Abby says to the kitchen! (tires squealing)

Curly: (angrily bouncing around) NO, NO, NO!
Chef Jeff: Pease! I'll trade you this delicious pink lemonade for the doll!

Curly says no! No! No!

A secret door opens and abby and bozzly rides into the kitchen.

They say yeehaw! (grunting)

Bozzly says uh-oh! Curly upset!

Abby says I got this.

Bozzly catches abby's helmet and says uh.

Abby says hey curly! Big hug? I know you like big hugs! (giggling)

Curly jumps in abby's arms and says curly big, big hug! (abby giggling)

Curly says sprinkle hug too!

Abby says ugh... (coughing) You know it's not nice To get so upset!

Curly says sorry, but chef jeff says sprinkles has to go! Sprinkle stay!

Chef jeff says sprinkles can't stay! The doll smells too bad to be Near my beautiful-smelling food!

Abby says beautiful-smelling food? Hmm... I have a splizzacular idea! Chef jeff, if we made sprinkles Smell beautiful, Could she stay?

Curly says yes! Yes! Yes! Sprinkles stay!

Chef jeff says if she smelled beautiful? Of course!

Curly says hee-hee, yay!

Bozzly says how sprinkles smell Beautiful, abby?

Abby: I don't know. But I do know we have two experts on what's beautiful, right here in this hotel! Come on, Bozzly and Curly! To the salon!
Bozzly, Curly: To the salon!

Abby says woo-hoo!

Bozzly says think they can Make it smell better?

Abby says I hope so!

As they ride in the lobby, mom's roses fade.

Mom sighs.

At the salon, harriet files missus melvin's nails.

Missus melvin sighs and says oh, this is so relaxing! Ugh.

Harriet says ugh!

Missus melvin says that smell

Abby says is not relaxing! It's curly's soft doll... (squeaking)

Curly says sprinkles!

Abby says she loves it, but it's too Stinky to keep in the kitchen! Can you help us make it Smell beautiful?

Missus melvin says we are experts in All things beautiful!

Harriet says including beautiful smells, Like perfume! Watch!

She sprays perfume on sprinkles.


Abby says splizzacular! Sprinkles has to Smell good now! (sniffing) (gagging)

Abby says uh-oh!

Curly says sprinkles no good?

Abby says sprinkles is great, she just... Kinda still smells Like feet. (sniffing)

Bozzly says flowery feet! (sniffing)

Harriet says ugh! I guess the small is too strong For the perfume! (clearing throat)

Missus melvin says I'm sorry, But we have Customers coming. And they expect our salon to Smell clean, and fresh!

Abby says clean and fresh... Hmm... (snapping)

Abby says brain spark! Fresh air, that's it! If we get sprinkles outside In the fresh air, I bet that'll really get rid Of the smell! To the park!

Bozzly says yee-haw! (curly giggling)

They take a ride in the park.

Abby says does sprinkles Smell good, yet? (squeaking)

Sprinkles says smell! (sniffing) (groaning)

Abby says maybe a little more time.

Floating in the air, teeny terry says woo-hoo! (laughing) Yeah-ha! Woo-hoo! So much fun! Woo-hoo!

Abby says windy. That's it. We should take sprinkles up Where it's windier, Then she'll get More fresh air! Curly, is it okay if bozzly Flies up with sprinkles?

Curly says okay. (squeaking)

Bozzly says bozzly make sprinkles Smell good!

He sniffs sprinkles and says mmm. Whoa!

Abby says splizzacular! Ready to fly, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Bozzly spins his ears and flies.

Abby says come on! (laughing)

As sprinkles, bozzly says sprinkles' flying! Whoa, whoa-whoa whoa!

Teeny terry says so windy! (straining, gasping) The wind's blowing too hard!

Bozzly says teeny terry, look out! (screaming)

They bump into each other and say whoa!

Bozzly drops sprinkles.

Curly gasps.

Teeny terry spins downwards and gets trapped in a playground set.

He says ooh! (gasping)

Abby says pogo spring shoes, activate!

Springs pop out of her soles.

Bozzly falls and says whoa-oh-oh-oh!

Abby jumps and says gotcha!

Bozzly says nice catch!

Abby says your turn teeny terry! Tickle, tickle, tickle! (giggling)

Teeny terry says oh, that's the spot...

He starts deflating and flying around.

He says whoa! Whoaaa! Whoa!

Abby tries to catch it and says missed!

Bozzly says I got him, I got him! (grunting) Gotcha!

Teeny terry says nice catch, bozzly! Thanks for deflating me, abby! It was getting Too windy up there! Maybe I should walk home. It'll be much safer.

Abby and bozzly says bye, teeny terry!

Curly spots sprinkles in a mud pit and says oh, no! Sprinkles! (squeaking)

Bozzly says bozzly dropped sock doll!

Curly says aw! Sprinkles more stinky, And dirty! I guess sprinkles can't stay With curly anymore.

Abby says don't worry, curly! We can still fix this! Sprinkles is A sock doll, right?

Curly says uh-huh!

Abby snaps and says brain spark! When my socks are stinky And dirty, My mom washes them, And makes them smell great! We should give Your doll a bath!

Curly says bath? No, no, no bath! Sprinkle no want bath!

Abby says I really, really Think it will work! Can we please try?

Curly says um...

Abby and bozzly say please?

Abby says okay, bath. (beeping)

At the hotel, harriet says bubble bath! Straight from the salon!

Abby says okey-dokey, curly! Bath time for sprinkles!

Bozzly says bath time for sprinkle! (squeaking)

Curly puts sprinkles in the tub and says splash!

Abby says and now for some Tubby-time music!

She plays the peeper pacifying pitch pipe.

The peepers sing a song that says splish-splash, Splish-splash Sprinkles' gettin' bubble bath Scrubba-dubba-dub-dub-dub

Abby sings I'll wash away The mud and grime (hairdryer blowing)

Harriet sings I will make her nice and dry

Bozzly sings I'll wrap her up From head to feet

The peepers sing now her bath time Is complete

Abby says what do you think, curly? How does she smell? (sniffing) (gasping)

Curly says clean!

They all say woo-hoo!

Bozzly says woo-hoo-hoo! (humming)

In the kitchen, abby says attention, please! Introducing curly and her No-longer-stinky sock doll, Sprinkles!

Curly walks in and says ta-da!

The peepers sing ba-ba-da-ba-ba-ba-ba-bah

Chef jeff says ooh! Let me smell! (sniffing) Ah! Magnificent! Why I'd be honoured to have this Glorious aroma in my kitchen! Welcome home, sprinkles!

Curly says curly and sprinkles home! (giggling)

Abby says bozzly, we made a fuzzly Very happy!

Bozzly says two fuzzlies very happy! Mm! Yum!

He eats the treats chef jeff made.

They all laugh.