Abby Hatcher Wiki

(In the lobby, Abby and Miranda are talking with Wai Po on Miranda's tablet.)
Abby: And Wai Po, Otis saved my balloon. He used his tentacle arm to swing all the way up to the highest part of the jungle gym!
Bozzly: So high!
Wai Po: Amazing! I'm glad my granddaughter has such good friends. I'd love to see the Fuzzlies one day!
Miranda: We'd love that too, Mom. Oh, and I'm putting a package together for you. I’ll get it in the mail today, promise. Love you!
Abby: Love you, too!
Bozzly: Bye, grandma!
Wai Po: Love you all! Bye now!
(The call ends.)

Abby gasps and says brain spark! Wai po can see the fuzzlies. I’ll take a picture of me With all of them And put it in your package.

Mom says that’s a great idea. But I’m sending The package this afternoon, So the picture has to be ready.

Abby says got it! Can I use the tablet?

Mom says sorry. I’m still using it. But there’s an old camera In the attic. Try that.

Abby says cool! To the attic, bozzly!

Bozzly says yay! Woo-woo-woo!

(vocalizing) (giggling) In the attic, bozzly messes up a box of toys.

Abby says I got it. Say cheese.

Bozzly says cheese!

Bozzly wears sunglasses and a cheese hat.

Abby says it’s so cheesy!

(both laughing)

Bozzly says very cheesy.

(camera shutter clicking)

Abby says ooh! Splizzacular!

Abby takes several pictures of bozzly.

Mo says mo and bo like pictures, too!

Bo says mo and bo can pose for you!

Bozzly says okay! Cheese!

(all laughing)

Abby says great posing. Now, let’s get a perfect Picture of all the fuzzlies. To the lobby!

(all laughing, cheering)

In the lobby, dad says there you go, abby, All set on the tripod and ready For your fuzzly family portrait!

Abby says thanks, dad. And now, the perfect picture.

(all playing and cheering)

Bozzly says woo-hoo!

Abby says fuzztastic! But when we pose, We all have to be super still.

Bozzly says okay!

Abby says just a few more fuzzlies, Then we’ll pose. Time for the... Peeper pitch pipe!

(pipe sounding)

The squeaky peepers sing picture day for me and you, Photo of our fuzzly crew We’ll all pose And then say cheese Take our picture, Sure to please

Abby says check it out, bozzly. I’ll just hit this button And I can take A picture from anywhere.

Bozzly says ooh! This button?

Abby looks at a picture just taken and says aww, your vest and Bowtie are so cute! Fuzzblat. If you’re dressed up, I need to dress up, too. Be right back, everybody!

Otis says oh! Ooh! Button! Otis try! (camera shutter clicking) Whoa! (all gasping) Uh-oh!

Otis accidentally hits the camera and it falls to the ground.

The squeaky peepers sing dun-dun-dun

Abby says hmm... I don’t know, bozzly. Should I wear by birthday party One, my picnic one Or maybe my beach day one?

Bozzly says um... Huh.

Abby says I’ve got it! My first day of school one! That one’s special. Do you love it?

She wears a pink bow on her hair.

Bozzly says ooh! Fancy. Huh? Bozzly fancy, too! Huh? Huh?

(laughing) Abby says super fancy. (both laughing) (communicator ringing) Ooh. The fuzzly spotter. (beeping)

Otis says uh-oh!

Abby says spotted! Otis in trouble in the lobby.

(gasping) Bozzly says camera and fuzzlies!

Abby says fuzzly trouble, Can’t delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo ‘yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let’s ride! (abby making engine Revving sounds) (laughing) Let’s go help otis!

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

Talking to a camera, chef jeff says time to record my video For cupcake connoisseur. In three, two...

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby says yahoo!

Chef jeff says oh, no!

In slow motion, abby drives past chef jeff and he drops the cupcakes he was holding.

Abby and bozzly say sorry, chef jeff!

Bozzly catches a cupcake and eats it.

He says yum. (yelping)

Chef jeff says phew! Ooh! My video! (gasping) Look at me, Catching all those cupcakes! I’m as graceful as a gazelle. Simply magnificent! Let’s watch it again, hmm? (chuckling)

Abby says otis!

Otis sighs and says sorry, abby. (blowing raspberry) Didn’t mean to.

Abby says it’s okay, otis. It was an accident.

Dad says hey, abby.

Abby says dad, fix-it emergency. Come quick, pl...

Dad suddenly appears and says fix-it guy lex On the case! Hmm. (yelping)

Abby says can you fix it? I have to get The perfect picture Before mom sends Wai po’s package.

Dad says I can definitely fix it, But it’ll take awhile.

Abby says are you sure?

