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The goo-gripper gloves are a pair of sticky gloves that Abby uses. In the first episodes she accidentally affixes them to the similarly alliterative head-hugging helmet.


The gloves are black and fingerless, and the suctions are shaped like hearts.

Used in

  • The Peeper Transport Tubes
    • Used to free Chef Jeff from a pot.
    • Used to pull the tubes apart but failed.
  • Abby Loses Her Glasses - Used to hold Princess Flug's sticky string and pull her and Bozzly up.
  • Grumbles Goes Down the Drain - Used to catch Grumbles but failed.
  • Dance Dance Grumbles - Used to pull the wigs out of Grumbles as a jug.
  • Otis and the Snack Machine - Used inflated to catch Melvin trapped in a ball of sticky snacks.
  • Abby's Track and Field Day - Used to free the Fuzzlies from the bookshelf.
  • Abby and the Costume Ball - Used to stop Miranda from bouncing.
  • Lights, Camera, Fuzzlies - Used to pull Judge Thorn's hat off her head.
  • Fuzzly Beach Day - Used to free Grumbles from the food truck but failed.
  • A Princess and the Peepers - Used to pull the stuck carpeting off Princess Flug's face.
  • The Blossom Band - Used to free the Flower Fuzzlies but failed.

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