Abby Hatcher Wiki

In swimming gear, abby and bozzly take the elevator.

Abby says to the roof, otis! Bozzly and I are finally having A super splizzaculous spa day!

Bozzly says spa day... So relaxing.

His floatie drops.


Otis says going up! Ding, roof button! All buttons! Ding, ding, Ding, ding, ding!

Bozzly says but if press all buttons, Stop on...

Abby says every floor.

Otis says second floor. No one. Third floor. No one.

Bozzly says aw...

Otis says no one.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, chef jeff sprays cheese on crackers and says ah, curly, look how beautifully The cheese swirls When I spray it from up high!

Curly says mm, cheesy!

Chef jeff says and now, more cheese!

Teeny terry says did someone say cheese? I'd love a snack.

Chef jeff says well then, you're just in... Whoa! My lift! It's broken!

Teeny terry says oh, no! Maybe I can help. I've always wanted to fix Things.

Curly says whoa!

Meanwhile in the elevator, otis says la la la la... La la la... No one? Okey-doke. Ding!

Bozzly groans and says take too long, abby!

Abby says if you're frustrated, count to Five, nice and slow, And far away, your troubles Will go! Ready?

Bozzly says mm-hm, mm-hm!

They count one, two, three, Four, fi...

Bozzly says five! Ah... Okay, calm now.

Abby says good, 'cause I just remembered We forgot the spa snacks.

Bozzly says no spa snacks?! To the kitchen!

Otis presses all the buttons again.


Bozzly sighs and says one, two, three...

In the kitchen, chef jeff says teeny terry, can you fix it?

Teeny terry says I think so. Let me try this Wrench. Um... (grunting)

Bozzly storms in the kitchen and says spa snacks!

He hits the counter and the tray falls on his hands.

Bozzly says yum! (grunting)

Abby says what's wrong, teeny terry?

Teeny terry says I need a screwdriver to fix the Lift, but I don't have one.

Abby says I bet bozzly and I can fix that. Check your pouch, bozzly!

Bozzly says okay! Da-da-da!

He takes out a drink and says yum! La-da-da!

He searches again and says screwdriver!

Teeny terry says thanks! Perfect fit!

Chef jeff says yes, thank you, abby!

Abby says no problem, to the roof deck For... Spa day!

Bozzly says spa day!

Teeny terry says so if I can just turn this Screw-- augh! It's still not working! (groaning)

He starts blowing up and says oh no!

Curly says teeny terry getting upset! (shouting)

Teeny terry kicks chef jeff off his lift.


Chef jeff ends up on the floor with his eyes covered in spray cheese.

He says I can't see!

Curly starts licking his face and says mm, cheesy!

Chef jeff says oh, curly! Oh, that tickles! (groaning)

Blown up teeny terry sighs.

Meanwhile on the rooftop, abby says ready to relax?

Bozzly says ready! (sighing)

They relax on their lounge chairs.

(watch beeping)

Abby says the fuzzly spotter!

Teeny terry says oh no!

Abby says spotted! There's trouble with Teeny terry in the kitchen! Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby slides, jump in her shoes and says whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

They jump in a secret tunnel and get geared up.

Abby says yeah!

Bozzly says hi-yah! Hey-hey! Doo-dee-doo! Yeah! (laughing)

Abby tosses him a treat.

Bozzly says whoo-hoo!

Abby says ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then let's ride! Vroom, vroom, vroom! (laughing)

They both say yeah!

Abby says we're coming, teeny terry! (laughing)

In the kitchen, chef jeff says curly, stop! That tickles!

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and melvin come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby says whoo-hoo! Hi, chef jeff.

Stuck between the island and the fridge, teeny terry says help! I'm stuck!

Abby says on it!

She grunts and says I can't get to your tickle spot. Help me, bozzly!

Bozzly takes out a tickling device and says hmm... Tah-dah!

Abby says perfect! Tickle, tickle, tickle!

Teeny terry giggles and says that's the sp... (shouting)

He starts deflating and flying around.

Bozzly says I got him, I got him!

Bozzly catches him with a net and says got ya!

Abby says splizzacular!

Teeny terry says sorry about that. I just wanted To fix the lift, But I couldn't do it! I got so upset, I-- I...

Abby says don't get upset, teeny terry, Fixing things isn't easy. My dad fixes things all the Time. And... My dad!

She opens the fuzzly spotter and says dad?

Dad says hey, abby! Fix-it emergency in the kitchen!

Dad says fix-it emergency?

Abby says chef jeff's lift is broken.

Dad pops up in the kitchen and says fix-it guy lex on the case! Ah, I see the problem. Done!

Teeny terry says I wish I could fix things Like you.

