Abby Hatcher Wiki


(In the dining room, Abby slides down the stair railing.)
Abby: Whoo-hoo! (jumps off the raining doing a flip and lands popping out) Ta-da!
(Bozzly also slisdes down.)
Bozzly: Yee-haw! Whoo!
(He jumps off and Abby catches him.)
Abby: Splizzacular entrance, Bozzly! Now, we can work on our happy song, starring the...
Abby and Bozzly: Squeaky Peepers!
(The Peepers are heard snoring inside the Peeper bed.)
Bozzly: more like Sleepy Peepers.
(abby knocks on the bed; it opens, revealing the peepers, who wake up and yawn.)
Abby: Ready to get out of your Peeper bed and practice to impress Judge Thorn? (They jump out one at a time.)
Peepers: ♪ Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do! ♪
(Bozzly gives Little Do her pacifier and Abby blows the pitch pipe.)
Peepers: ♪ Hello, hello, hello ♪
Abby, Bozzly and Peepers: ♪ Hellooooooo! ♪

Abby says okay, peepers, judge thorn is checking in when, bozzly?

Bozzly says hmm... Later!

Abby says later. We know she's super-picky, And we all want to impress her With our super splizzacular Happy song. So...

Bozzly brings out a special piano and says practice time! (squeaking) (cracking knuckles) (tapping baton)

Abby plays the piano. The peepers pop out of tubes on top of the piano.

Peepers: ♪ Welcome to our happy hotel ♪
♪ It is nice and has a good smell ♪
♪ We're so glad you've come to stay ♪
♪ We love singing ♪
♪ We love to play ♪

Chef jeff and curly walk in.

Abby says hi, chef jeff!

Chef jeff says no time for chit-chat. Judge thorn is coming, And I simply must get cooking.

Curly says song!

Abby says you like it, curly? Here's verse two.

The peepers sing our hotel is really fun

Curly says yay!

The song continues we take care of everyone (giggling) Yummy food And brand-new friends You won't want Your stay to end

Curly says boing, boing!

As curly bounces around, she drops a bag full of groceries.


Curly says oh, no! Spill!

Abby says it's okay, Bozzly and I will help you clean It up lickety-split!

Bozzly says lickety-split? Mm, banana split! (chomping) (giggling)

Abby helps curly pick up her stuff. She accidentally puts the peepers' carton in the bag.

Abby says there! We'll help you with that. Back in a sec, peepers! (humming happily)

They take the groceries to the kitchen.

Chef jeff says abby, bozzly, have an apple.

Abby says thank you!

Bozzly says thank you! Snack in courtyard?

Abby says sure, but then we have to get Right back to the peepers. (yawning)

As they get tired, the peepers start looking for their carton.

(all yawning)

(In the dining room, the Peepers yawn in a descending scale and jump out of the peep-a-phone. Upon noticing that the Peeper bed is missing, they turn blue; they begin singing in a rather sad bluesy manner.)
Peepers: ♪ Buh ba-ba buh buh ♪
♪ Our bed is gone ♪
♪ Buh ba-ba buh buh ♪
♪ And we can't sleep ♪
♪ Buh ba-ba buh buh ♪
♪ And we're so sad ♪
♪ We want to weep! ♪

In the courtyard, bozzly eats up his apple.


Abby has a bite of hers and says mmm! This apple is splizzacular!

Bozzly says yeah, splizzacular. Ahh! (giggling)

Abby says okay, you can have a bite. (chomping)

Bozzly eats up abby's apple.

Abby says bozzly! (laughing) (fuzzly spotter beeping)

Abby says ooh. The fuzzly spotter! (beeping)

(She opens the watch; the Fuzzly Spotter screen cycles until it shows a picture of the Peepers.)
Peepers: ♪ Help us/Help us/Help us! ♪
(The Fuzzly emblem appears in a diagram of the dining room.)
Abby: Spotted: the squeaky peepers are in trouble in the dining room. Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!
Bozzly: To the rescue, save the day!

She slides and gets her shoes on and says whoo!

They both jump into a secret tunnel.

Abby: Ha!

Bozzly says ha!

(Suit-up sequence. Abby puts on her Head Hugger Helmet.)

Abby: Yah!

Bozzly says hi-ya! Hee-hee!

Bozzly shows his cape and says doo-doo-doo! Yeah! Uh-uh?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


They both jump on her trike.

Abby says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then, let's ride. Vroom! Vroom vroom vroom! (laughing)

They both say yeah!

Abby says we're coming, squeaky peepers!

They drive along the tunnel.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, chef jeff stands in his rolling platform checking on the groceries.

He says two cartons of eggs? Well, I hope judge thorn Likes omelettes.

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and melvin come in the kitchen through the door.


Chef jeff says oh, no!

Abby and bozzly rides past him and say ahhh!

The platform starts spinning and the eggs go up in the air.

They say sorry, chef jeff!

Curly says uh-oh!

Chef jeff tries to catch the eggs in the carton as they fall down.

He says ooh, ooh! Ah, uh, oh! Got 'em!

Curly says whew!

Chef jeff says huh?

Two eggs crash on his eyes.

(eggs cracking)

Chef jeff says good thing we bought Two cartons.

Curly says good thing!

Meanwhile by the stage, the peepers sing buh ba-ba buh buh We just don't know What to do

Abby says peepers, what happened? Why are you so sad?

