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Harriet Bouffant
202b - Harriet Bouffant profile.png
Gender Female
Fuzzly Type Rat
Occupation Hair stylist
Fuzzly Skill(s) Extendable ponytail
Voice Hattie Kragten
Debut "Hair Flair Everywhere"
"Hair Flair Fuzzly" (discovered)

Harriet Bouffant is one of a few fuzzlies that can speak full English. She loves helping others with any styling needs as she works with Mrs. Melvin, the hotel's salon stylist, one time when Mrs. Melvin closed the salon, Harriet felt like a failure when she kept making a mess from cutting paper into paper dolls to styling spaghetti like hair.


Harriet is very energetic when she sees someone with a bad hair day and wants to fix it, no matter what it takes.


Harriet is a pink-skinned fuzzly with a magenta-colored bow on her head, pink and yellow hair, green eyes, purple lips and wears an aquamarine dress with a sliver shirt, green pants and a bright green hair twisty.


  • She can grow her hair from short to long in minimal time and effort, and it is very strong, able to support Abby's weight, as seen in Fairy Tale Fuzzly
  • Her hair is prehensile, she is able to use it like hands to manipulate objects, like when she holds sticks to toast marshmallows in The Fuzzlies Camping Trip
  • She is able to detach her hair into a wig at will, as seen in Grumbles Goes Down the Drain and Hair Flair Fuzzly.
  • She's also able turn style her hair into any style at will, like in Dance Dance Grumbles and Abby and the Costume Ball.
  • She is able to fall at a slow pace, perhaps being light-weight in combination with the air resistance of her skirt


  • Hair Flair!


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