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Fuzzly Beach Day

Fuzzly Beach Day Episode

Fuzzly Beach Day
Season 2, Episode 9
Fuzzly Beach Day title card.png
US Airdate August 2, 2020
Canada Airdate TBD (not 10 August 2020 as advertised)
Production code 211
Character focus Otis
Fuzzly Spotter location Grumbles in the hot dog truck
Princess Flug on the beach
Episode guide
Lights, Camera, Fuzzlies
A Princess and the Peepers

Fuzzly Beach Day is the eleventh episode in Season 2 of Abby Hatcher.

Great idea


Broadcast Stream

TVO's description of it in TV guides on 10 August 2020 described it as season 2 episode 9.[1] This however is due to an error, because what actually broadcast that day was Abby and the Costume Ball[2] and Big Terry: Fix-It Fuzzly,[3] parts 1 and 2 of the actual season 2 episode 9. Fuzzly Beach Day still has yet to broadcast in Canada despite the misconception spread by the application of the wrong title.


Summary Phonics

Abby and the Fuzzlies go the beach to spend a fun day of building sandcastles, dance parties and swimming. Unfortunately, Otis has a fear of the water but cannot bring himself to tell the others, and tries to prevent them from going in the water.


Bozzly and all the fuzzlies are standing together in the lobby, talking about what Abby's suprise is. Abby appears in beach wear and reveals that Lex is taking them to the beach. Bozzly and everyone cheer in excitement. Abby and the fuzzlies get in the car. Abby and Bozzly sit in the front seat, and the other fuzzlies sit in the back. During the whole trip to the beach, Abby excitedly talks about what to do there. They finally get there. Bozzly lays down on the towel beside Abby. Bozzly gets an egg and a pan out of his tummy's pouch. The heat is hot enough to cook a egg. Abby suggests going into the changing rooms so they can go to swim.

Bozzly thinks it's a great idea and follows her. Just as they are about to enter, Otis suggests that they have a beach dance party instead. Abby happily agrees and everyone dances. Grumbles gets stuck in a hot dog truck, and Abby's fuzzly alarm goes off. Abby and Bozzly race to the secret passage way under a rock, but Bozzly comes back to finish his egg sandwich. He runs after Abby and they both jump in and get all geared up.

Abby tries pulling Grumbles out of the hot dog cart, but he's too stuck. Abby then suggests for Grumbles to morph into something smaller, but he can't even do that. Abby remembers that when Grumbles is wet, he slicks down. She points it out as a fuzzly fact. Abby asks Bozzly and Otis for water, and Bozzly wonders where to get water. He sees the seaside and remembers that there's a whole bunch of water there. Bozzly gets buckets out of his pouch and gives one to Otis. He goes over to get water, but Otis sees water and feels afraid to go near it. He stays from where he is and extends his tentacle with the bucket to fill his bucket.

Bozzly is confused at why Otis didn't get close to the ocean. The two fuzzlies return to Abby with their water buckets. Abby says thanks and takes the buckets to pour them on Grumbles. He becomes thin like a noodle, and Abby and Bozzly dry him with towels. Grumbles' fur poofs up, but then he soon returns to normal. Abby suggests going into the water, but Otis wants Beach volleyball instead. Abby gives in, and everyone has a game of Beach volleyball. Abby suggests getting into the water yet again, but Otis suggests sandcastles. Abby decides to have a sandcastles contest to see who can make the best sandcastle. Abby herself is the judge.

Teeny Terry makes a sandcastle shaped like his snug, Grumbles has a sandcastle shaped like his tent snug, Otis has an elevator sandcastle, Princess flug collects seashells to use for her throne shaped sandcastle. The peepers give her a royal song. Harriet has a sandcastle shaped like her hair flair, Curly has a sand castle that has something to do with Chef Jeff ( I forget what) Mo and Bo has a sandcastles with holes in it. Abby wonders what Bozzly's sandcastle is, and goes over to take a look. Bozzly is seen hammering at a heap of sand while wearing a beret. He finishes and puts a flag on his sand castle, which is a heap of sand. Princess flug wants to collect more shells, so she goes to the sea side. She runs into a crab which begins pinching at her. She screams and runs and calls for Abby. Meanwhile, Bozzly makes a sandwich sandcastle, and Abby laughs. She gets the alert and the two best friends race off to the rescue on Abby's bike.

Princess Flug is still running from the crab when Abby and Bozzly show up on the bike. The bike chases princess flug. She tells princess flug to stay still, but princess flug can't. The bike is about to crash into the sandcastles, and teeny Terry is alarmed. Mo and Bo get alarmed. The bike crashes into Mo and Bo's sandcastle. Abby, Bozzly, Bo, and Mo are all in the sandcastle, along with Princess Flug. The crab is also in the sand castle, and princess flug and Mo and Bo all try escaping it. The chase continues, but princess flug is heading straight for Otis. Abby tells Otis to use his suction cups to get the crab away from princess flug. When princess flug and the crab are close enough, Otis grabs the crab and gets it off. The crab looks at him fierecly, and Otis yeets it away. Abby activates the pogo spring shoes and catches the crab.