Dad walks in carrying a red carpet and says a red carpet For our red-carpet guest! Judge thorn! Like it?

(peepers sighing)

Dad says abby, are the peepers okay?

Abby says I'm not sure. They were super excited To do the happy song. Now, they're all blue and sad.

Dad says but they can't sing a happy song Unless they're... Happy!

Abby says that's true. So, we'll make them happy again! We'll do a comedy act And make them laugh? (sighing)

Bozzly says yeah, yeah, yeah! Comedy!

He takes out a pie and smashes it on his own face.

He says funny.

Dad and abby laugh.

On stage, bozzly does a magic trick and says uh-huh, uh-huh?

He spins a music box handle and says ah! ("Pop goes the weasel" playing)

He says ta-da!

Nothing pops out.

Bozzly says uh... Ugh, dizzy.

Abby pops out and says ta-da!

Bozzly says ta-da!

The peepers go back to their own colours.

Dad says they're loving it, abby!

Abby says here's a joke I know You'll love! Hey, bozzly! Why did the peepers go to bed?

Bozzly says I don't know, abby. Why?

Abby says 'cause the bed wouldn't come To them! (rim shot)

Abby says yeah!

The peepers look at one another.

They turn blue again and sing buh ba-ba buh buh Yeah, we're so sad Buh ba-ba buh buh And we're so blue Buh ba-ba buh buh And we just don't know What to do

Bozzly says it's not good For happy song, abby. (sighing)

Abby says all right, squeaky peepers! I have something I know Will cheer you up! Your favourite thing...

Bozzly and abby say fuzzly karaoke!

Harriet shows up and says did someone say fuzzly karaoke? Whoo-hoo!

Abby says better believe it!

Harriet says wait!

Abby says huh?

Harriet says you can't sing without The right hair.

Abby says you're right! Give me something huge, harriet! (giggling) Hair flair!

She gives abby a yellow and purple curly wig.

Abby says thanks! Hit it, bozzly!

Bozzly says okay.

Abby sings there's nothing like A little place I know

Bozzly sings for me, it's the only Place to go

They both sing it makes me feel good Like I know I should And it's called Home sweet home Yee-haw! This feels like home I'm coming home I'm coming home, This feels like home Home

As the song goes, the peepers remember their carton and turn blue again.

They sing buh ba-ba buh buh Yeah, we're so sad Buh ba-ba buh buh And we're so blue Buh ba-ba buh buh We just don't know...

Abby says what's wrong, peepers? I thought you liked this song?

Harriet says peepers are so sad! It makes me sad, too. (crying)

Abby says bozzly, this is terrible. If everyone's sad, We'll never cheer up The peepers so they can sing.

Bozzly starts sobbing.

Abby says oh, no! Hey, bozzly, want a treat?

Bozzly says wah... Treat? Ahh! Mmm, all better! (giggling)

Abby says maybe treats will Cheer the peepers up. Let's try it! Come on, peepers, To the kitchen! (humming)

As they enter the kitchen, the peepers see the carton on the table and say ta-da Hooray Hooray Hooray!

Abby says they're happy again, bozzly. Really happy! (eggs breaking)

They jump on the carton and crash all the eggs in it.

They sing buh ba-ba buh buh Yeah, we're so sad Buh ba-ba buh buh And we're so blue Buh ba-ba buh buh We just don't know What to do

Chef jeff says they're so sad, I have to play the blues.

Curly says blues!

Chef jeff takes out a tuba and plays.

(playing tuba)

Bozzly says bozzly play blues, too!

Bozzly plays the harmonica.

(playing harmonica)

Abby says wait, no! You can't all be sad.

Dad storms in and says judge thorn is here. Time for the happy song! (playing blues)

Dad says not as happy as I was hoping. Welcome to the oh-so-happy Hatcher palace hotel, Judge thorn!

Abby says oh, no. Bozzly, judge thorn is here, But the peepers are still sad. They can't perform The happy song.

Bozzly says so sad!

Abby says I know, we tried everything, But they only got really happy When they saw this egg carton.

Bozzly says carton keeps eggs cozy, Peepers too.

Abby says they do fit perfectly there. Hmm, just like... (snapping fingers) Brain spark! The egg carton looks like Their peeper bed! It must have gotten mixed up With the groceries When they spilled!

Abby opens the fridge and finds the peepers bed in it.

Abby says splizzacular!

Peepers: ♪ Ooh, ahh!!! ♪
(They return to their original rainbow colors.)

They sing a song that says we're so happy Like you said In our cozy peeper bed

Abby says come on, everyone. On with the show!

Bozzly says yeah, yeah, yay! (slurping)

In the lobby, judge thorn says your hotel is lovely, As always, lex, But you promised me A happy song.

Dad says I know! And the peepers were really Looking forward To sharing it with you, But...

Abby says but they weren't ready Till now! Hit it, peepers!

Dad says yes!

Abby plays the piano and the peepers sing.

The song goes hello, hello, hello Hello

Judge thorn says hmph.

The song continues welcome to our happy hotel It is nice And has a good smell We're so glad you've come To stay We love singing We love to play

Judge thorn says now, that is absolutely, Positively, Unquestionably... The happiest song I've ever heard! Encore!

They sing our hotel is really fun We take care of everyone (judge laughing)

They sing la la la