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[[Abby hatcher Grumbles.jpeg|350 × 345px]]
Gender Male
Fuzzly Type Raspberry
Fuzzly Skill(s) Shapeshifting, shrinking (if in contact with water)
Voice Kaden Stephen
Debut "Teeny Pelican Terry"
"The Fuzzlies Camping Trip" (discovered)
"Not Largefoot, though. My name Grumbles" -Grumbles

Grumbles is the eponymous character of Grumbles' First Haircut. He is first introduced in The Fuzzlies Camping Trip. He s green with purple hair. He has a small tail and walks on 2 legs.

His voice sounds a lot like Otis's.

He has a bit of an appetite and requires lots of nourishment, even if it means eating others' food.

He is not fond of going in the water, hinting he might be aquaphobic. This is shown in 'Grumbles Goes Down the Drain", which shows that he's scared about going down the drain.

However, being wet then helps him in "Super Sitter Abby", because when he was stuck, Abby and Bozzly made him wet to get him unstuck.

It's also shown in the same episode that he has a cousin named Mumbles.


  • teleportation (vanishes in puff of smoke and sparkles)
  • powerful breath, when sleeping next to others in sleeping bags, his inhale pulls them closer and his exhale pushes them away, every time. The stress is seen on the walls of the large tent they're in, and eventually pulls the pegs out of the ground, collapsing it.
  • metamorphosis into inanimate objects like picnic table, stump, unstrung kite (maintains purple color, with green face still visible on one end)
  • possibly weight alteration (as a kite he can fly, maybe due to reducing his mass, when he reverts to his normal form he falls quickly)
  • expanded size during metamorphosis: in Teeny Pelican Terry he becomes an entire playground set including 3 slides and ladders
  • ability to turn into a living moving being while morphed, in Teeny Pelican Terry he is able to turn into a flying pelican
  • In season 2's "Dance Dance Grumbles", Grumbles is shown to have an auto-tuned singing voice that makes him sound older when he sings.

Grumbles appears to require concentration to maintain an alternate form, when he is surprised he reverts back to his normal form.