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Flower Fuzzlies
216 - Flower Fuzzlies lined up.png
Gender Male for 1,
Females for 3,
Fuzzly Type flowers
Occupation The Rock 'n' Roll
Fuzzly Skill(s) Music
Debut The Blossom Band

Flower Fuzzlies (also known as The Blossom Band) is a group of fuzzlies that likes to play music and sing songs. They are the second fuzzly music group following Squeaky Peepers. The group has 4 fuzzlies named after the flower types. There is only 1 difference between Flower Fuzzlies and Peepers, the Flower Fuzzlies can play rock and roll, while the Peepers only sing in pitches. Their first debut is on the episode, "The Blossom Band".