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Princess Flug
Princess Flug Picture.png
Gender Female
Fuzzly Type Slug
Fuzzly Skill(s) Glitter Goo
Voice Michela Luci
Debut "There's Only One Bozzly"
"Princess Flug's Flower Float" (discovered)
Princess Flug is a fuzzly that looks like a giant wad of bubble gum. Flug loves everything from flowers to things that appear or are beautiful. Princess Flug is a bit of a drama queen with she feels left out in a friendly game or dance. She also sometimes speaks in broken English.


Princess Flug sometimes makes a glitter goo trail that is very slippery. O when she had allergies, she continuously blows pink bubbles out of the top of her head that trapped Harriet and Mrs. Melvin.


Princess Flug's body is pink, while at the hemline of her body fades light pink then a slight shade of yellow. Also her eye color is very much of a light green. She has red lipstick with wing-shaped ears and wears an aquamarine-colored princess tiara with a ruby in the middle, where her sticky goo is produced.


She can shoot Glitter Goo through the air to stick people and objects in place. She can also create bubbles whenever, but she can't control them when she's mad, as seen in "A Princess and the Peepers".


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