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Otis picture.png
Gender Male
Fuzzly Type Raspberry
Occupation Elevator operator
Fuzzly Skill(s) Extending tentacles
Voice Christian Dal Dosso (season 1-late season 2)

Matthew Mucci (A Very Fuzzly Christmas-present)

Debut "Mo and Bo in the Snow"
"Things That Go Ding in the Night" (discovered)
Otis (aka Elevator Operator Otis[1]) is a Fuzzly that works as the hotel's elevator operator. Otis always says "Ding" whenever he talks or when something goes wrong. Otis loves his job to meet new guests for the hotel and also loves climbing and flipping in the air. He posesses stretchy tentacles that can extend to long lengths, and has an extreme obsession with buttons.


Otis is mostly the bravest fuzzly but when he fell to the ground and got a boo-boo, he had a case of vertigo and the fear of heights.


Otis has a fuzzy red body, green face and purple eyes. He has seven magenta tentacles with green edges: three large ones on his head, and four tiny ones as feet.


  • can stretch his tentacles to extreme lengths, the longest is seen in Super Secret Passageway when he actually stretches it so far he loses track of where the end is and pokes himself in the back, scaring himself
  • his tentacles are prehensile and able to manipulate objects
  • his tentacles are strong enough to bear his weight and allow him to swing from place to place
  • his tentacles have suction cups on the end for extra grip, like an octopus
  • his suction cups are able to expel air, they appear to be a way he can exhale, as he is seen sucking in air through his mouth and then using it to inflate Abby's plastic air mattress at the start of Abby's Snug before Melvin arrived.
  • he is able to get by on on very short periods of sleep, as seen in Abby's Snug he is constantly up throughout the night operating the elevator for guests, and sleeps for mere minutes at a time in a bed built into the elevator when people don't need to use the elevator


  • "Ding!"




  1. He refers to himself this way in Otis Out of Order
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