Abby Hatcher Wiki


At night, abby tells a story lighting her face with a flashlight. Her parents and the fuzzlies listen carefully eating popcorn.

Abby says the fuzzly heard footsteps In the dark. They grew closer, closer... Then, the creature jumped out!

They gasp.

Abby says it... Was... A... Monster!

(all shouting)

Abby giggles and says a friendly monster, with a big Cake and presents. It came to say "Happy birthday!"

(all laughing)

Bozzly says that's not spooky at all!

Mr. Hatcher says ah, it scared me! Gave me the... (hiccupping)


(all laughing)

Curly holds a tray of cookies between his long ears.

Curly says curly made slumber party Cookies.

Abby says fuzz-tastic! Can we have some, mom?

Mrs. Hatcher says hmm.

They all say please?

Mrs. Hatcher says okay, one each, then bed.

The fuzzlies say thank you! Yum, cookies!


In the distance, chef jeff says oh, curly!

Curly says coming!

Abby says are you sure you won't stay For the slumber party, curly?

Curly says no, thanks. Nighty night!

Mr. Hatcher yawns and says we're going to bed, too. I've got a big to-do list Tomorrow. (hiccupping)

Mrs. Hatcher laughs and says sweet dreams, everyone.

Abby says good night, mom and dad! You sleep well! Good night!

Later, abby and her friends sleep on sleeping bags.

Princess flug snores softly.

Teeny terry says huh.

Abby snores.

Teeny terry wakes abby up.

Abby says huh, what? Hi, what's wrong?

Teeny terry whispers the cookie made me thirsty. Is there any milk?

Bozzly says yum!

Mo says milk to go.

Bo says for mo and bo.

Princess flug says me thirsty, me!

Otis says mm, milk!

Abby giggles and says that does sound good. To the kitchen, bozzly! We're on a mission for milk!

Bozzly says to the kitchen! Yeah!

(hiccupping) Outside the hotel, mr. Hatcher carries a ladder and paint buckets.

Mr. Hatcher says can't sleep with these hiccups. Might as well get some work Done.

(gasping) Teeny terry sees mr. Hatcher through the window and says what was that?

Shivering, teeny terry hides in his sleeping bag.

Mr. Hatcher says la-de-de, da-da... (humming) Oh!

He climbs the ladder and says phew, that was close. Ahh!

(crashing) He falls over. The fuzzlies wake up and shout.

Mr. Hatcher says okay, this isn't good.

(hiccupping) Paint and leaves cover his head and safety goggles.

(noises outside)

The fuzzlies gasp.

Mr. Hatcher says can't see. Got to clean up. Oh!

Mr. Hatcher stumbles all over. Scared, the fuzzlies watch a shadow approaching.

(clattering, hiccupping)

He walks into the room, sniffs and says ooh, cookies!

The fuzzlies hide behind the sofa. Mr. Hatcher eats a cookie and leaves.

Teeny terry says did you see that? It was a...

The fuzzlies yell monster! (all shouting)

Otis says whoa!

They run to hide in different places.

Carryings a tray, abby says nothing like a warm glass of Milk to help you sleep.

Bozzly says mmm! (slurping, belching) Ha-ha! Yum!

(spotter beeping)

Abby says ooh.

Abby: The fuzzly spotter!

Fuzzlies: AAAAAHHHHH!!!

Abby says the fuzzlies are in trouble in the lobby!

Bozzly: (gasps) The sleepover! Cookies!

Abby says fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

They say whoo-hoo!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.

Abby says yeah!

Bozzly says ha. Ha!

Abby says yeah!

Bozzly says hiya! Hee-hee! Doo-doo-doo! Yeah! Ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat. (munching)

Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then, let's ride! Vroom, vroom-vroom-vroom! Vroom!


They say yeah!

Abby says let's go help the fuzzlies!

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, chef jeff says all right, curly, Finish your milk. (slurping) And then, it's off to bed.

Abby says yoo-hoo!

(chef jeff screaming)

Abby rides past chef jeff.

Abby says sorry, chef jeff!

Bozzly says sorry!

Jeff's hat flies away ends up hanging up on the kitchen sink door.

Chef jeff says it's okay, but where'd My chef's hat go?

Curly giggles and says now curly's sleeping bag. Nighty-night!

Curly jumps into the hat and falls asleep.

Chef jeff says aw, nighty-night, curly.

Next, in the living room, abby says what's the trouble? Fuzzlies?

The fuzzlies are gone.

Abby says the fuzzly spotter Still says they're here.Hmm.

Bozzly says hmm, strange.

Abby and bozzly sit on the sofa scaring mo and bo off their hiding places.

Mo and bo say ah!

Abby says mo and bo, what happened? Where'd everybody go?

Mo says everybody have to hide.

Bo says monster came in from outside!

Bozzly says a monster?

Abby says a monster? Splizzacular!

Mo, bo and bozzly say what?

