Abby Hatcher Wiki

Mom hums at the reception.

Abby says hi, mom! We’re trying to figure out What to play.

Mom says I bet if you put your heads Together, You’ll think of something.

Bozzly says hmm. Not helping.

Abby says nope, but it’s fun. (laughing)

A deliveryman says package for miranda?

Mom says yes, thank you!

Abby says ooh, a package!

Bozzly says ooh, ha ha!

Mom opens the package.

She gasps and says it’s waipo’s wok.

Bozzly says huh?

Abby says waipo means “grandmother.” In chinese, And a wok is a special pan For cooking.

Mom says my mother taught me to cook With this wok. She made me quite a wok expert, If I do say so myself.

Abby gasps and says that’s it! We can play restaurant, and you Can be our expert wok chef.

Mom says I’d love that! But in a bit, okay? I want to call waipo and tell Her I got the package. Back soon!

Abby says may I seat you At your table?

Bozzly says ooh, why, yes. (laughing)

In the kitchen, chef jeff says no reservations tonight, curly. That means no guests Need dinner, And we can simply relax.

(both sighing) (phone ringing)

Chef jeff says it is I, chef jeff.

Chef beth says it is I, chef beth, Your mother.

Chef jeff says mummy!

Curly says hi, chef beth! Hi!

Chef jeff says oh, hello, curly! Adorable as ever. Now, listen, I have a soufflé That’s... (soufflé popping)

About to fall! I need your help, son.

Chef jeff says a soufflé emergency? I’m on my way! Curly, I’ll be back In a few hours.

Driving his platform, he says ta-ta!

Abby says your food, sir.

Abby places an empty plate in front of bozzly.

(clanging) Bozzly says uh, where’s the food?

Abby laughs and says there is none. We’re only playing restaurant. Maybe you’ll like this more.

(chomping) She gives him a treat.

Chef jeff says no dinner orders tonight, So I’m on my way.

Abby and bozzly say hi, chef jeff!

Chef jeff says my mother and her soufflé Need me!

Abby and bozzly say bye, chef jeff!

An old customer opens the door and says uh, did someone say dinner? We’re hungry!

Abby says oh, um... Chef jeff said there weren’t Any dinner orders.

The old customer says we don’t need orders.

Customers say we want food!

Bozzly says uh-oh, what we do?

Abby says I don’t know, maybe he left Some food in the kitchen. We’ll be back!

(rumbling) The old customer says my tummy says hurry, please!

Abby knocks on a cupboard and opens it.

She says we’ve got hungry guests, curly. Did chef jeff leave any food?

Curly says food? No food. Chef jeff said no dinner.

Abby says I know, but the guests Are really hungry. Hmm. I know! We’ll make dinner ourselves.

Curly says really? Us?

Abby says yeah, how hard can it be? You can clean vegetables, right?

Curly says yes!

Abby says and I can make rice!

(water running) Curly washes vegetables.

Abby and bozzly stand on rolling platform. Abby tries to ride it but loses control.

Bozzly says whoa! Ah! Ahhh! Found rice.

(laughing) (grunting)

Abby says see? We can totally handle this Ourselves.

Bozzly says oh, so much rice!

Abby puts rice on a rice cooker.

Abby says more? Good idea. (beeping) Okay, bozzly, The rice is steaming, Curly’s got the veggies. Let’s tell everyone Dinner’s almost ready.

Bozzly says yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!

(splat!) The cooker is about to explode.

Curly says uh-oh.

At the restaurant, abby says ladies and gentlemen, Dinner is... (beeping) The fuzzly spotter!

The old customer says dinner is the fuzzly spotter? Oh, that sounds terrible.

A man says oh, that does sound bad.

A woman says yeah, I wouldn’t want To eat that.

(beeping) In her spotter, curly says uh-oh.

Abby says spotted! Curly’s in trouble In the kitchen.

Abby and bozzly say the dinner!

The old customer says the dinner?

Bozzly says uh, I’m sure it’s fine.

Abby says we’ll be right back. Fuzzly trouble, can’t delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says whoo!

Bozzly says ha!

The old customer’s table slides down. Abby and bozzly jump in.

The old customer says hope that’s where the food is.

They get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo ‘yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let’s ride! (abby making engine Revving sounds) (laughing) Let’s go help curly!

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby says yoo-hoo! Duck!

Bozzly says whoa!

Rice balls fly all over the place.

Curly says too much rice!

Bozzly says rice cooker, abby! Look!

Abby says catch the blobs. I’ll turn off the rice.

Bozzly says catching! Ugh, ugh, ugh!

Abby says pogo spring shoes, activate! Yeah!

Abby manages to turn off the rice.

Bozzly says ugh, ugh! Uh-oh. Oh!