She puts it it the water and tells it to enjoy the nice cool water. It gives Abby the idea that she should also go into the water. Abby declares the sandcastle contest over, and everyone wins. The prize is a dip in the ocean. Otis sighs in defeat and follows Abby to the changing rooms. The peepers sing as Abby and Bozzly and the fuzzlies have a fashion show. Abby shows off her swimsuit that has hearts on it. Bozzly shows off his swimsuit that has stripes on it. Everyone else shows off their swimsuits. Abby and the fuzzlies decide to jump off the dock. Otis stops Abby and tells her that he will be the judge of who has the best jump. He wants to stay on the dock. Everyone does their jump, but Grumbles did the jump last. He turned into a pogo stick but broke off a wood plank of the dock. Otis was shocked and got stuck on the plank and floated away at sea.

He was too scared to swim back. Abby tells Otis to swim back, Otis rejects, leaving Abby and Bozzly confused. Abby and Bozzly got on the bike anyways, and Bozzly warned Abby that their bike was going straight for the ocean. Abby told him not to worry, and the bike transformed into a water bike. They chase after Otis in the water. When the bike is close enough, Abby tells Otis to grab her hand. Otis does as told and is pulled to safety. Bozzly sees a huge wave coming and gets worried, but Abby got this. She made the bike ride the wave until they get to shore. When they get to shore Abby says she is confused and asks Otis why he wouldn't just swim back. He admits that he cannot swim. Abby asks why he didn't just tell her. Otis says he was embarrassed. Abby tells him that there's nothing to be embarrassed about, as no one starts out knowing how to swim and that someone has to teach him, like her. Otis is happy that Abby will teach him how to swim.

Abby says that the first step of learning how to swim is getting used to the water, and asks Otis if he wants to try that. Otis tells Abby yes and that he wants to go to the water. In the next shot it is dusk, and everyone is playing in the water including Otis. Abby tells him that he is doing great, and Bozzly is happy that Otis is swimming. Otis admits that he loves the water. All of a sudden,Bozzly's stomach growled. He was hungry.

Abby's tummy also growls and she calls for her dad and asks that he is ready for them. Lex is seen flipping burgers and has a barbecue. Abby says it is time to eat. Everyone rushes over to the picnic but Otis and Abby. Otis asks Abby if they can go into the water after supper, and Abby accepts. They walk together to the food. After Abby and Bozzly's tummies are full, everyone has a beach dance party. Everyone including Bozzly says that they love Abby. Abby loves everyone back, and says that this was the best fuzzly Beach Day ever. Everyone hugs each other, and the final shot is of the crab on the wooden plank. The crab winks, and the camera irises out on the crab.


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  • This is the second Half-hour episode (The first being season 1's "The Fuzzlies Camping Trip").
  • This is the first time Miranda and Chef Jeff don't appear in a 2-part episode, and are the only characters to not go to the beach.
  • This is the first time Bozzly wears his swim suit.
  • This is the first time Abby's stomach rumbles, and the fourth time Bozzly's stomach rumbles.
  • This is the sixth episode where Chef Jeff does not appear after "When Abby Met Bozzly", "Mo and Bo in the Snow", "Trick or Treat Otis",but he is mentioned "Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail" and "Abby's Runaway Care Case".
  • Moral: It's important to tell someone about your fears.
  • This is the second time Abby is seen in her swimsuit since "Frazzled Fuzzly", but this episode reveals its lower half.
    • She even mentions the episode's title when she says "Last one to the water is a frazzled Fuzzly!"
  • Ironies:
    • Princess Flug Could've Hold Still So The Crab will Walk Away At The First place While The Crab Is Chasing her
    • Otis Could've Explain Abby Why He Can't Go In The Water At The First place Before They Have Gone To Swim
    • grumbles couldve jumped carefuly and gentlely so the pier wont break and so otis wont fly of into the ocean ( it could be posible if the pier is breakible )


  • When Bozzly says "Sound found, Abby!" his lips don't move when he says "Abby".
  • When Abby giggles after freeing Grumbles, she has Grumbles' voice.
  • When Bozzly says "Big wave coming, Abby!" and the camera cuts to Otis, Otis is lip-syncing to Bozzly's line.
  • When Abby and Bozzly are playing in the water with Otis, she is wearing her fuzzly spotter. But right when Bozzly's tummy growls, her fuzzly spotter dissapears.



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