Abby says maybe you can! Dad, what if you made teeny Terry your fix-it partner? Then you could teach him to fix Things like you!

Dad says that's a great idea, abby! And I could use the help. My to-do list is huge. Let's see. What should we Tackle first? How about the fountain outside? Wanna help me with that?

Teeny terry says I'd love to!

Dad says let's get fixing.

Teeny terry says thanks, guys!

Abby says looks like our work is done, Bozzly. You know what that means? Spa day!

Bozzly says spa day!

Abby says yay! (laughing)

Curly finishes licking the cheese off chef jeff's face and says all done!

Chef jeff says and my face has never been Cleaner. Thank you, curly!

In the courtyard, dad says grab the new spray nozzle, Please. Then when I say "Go," you'll fly Down to the button And turn on the water!

Teeny terry says got it! Grab the nozzle then Turn on the fountain! Coming up!

The grunts as he tries to lift the nozzle.


Teeny terry says I can't do it! So frustrating!

He drops it and says oh no!

The nozzle falls on the water switch and the water comes out.

It pushes abby's dad up in the air.


Meanwhile abby and bozzly relax on their chairs.

(watch beeping)

Abby says the fuzzly spotter! There's trouble in the Courtyard.

Teeny terry and dad say help!

Abby says that sounds like teeny terry And dad!

Upside down in a bush, dad says help!

Abby says coming, dad!

Bozzly helps her pull him off the bushes.

Bozzly says huh?

Dad has leaves beard and hair.

Bozzly says ooh, I like it!

Abby says where is teeny terry?

Stuck in a tree, teeny terry says up here...

Abby says on it! Bomber blimp jacket, Activate!

Abby's jacket blows up and she starts floating.

Abby says tickle, tickle!

Teeny terry says that's the spot!

He deflates and gets unstuck.

He drops on abby's hand.

Abby says caught ya! Are you okay?

Teeny terry says no, I messed everything up Again. I try, I really do, but I just Can't do anything right. (watch beeping)

Abby says the fuzzly spotter!

Bozzly says again?!

Otis says help!

Abby says spotted! There's trouble with Otis in the elevator! Maybe he pressed too many Buttons this time.

Dad says sounds like fix-it trouble! Let's go, teeny terry!

Abby says and fuzzly trouble too. Come on! Otis!

Otis says buttons ding! Elevator shake! And buttons pop off!

Dad says lex to the rescue! I see the problem. The little wheel is out Of place, And now the gears won't work.

Abby says can you put it back?

Dad says I can't even reach it! You'd have to be really small to Get into a place that tight.

Abby says hm... Well, then it's a good thing you Have your super small sidekick, Teeny terry!

Teeny terry says me? Uh... Um...

Dad says yes, that's a great idea! You're small enough that you can Go into this panel And put the wheel back!

Teeny terry says but... But... What if I mess up?

Abby says you can do this, teeny terry! I know you can.

Teeny terry says okay, I'm going in! (all cheering)

Teeny terry says I can do this! I see it! I see the little Wheel!

Abby says fuzz-tastic! Can you get it Back in place?

Teeny terry says I think so! (grunting)

He puts the wheel back on but it falls again.

(gasping) (rumbling)

Otis says oh, no! Ding! Elevator!

Teeny Terry says augh! I messed up again!

Teeny terry starts blowing up again.

Abby says uh-oh.

Bozzly says oh, no, abby! Teeny terry Getting big!

Dad says he can't get big inside the Elevator panel! He'll break the whole thing!

Abby says he can't help it, every time he Tries to fix something, He gets so frustrated. Hm... Brain spark! That's his problem! He gets Frustrated! Remember what I told you to do When you got frustrated?

Bozzly says yeah! Count to five.

Abby says exactly! Teeny terry, I know What you need. Just count to five nice And slow, And far away, your troubles Will go! Ready?

Teeny terry says I guess.

They count one, two... Three, four, five.

Teeny terry says phew! It worked! I'm not Frustrated anymore! And I'm gonna fix this elevator.

(cogs whirring)

Teeny terry says I did it! Fix elevator!

Abby says you were splizz-acular!

Dad says and now, the elevator is as Good as new! Great work, fix-it sidekick!

They high five and say yeah! Uh! (whistling) Yeah!

Abby says we should celebrate. And I know The most spa-tastic place! (sighing)

In the pool, bozzly says finally. Spa day!

Abby says so relaxing.

Teeny terry says and delicious!

He steps on the snack tray and it slides off the table.

Teeny terry says whoa!

The snacks end up on his head.


As he starts blowing up, he counts and says one, two... Three, four, five.

He deflates and goes back to his size.

He says snacks, anyone?

Bozzly grabs one of the snacks on his head and eats it.

Everyone laughs.