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Abby in the passageways.

The Fuzzly Secret Passageways are a type of tunnels that Fuzzlies use to traverse different locations. They are accessed by various hidden entrances which can only be opened by Abby's watch or the Fuzzly itself. They are how Abby gets to her trike from wherever she is, to prepare to go where she is needed when the Spotter goes off. An undiscovered one is the namesake of Super Secret Passageway.

Initially these seemed like they might be a phenomenon limited to places within the Hatcher Palace Hotel but in Teeny Pelican Terry the local park also has one that leads to the hotel, indicating it is a cross-city network.


Entrance locations

Hatcher Palace Hotel


  • Through the vents in the ceiling, near the shelf and salon door
  • Under the stairs leading up next to the elevator
  • In the dumbwaiter
  • Behind the fireplace


  • Through the closets


  • Behind the cabinet
  • Through the vent under the stairs
  • Behind Chef Jeff's clipboard on the wall

Abby's bedroom

  • In Abby's closet
  • Through the wall and floor vents

Abby's bathroom

  • Behind the wall above the bathtub

Melvins' suite

  • Under Melvin's bed


  • Behind a cabinet

Dining room

  • Under the stairs
  • Under a table


  • Under the fountain

Roof deck

  • Under the stairs to Abby's room


  • Through the vent on a pipe