Hair Flair Everywhere/Transcript

Try Chance.



In the yard, Abby counts as Bozzly hides up in a tree.

Abby: 16, 17, 18, 19, 20! Ready or not, here I come! (giggling)

Mom trims the bushes.


Abby says a-ha!



Bozzly camouflages in the bushes.




Abby keeps looking for Bozzly.

Abby: Mom? Have you seen Bozzly?
Miranda: I can't see anything but overgrown bushes. It's taking forever to trim them! Whew!


Abby says huh?

With a leaf mustache, Bozzly says whew, lots of work!

Abby: Bozzly!

Bozzly: Yikes!

Abby: Found you!


Mom: Nice mustache.

Bozzly: Ooh, handsome!


Bozzly's turn!

One, two, three...


(Inside, Mrs. Melvin locks the salon door next to a bewildered Harriet.)
Harriet: You're closing the salon?! But --
Mrs. Melvin: Only for the day, Harriet. Just while I get Mr. Melvin from the airport.
Harriet: The whole day?! But what will I do if I can't style hair?!
Mrs. Melvin: Oh, I'm sure you'll think of something. Just relax and have fun!
Harriet: But I relax and have fun styling hair. I love everything in the salon. Blow-dryers and curling irons and...

She sees dad cutting paper.


Harriet: Scissors!


Dad: Cut this to perfect size!

Check-a-roony, now let's

see what supplies we need.


Harriet grabs the scissors.

Harriet: Hair Flair!

She starts snipping all dad's papers.


Dad: Huh?


My lists!


Dad: I need those!

In the yard, Bozzly looks for Abby and says a-ha!

Hmm, no Abby here.


Oh, not here, ither.

(watch beeping)


Abby: The fuzzly spotter!

Bozzly says cute! Nice hair! (both giggling)

Abby says why, thank you!

(watch beeping)

Abby says oh, no!

She presses a button on her watch.

Abby says spotted! Harriet's in Trouble at the front desk! Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says yee-haw!

A secret passage under a fountain opens up.


They jump in and get their gear on.

Abby says hi-ya!

Bozzly says hi-ya! (giggling)

Bozzly says do, do, do!

Abby says yeah!

Bozzly says uh-uh?

She tosses him a treat.

(munching) (giggling)

They jump on the bike and say whoo-hoo!

Abby says ready, Bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then let's ride!

Bozzly says uh-huh! (imitating engine revving)

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says to the front desk!

Bozzly says whoo-hoo!

They ride along the tunnel.

In the kitchen, chef jeff holds a bowl full of vegetables and says oh, curly, these fruits And veggies look so ordinary. How can I style Them to be artistic, Surprising and Worthy of my genius?

Curly says um, toss?

A secret passage opens up and abby and bozzly ride in the kitchen.

They drive past chef jeff and make him spin.

They say whoo-hoo! Yee-haw!

Chef jeff gasps and drops the ball.

Abby says sorry, chef jeff, But stylish food!

Bozzly says yeah!

Chef jeff says stylish?

He looks at his reflection on the fridge and sees he has fruit hat on.

He says ooh!

Curly says pretty!

Chef jeff says it is rather pretty! Oh, chef jeff, You do have a genius For styling fruits and veggies.

Curly says yum!

At the front desk, dad says that was my to-do list, And my shopping list And the list of All the hotel rooms booked!

Abby arrives and says whoa!

Chopped paper fall from the ceiling.

Bozzly says yay, snow! Blech, yuck!

Abby says more like confetti From all of dad's lists! Harriet, what are you doing?

Harriet says I'm styling! Look!

Abby says paper doll fuzzlies!

Bozzly says cool!

Dad says they are cool, but I was writing All my lists on those papers!

Harriet says oh, I'm sorry!

Dad says oh, it's okay. Now I can have cool Fuzzly paper doll lists!

Abby says why aren't you in the salon?

Harriet says I want to be, But it's closed today. I don't know what To do if I can't style.

Abby says hmm, you make great paper dolls. Maybe we can make More crafts in my room!

Bozzly says yay, more snow!

Harriet says that sounds like fun! Let's do it!

Harriet jumps in the trike basket.

Abby says to my room!

Bozzly says onward!

Dad says have fun!

Abby: See, Harriet? You can make anything!
Harriet: (gasps) Anything? Eeeeee!!!
(An egg carton with musical notes opens and the Squeaky Peepers pop out.)
Peepers: ♪ Styling crafts are so much fun ♪
♪ Styling crafts for everyone ♪
♪Peepers love to join and play ♪
♪ Peepers, la, so, fa, mi, re ♪
Harriet: (giggles) Glitter and cotton balls and Peepers? (gives them cotton ball hairdos with glitter on top) Hair flair!
Peepers: ♪ Squeaky Peepers' hair is pretty ♪
♪ Pretty as you please ♪
♪ But all the glitter cotton ♪
♪ Makes the peepers sneeze ♪
(turning green) ♪ Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo ♪
(They start bouncing around the bedroom nonstop.)
Harriet: Oh, no! Abby, what did I do?! HELP!!

