Abby Hatcher Wiki

Bozzly, abby and princess flug have an afternoon snack.

Bozzly says mmm!

Abby says mm, mmm! (slurping) (giggling)

Abby: I think we got more jelly On our faces than our toast.

Princess flug:  me clean face, me!

(bubbles floating) Princess flug shoots bubbles onto a napkin and washes her face.

Princess flug: says ta-da!

Abby: flug-tastic! I wish I could wash away The sticky jelly with bubbles.

Bozzly: says I know! (slurping)

Bozzly uses his tongue to wash his face.

Bozzly: says ta-da!

Abby giggles and says kind of works. (slurping) Nope, got to wash my face. Race you to the sink! (giggling)

Mr. Hatcher says abby!

Abby says dad? Teeny terry? What happened?

Mr. Hatcher and teeny terry are stuck on a shelf.

Lex: We were trying to build A knick-knack shelf, But we messed it up.

Teeny terry: And now, if either of us Moves...

Teeny Terry:  The whole thing will fall apart.

Princess flug says oh! Knick-knack shelf not stick Together, knick-knack shelf.

Abby you're right. But you can make it stick With your glitter glue!

Princess flug says me glitter glue, me!

Abby On three, you move out, And princess flug glues. One...

Bozzly says two...

They say three!

Princess flug shoots rays of glue to the corners of the shelf.

Mr. Hatcher says whoa!

Teeny terry says ahh!

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says splizzacular!

Mr. Hatcher says great job, princess flug.

Teeny terry yay, you saved the day!

Abby says thanks for helping, Princess flug. You're the best. Come on, bozzly. Let's wash this jelly Off our faces.

Bozzly says okay!

Princess flug me the best, me! (gasping) Me help more, me!

Lex great idea, princess flug! Okay, teeny terry. Let's grab some more Knick-knacks And build these knick-knack... Hmm?

His hand gets stuck to the shelf.

I-I think I'm stuck! Ugh! Really stuck! Can you help, teeny terry?

Teeny terry  sure. (groaning) Oh, no! Now I'm stuck, too!

They scream help!

(giggling) In the bathroom,

Bozzly bubbles!


Abby says the fuzzly spotter!

On her watch, teeny terry and mr. Hatcher scream help!

Abby says spotted, dad and teeny terry Need help in the lobby. Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Bozzly says yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo 'yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let's ride! Vroom, vroom-vroom-vroom! Vroom! (laughing)

They say yeah!

Bozzly says let's go save dad And teeny terry!

In the kitchen, chef jeff says I'm finally getting the chance To make chef jeff's Picnic-perfect potato salad, With my secret ingredient!

Curly says what's the secret?

Chef jeff says it's potatoes. Shh!

Curly says shh.

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

Abby says yoo-hoo!

Chef jeff screams ahhh!

Abby rides past jeff and curly. They jump into a potatoes bag.

Abby and bozzly say sorry, chef jeff!

In the bag, chef jeff says think the coast is clear?

Princess flug comes out of a low door and says bag look ripped. Me fix, me!

Princess flug glues the top of the bag.

(giggling) Princess flug says ah!

Princess flug leaves.

Chef jeff says the bag, it's glued shut! We're stuck!

Meanwhile, mr. Hatcher says ugh! Ah!

Abby says what happened?

Teeny terry says the glitter glue is too sticky. Ugh! And we can't move.

(beeping) Bozzly's ears shake and point to a door.

Bozzly says sound found!

Chef jeff says help!

Bozzly says uh-oh, chef jeff and curly In trouble, too!

Mr. Hatcher says princess flug said she wanted To help more around the hotel. Maybe she glitter glued them, Too!

Abby says then, we'd better get there And stop her fast!

Bozzly says onward!

Abby says we'll come right back to help!

Bozzly says yee-ha!


Curly says ugh!

Chef jeff yells help, help! Ugh!

Abby says look! Princess flug Glued the bag shut. She must have thought She was fixing a tear.

Bozzly says like she fixed The knick-knack shelf!

Chef jeff says the only ones in a fix Are curly and me! We're stuck!

Abby says not for long! Goo-gripper gloves, activate! Grab the bag, bozzly!

Bozzly says okay! Ta-da!

(both groaning)

Abby uses her special gloves and bozzly uses a plunger to pull the bag apart.

(bag tearing)

Abby says ahhh!

Bozzly says whoa!

Chef jeff comes flying and says ah!

Curly says whoo-hoo!

Chef jeff says no! All the potatoes, my...

The potatoes are scattered on the floor.

Curly covers chef jeff's mouth and says shh, secret.

Abby says now we can go help Dad and teeny terry. Come on!

Bozzly says okey-dokey!

Melvin and a small cat play with a ball.

