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Miranda Hatcher is the wife of Lex Hatcher and the mother of Abby. She runs the Hatcher Hotel. Miranda wears a rose belt and a shirt and pants. She has blue hair while Abby was born with purple color hair.


She appears to have via her mother "Wai Po" a Chinese ethnic background.


Her forename is revealed in Hair Flair Fuzzly when Mrs. Melvin exclaims "I'm so sorry Miranda! I've just got to get my special brush back!"

  • Lex also mentions her name in another episode.

Her name is mentioned in Fuzzliest Dinner where viewers are informed that her mother taught her to cook using a wok.

Miranda's mom (Abby's maternal grandmother) is referred to as Waipo, a Chinese word for grandmother. This implies she may be Chinese, meaning that Miranda is at least half Chinese half and American and Abby is at least quarter Chinese while the rest of her is American.