Abby: There's only one way

to stop this peeper panic!

The peeper pacifying pitch pipe!

She blows the pipe.


Peeper 7: Ti.

Little Do: Do.

Peppers 5 and 6: So, La.

Pepper 4: Fa.

Peepers: ♪ Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo/Achoo ♪

Abby says okay, let's wash The glitter off the peepers So they'll stop sneezing. Fuzzly care cubby, activate!

A special closet opens up and deploys a care station.

Abby gives the peepers a bath and says don't worry, we'll have You cleaned up in no time. (sneezing) (giggling)

With the help of her extendable hair, harriet blow dries the peepers one by one.

(giggling) (giggling)

Abby: And no more sneezing!
Peepers: ♪ No more glitter, now we're clean ♪
♪ We feel good and peachy keen ♪
(The carton closes and they applaud.) Harriet: The Peepers did look really cute in their wigs. (sighs) What can I style now?

Abby says hmm... Remember chef jeff With the fruit And vegetables on his head? That's styling! You can help him style food!

Harriet says I can?!

Abby says sure! I bet he'd love your help!

Harriet says that sounds like fun! Thanks, abby!

Abby and bozzly say to the kitchen!

In the kitchen, chef jeff says there's a hungry Crowd today, curly. To truly please them, we Need something extra special.

Abby says hi, chef jeff. I have the perfect idea! Let harriet style your meal, Then it really Will be extra special.

Harriet says please?

Cheff jeff says hmm, I like it! You are a styling expert, But styling spaghetti? That's a big challenge. Can you do it?

Harriet says spaghetti, hmm... Good length, Nice volume, great colour. Yes, I can work with this!

Chef jeff says splendid! (mumbling)

(door swinging open)

An old man walks in and says there's a whole room Of hungry people in there! When do we get our food?

Harriet says I'll get your meals, sir! Hair flair!

The man says huh?

Harriet makes him a hair style out of the spaghettis.

Harriet says ta-da!

Bozzly says ooh! Stylish.

The man says what?! I wanna eat food, not wear it! Oh, you crazy kids With their spaghetti wigs!

Chef jeff says what-- no, wait! (door opening) Wait, come back! It's not done!

Harriet says oh, no! I ruined everything!

Abby says no, harriet, wait!

In the yard, abby says mom, have you seen harriet?

Mom says no, I haven't. Is she out here? (crying) (watch beeping)

Bozzly says southbound, abby!

They follow the crying sound and find harriet in the bushes.


Abby says harriet, please don't be upset. You didn't do anything wrong.

Harriet says I did! I turned your dad's list into Confetti, caused a peeper panic And messed up Chef jeff's spaghetti! Without hair to cut and style, I can't do anything right!

Bozzly says it's okay.

He pops up with leafy hair and says you can style bozzly hair!

Abby says hmm, brain spark! These bushes are like hair, And I bet you can cut and style Them the same way you do hair!

Harriet says really?

Mom says oh, yes, please! I've been at this for Hours and I barely made a dent. Would you like To try it, harriet?

Harriet says if you think I'd be good at it, I'd love to!

Bozzly says here, try these!

Abby says harriet-size pruning shears.

Harriet says they're perfect. Now, let's see... (gasping) I've got it! Hair flair!

She starts trimming a bush in the shape of missus melvin.

Abby and bozzly say ooh! (both gasping)

Harriet says ta-da!

Bozzly says wow!

Abby says ooh! (gasping)

Mom says amazing!

Harriet says I'm always happy when my styling Hero, mrs. Melvin, is around.

Missus melvin arrives and says oh, that is so sweet!

Harriet says I can almost hear her now.

Missus melvin says you can hear her. I'm right here, And I am gorgeous!

Mister melvin says I don't know which Mrs. Melvin's prettier!

Missus melvin says oh, you! (giggling)

Bozzly says yay, harriet!

Missus melvin says what a wonderful Way to use your talents! You truly can style anything.

Harriet says thanks, mrs. Melvin, But my favourite thing Is styling hair in our salon!

Missus melvin says I'm glad to hear that, But the salon won't be open Again until tomorrow morning, So you can enjoy The rest of your day off.

Harriet says but what would I do with myself? (gasping)

Abby says I know!

In her bedroom, abby brushes harriet's hair.

Harriet says ah, this is the best idea ever. Who knew relaxing could be fun?

Abby says it is fun!

Harriet says and it feels so good to Have someone else do my hair.

Bozzly styles abby's hairs as bunny ears and says bozzly great at styling hair.

Abby says you are good at styling hair. Right, harriet?

Harriet says right.

They all giggle.

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