Bozzly says need picture soon!

Dad says don’t worry. You can use my Phone for the pictures. Just be careful with it, okay?

Abby says yes! Thanks, dad.


Bozzly says yay!

Abby says ready, fuzzlies? Fuzzlies not here, abby.

(communicator ringing)

Mom says abby, I’m just about ready To close up the package. Do you have your picture?

Abby says almost. What do we do, bozzly? We need that picture now! Hmm.

Bozzly says hmm. Oh, let’s-- no.

Abby says maybe we could-- no.

Bozzly says what about-- no.

Abby says I got it! I know How to get the picture! Come on! Fuzzly fact... Fuzzlies love games. Megaphone, bozzly!

Bozzly says hmm... Ta-da!

On the megaphone, abby says calling all fuzzlies! Meet me in the dining room for A fuzztastic game of... Leap-fuzzly!

Curly says leap-fuzzly! Yay! Hop, hop, hop!

Otis says woo-hoo! Yeah!

Princess flug says me play, me.

Bo says bo leap mo.

Mo says mo leap bo.

(all cheering) (chuckling)

Abby says let’s leap-fuzzly to the lobby!

The squeaky peepers sing we love dance, And love to hop So much fun, We just can’t stop Fuzzlies love to Jump and play We’ll play leap-fuzzly Every day

(communicator ringing)

Abby says fuzzblat!


Mom says the postman will Be here soon, abby. Do you have the picture?

Abby says almost! We were having so much fun, I didn’t stop and Take wai po’s picture!

Bozzly says uh-oh!

Abby says it’s okay. We’ll take it here. I need a perfect pose, Super still And smiling for wai po.

Otis says ding, ding, ding!

Abby says you too, curly. Come on.

Curly says picture, picture, picture! Whoa!

Princess flug says ahh!

Curly bounces and bumps into otis, who bumps into princess flug. A pink substance from princess flug lands on abby’s face.

Abby says no!

(all gasping)

Abby says fuzzblat! (growling) (sighing) Come on, fuzzlies, I need to get clean, but we can Still get our picture. Just stick together.

(all laughing)

Abby says all clean. Ready for the picture, fuzzlies?

The fluzzlies play around and say woo-hoo! (laughing) Party! Whee! (laughing) Woo-hoo!

Bozzly says fuzzlies playing, abby.

Abby says that’s right. Fuzzly fact... Fuzzlies love games. So, the best way to get Everyone to pose is...

Abby and bozzly say game time!

(all cheering)

Abby says we’re playing abby says. So, if I say “abby says,” You have to do what I say. Got it? (all cheering) Splizzacular! So, abby says Touch your head! (laughing) (camera shutter clicking) Okay, abby says wiggle your feet.

The fuzzlies say fun! Fun!

Abby says cool. So, abby says freeze In a picture perfect pose.

(sneezing) (camera shutter clicking)

Abby takes different pictures. (chuckling)

Princess flug says me look funny, me.

Abby says you do! (laughing) But I need a perfect picture. So, abby says Freeze in an even Perfecter pose! (camera shutter clicking)

Curly says funny faces. Lots of funny faces!

Abby says they are funny, but the picture Has to be perfect. This isn’t going to work.

Sad, she says I’ll never get the perfect Picture for wai po. It was a bad idea.

Curly says aww. Picture good idea.

Mom says abby, the postman’s downstairs. Do you have the picture?

Looking at the pictures in her cell phone, abby says I couldn’t get it.

Bozzly says yes, you can! All fuzzlies here, Ready to pose!

Bozzly says uh-huh!

Abby says really? Thank you! Aww. Mom, can you take the picture?

Mom says I’d love to. Everyone get together And say cheese!

All say cheese!

Curly says see? Perfect picture!

Abby says yeah, it is perfect, But it’s not us. We’re always silly and fun. We were silly in the lobby.

Curly says silly! Blah!

Abby says we were silly in the courtyard.

Curly says leap-fuzzly!

Abby says we’re always silly, That’s why we have so much fun! (snapping) Brain spark! A real perfect picture Should be silly, like us! Mom, can you take One more really fast?

Mom says really fast.

Abby says one more time, but make this one Super splizzacular silly! (all cheering) Now, that’s the perfect picture.

Mom says and just in time. Let’s print this and Put it in the package.

(all cheering)

Later, at a video call, grandma chuckles and says this picture is perfect, Baobei abby. You and your friends Are so silly And you have so much fun!

Abby says we really do!

Grandma says now, tell me all about them. Who’s this one With the bubbles?

Abby says that’s princess flug. She’s very princess-y And sparkly. And the big round one’s Teeny terry. He’s usually so small, He can fit in my hand!