(ball popping) The ball deflates.

Melvin says aww, my beach ball!

Princess flug pops out of a cabinet.

Princess flug says ball ripped, ball? Me help with glitter glue, me! (inflating) Ta-da! Me fixed beach ball, me!

Melvin says whoa! Thanks, princess flug. Ugh, my hands! I'm stuck.

Riding her trike, abby says we need to find princess flug Before she fixes anything else.

(fuzzly spotter beeping)

Abby says uh-oh!

Melvin: Helllllp!!

Abby says there's trouble in melvin's Room.

(tires screeching)

Melvin says whoa! Ugh, ugh!

Abby and bozzly say melvin?

Melvin says abby! Ugh! Princess flug Fixed my beach ball, And now I'm stuck to it Forever!

Abby says not forever. Goo-gripper gloves, activate!

Melvin says it's not working!

Bozzly says bozzly, help!

(all groaning) Bozzly sticks a toilet plunger on melvin to pull him out.

Then, mo and bo tap dance.

Mo says da-da-da, da-da! Take it, bo!

Bo says da-da-da, da-da! Da! Oh, no!

Princess flug says oh, no? You need help, you? Me help, me!

Bo: Heel broke off my shoe!
Mo: Now what do we go?

Princess flug says me fix shoe, me!

Bo says shoe is fixed! (tapping)

Mo says neat glue trick.

Princess flug says me fix all shoes, me!

Princess flug sticks mo's and bo's shoes to the floor.

Princess flug says me the best, me!

Mo: Now Mo and Bo can dance our grooves!
(They find themselves unable to move.)
Bo: Mo and Bo are stuck in shoes!

Abby and bozzly manage to free melvin.

Melvin says whoa! Ah!


Abby says wow. (giggling) That glitter glue is super Splizzacular strong!

(fuzzly spotter beeping)

Bozzly says more fuzzly trouble?

Abby says in the attic!

Bozzly says we'll be right back, melvin. I promise!

Bozzly says huh?

Mo says princess flug squirt glue In shoe.

Bo says we can't move. What do we do?

Abby says hmm. I know the goo-gripper gloves Won't work. (snapping fingers) I got it! Pogo spring shoes, activate! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! (crashing)

Abby bounces around and falls.

Bozzly says abby! Abby okay?

Abby says uh-huh, that was fun! (fuzzly spotter beeping) Dad?

Mr. Hatcher says abby, teeny terry Got frustrated, And now we're floating away!

Abby says on it! We need to unstick princess Flug's glitter glue.

Bozzly says how? Glitter glue so sticky, Like jelly! Ooh, jelly.

(chomping) Bozzly pulls a toast out of his stomach pocket and eats it.

Abby says hmm. (snapping fingers) Brain spark! Princess flug got rid of the Sticky jelly with her bubbles. I bet bubbles can get rid Of sticky glitter glue, too!

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says let's find that fuzzly!

Bozzly says onward!

In her bedroom, a woman sits on a suitcase trying to closet it.

She says ugh! Oh! Oh, this thing will never close.

Princess flug says me fix it, me!

Abby parks on the hallway.

Abby gasps and says wait!

Abby catches princess flug when she is about to get into the room.

Abby says caught ya! Princess flug, I know you're trying to help With your glitter glue, But it's too sticky.

Princess flug says me no help, me?

Abby says yes! You can use your bubbles To unstick everyone. Will you do it?

Princess flug says yes! Me help, me!

They hug.

Abby says thank you, princess flug. Come on!

The woman says but me need help, me!

Later, princess flug throws bubbles to all of her stuck friends.

Melvin says whoo-hoo! Yeah!

Mo and bo can tap dance again.

Mr. Hatcher says hey, I'm free! Ahhh!

Mr. Hatcher and home decoratioins fall from the suspended shelf.

Abby says on it! Caught him! And now, pogo spring shoes, Activate!

She jumps and says tickle, tickle!

Teeny terry giggles and says that's the spo--oooot! Whoa!

Teeny terry deflates.

Princess flug says sorry about the knick-knack Shelf, sorry.

Mr. Hatcher says that's okay. Now we get to fix it!

Teeny terry says yeah!

Mar. Hatcher says teeny five, up high! Yeah, oh! (whistling) Yeah!

Teeny terry gasps and says a knick-knack, it broke!

Bozzly says oh, knick-knack broke and crack.

Abby says fuzzblat, I must have Missed one. But I know just how To fix it.

Mr. Hatcher says there, it's perfect! Almost perfect! Hit it!

Princess flug glues a snowball.

Princess flug says me fixed it, me.

Abby says now it's perfect, And all thanks to you, Princess flug.

Princess flug says me perfect helper, me!

(all laughing)