Abby says whew! You guys okay?

Curly says okay.

Abby says bozzly, where are you?

(squishing) Bozzly appears covered in rice.

(giggling) Curly says rice snowman.


The old customer opens the door and says this doesn’t look like dinner. Looks like you’re playing With snowballs. Snowballs aren’t dinner!

Abby says sorry, but dinner’s almost Ready, I promise.

The old customer says kids and their snowballs, What’s next?

Bozzly says abby, we need dinner fast! How?

Curly says maybe get help?

Abby says we don’t need help. I have a splizzacular idea.

Later, abby and her friends stand behind a belt conveyor.

She says welcome to abby hatcher Fuzzly catcher’s Super speedy pizza maker! Turn on the belt, curly! When the pizza comes around, You put on the sauce.

Curly says sauce!

Abby says I put on the cheese. And you put on the toppings.

(bozzly humming)

Abby says ha ha, smiley face pepperoni. (laughing) See? It’s easy and fun! And musical. Hit it, peepers!

The squeaky peepers sing stir the sauce And toss the cheese Making pizza such a breeze

The old customer says pizza huh. Well, we all love pizza, But we love it more When we’re eating it.

Abby says don’t worry, we can go faster. More dough, peepers. And curly, turn up the speed.

Curly says okay.

The squeaky peepers sing make the pizzas quick And fast People want to eat at last

Abby and her friends prepare several pizzas.

The old customer says oh, looks delicious. (rumbling) Does anyone else hear My stomach rumbling?

Abby says faster, curly! Even more dough, peepers!

The squeaky peepers sing pizza moves at super speeds Watch for flying sauce And cheese

The pizzas fly all over messing up the place.

The old customer says well, that was faster, But I said I wanted to eat Pizza, not wear it.

Abby says we’ve still got this! It might just take a little more Time than we thought.

After cleaning up the kitchen, abby says whew! Glad that’s done.

Customers yell we want food! We want food!

Abby says we’re cooking as fast as we can! See? All cleaned up. Now, we just need to make Dinner.

Customers yell we want food! We want food!

Abby says and fast.

The old customer says definitely faster than this.

Bozzly says how we do it, abby?

The old customer says look, little girl, You and your critters...

Bozzly says fuzzlies!

The old customer says okay, fuzz critters, I’ve seen you do amazing things Around this hotel, But cooking dinner isn’t one Of them.

Curly says curly cook, cook, cook!

The old customer says but with the chef, right?

Curly says uh-huh, chef jeff Expert chef.

Bozzly says but chef jeff not here!

Abby says he’s not, but we do have a chef. An expert wok chef! (snapping fingers) Brain spark! Instead of doing this ourselves, We should get help from my mom!

Bozzly says yeah, expert wok chef!

Abby says and she just got waipo’s wok Today.

Customers yell we want food now!

Abby says I just hope she can help Right away.

(rumbling) The old customer says my tummy hopes so, too.

Later, abby says thanks, mom. There’s no way We could have made dinner For everyone Without your help.

Mom says some jobs are too big To do on your own, And that’s okay! Besides, now we can cook Together With your grandmother’s wok.

Abby says tofu and veggie stir-fry!

Bozzly says mmm! Yum!

Mom says exactly. I’ll cut the veggies And you can make tofu designs With the cookie cutters.

Abby says splizzacular!

They make funny tofu designs.

Curly says designs!

Bozzly says cool!

(laughing) Abby says I love it!

Bozzly says ooh, ooh! Bozzly star!

Curly says curly, like curly’s tail!

Mom says those are perfect! Now, I heat up some oil In the wok, We put in the veggies and tofu.

Curly says toss veggies!

Abby says here’s the tofu.

Bozzly says tofu!

Mom says and we stir-fry it all up!

The squeaky peepers sing sizzling wok makes food So yummy Soon they’ll have it In their tummies Guests are hungry, They can’t wait This smells good And looks so great

The old customer says it does smell good, Just like those little critters With the long bunny ears said.

Bozzly says fuzzlies!

The old customer says right, fuzz critters. So, now that you’ve got Something that smells good And looks great, Can we please eat?

Abby and mom say coming right up!

Next, the old customer finishes his pizza and says mm, oh! That was a long wait, But it was worth it. Can I have more, please?

The man says more, please!

The woman says more, please.

(laughing) Abby says more, please!

Mom says our pleasure.

Chef jeff walks in and says I’m back! And you’ll all be happy to know I saved the soufflé! (sniffing) Mmm, what is that delicious Aroma?

Abby says it’s dinner. We made it all by ourselves, With a lot of help From an expert.

Bozzly says want some?

Chef jeff says yes, please!

Chef jeff rapidly sits next to the old customer and says oh! Thank you!

They all laugh.