Later, abby says fuzzlies, you don't have to hide From the monster. Come out, come out, Where you are!

Princess flug says me hide, me.

On a shelf, teeny terry says me too!

Otis pops out of a clock and says brrrr!

Otis sticks to abby's head.

Abby says whoa!

Otis says monster scary!

Abby says we don't know that monsters Are scary.

Otis says he ate one of our cookies!

Bozzly says he is a monster!

Abby says he ate a cookie? See, he's not so different From us.

Princess flug says me no think so, me.

Otis says nope! That doesn't sound right.

Bozzly says uh-uh!

Abby giggles and says I'll prove it. We'll find the monster And you'll see it's fine. Now, let's split up!

They all jump onto her.

Abby says or we could stick together.

They leave.

Mr. Hatcher stumbles in hiccupping and coughing.

Mr. Hatcher says finally! There's the elevator.

Without seeing, he gets into the elevator.

Mr. Hatcher presses a button and says now, basement, basement. Ah! Okay, got to get clean, Got to get clean. Whoa!

He manages to walk into the laundry room.

He says laundry. Paper towels, I know they're Here somewhere. Oh, wait, what's this? Whoa, ah! Soap, ah! Ahhhh!

Meanwhile, abby and her friends walk down a corridor.

She says let's look down here.

The fuzzlies yell ahhh!

A peeper says ah!

The peepers walk one on top of the other creating a scary column.

Then, in the bathroom, abby opens a curtain and finds bozzly having a bath.

Bozzly says hmm-hmm... Ooh, hi!


In another room, abby says okay, let's go.

The fuzzlies say whoa!

(all laughing)

Abby says we looked everywhere And still no monster.

Teeny terry says no, but we didn't check The basement.

Abby says that's true, we didn't! To the basement!

(elevator dinging) (sputtering) (all gasping)

Abby says hello-- whoa!

Abby walks out of the elevator but otis's tentacle pulls her back.

Covered in bubbles, mr. Hatcher says huh?

The fuzzlies run out of the elevator shouting in panic.

Abby says you guys, we could have met The monster!

Princess flug says me scared, me!

Abby says but it's probably really nice.

Teeny terry says uh...

Abby says you won't know if you don't Give it a chance.

Princess flug says me guess so, me.

Mo and bo say mo and bo.

Mo says say we suppose so.

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says so, we should show the monster We're friendly.

Bozzly says how, abby?

Abby says hmm. (snapping) Brain spark! We'll make a trail of cookies For the monster to follow.

Bo says monster may be our new friend.

Mo says might like him in the end.

The fuzzlies say okay, yeah!

Abby says yes! Come on, bozzly!

Bozzly says uh-huh.

Abby says we've got a cookie trail To make.

Bozzly says one for good luck!

He eats a cookie.

Next, they leave cookies on the floor and in the elevator.

Abby says and the final touch, bozzly.

Bozzly says a glass of milk!

Abby says ready to meet a splizzacular New friend?

Mo says maybe no.

Bo says maybe so.

Otis says brr! I guess.

Princess flug says me think so, me.

Bozzly says uh-uh. Oh, yes!


The elevator door opens up.

Mr. Hatcher says elevator cookie! Nice!

He gets into the elevator that goes up and eats a cookie. (chomping)

Abby whispers don't be scared, he'll be nice. (whimpering) I know it!

He walks out of the elevator.

Mr. Hatcher says more cookies? Well, better pick these up. Ooh, I could use some milk!

Mr. Hatcher sits.

Abby says okay, now's our chance!

She yells hi there, monster!

Otis says oh, scary monster noise!

Teeny terry says you made him mad.

Princess flug says me stop monster, me!

Abby yells no!

Princess flug shoots rays of pink glue sticking mr. Hatcher onto the chair.

Mr. Hatcher says ahhh!

Abby says wait, I've heard that noise Before. Hmm. Brain spark!

Bozzly says abby, wait! Not so close to monster!

Abby says it's not a monster, bozzly. Goo-gripper gloves, activate!

Abby sets mr. Hatcher free.

Abby says it's my dad!

Mr. Hatcher says hi, everybody! Heh, sorry if I woke you up.

Teeny terry says we didn't know it was you.

Bozzly chuckles and says we thought you were a monster!

Princess flug sighs and says me... Sorry, me.

Mr. Hatcher says it's okay. (laughing) Can't say I blame you. I look pretty monstrous. Go back to your slumber party, And I'll get cleaned up.

The fuzzlies and abby get together whispering in secret.

Abby says uh, dad? You want to stay? You can sleep on the couch.

Mr. Hatcher says me?

Abby says sure! You might not be a monster, But you can be an honorary Fuzzly.

Mr. Hatcher says I'd love that!

Later, abby ends a story and says and the fuzzlies threw The monster The best surprise party ever!


Mr. Hatcher says great story, abby! And this time, It didn't scare me at all. (hiccupping)

(all laughing)