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The Fuzzly Spotter.

The Fuzzly Spotter appears like a large wristwatch that Abby wears on her left arm. It chimes (captions say "watch ring tone") when there is trouble involving Fuzzlies, beeping to show her the location where trouble is, and sometimes which Fuzzly is involved, if it is one she has encountered before.



  • The Fuzzly Spotter's alarm is an 8-bit version of the theme song.
  • The Fuzzly Spotter screen is digitally 2D Flash-animated by Autodesk Maya.
  • So far, more than one Fuzzly has appeared on the Fuzzly Spotter twice: in "Afraid of Cats" and "Fuzzly Slumber Party"
  • So far, 4 humans have been featured on the Fuzzly Spotter: Lex, Melvin, Mrs. Melvin, and Chef Jeff.
  • If someone else solves the Fuzzly problem before Abby can, the watch automatically deactivates.