Abby Hatcher Wiki

Abby stands next to a wardrobe in a bedroom.

Wearing a floral dress and hat, abby says look at me! I’m so flowery!

Bozzly giggles and says bozzly flowery, too!

Princess flug says hmm. Me only a little flowery, me. And me love flowers, me!

Abby says I’ll find you more flowers, Princess flug.

Abby looks in the wardrobe and finds two hawaiian flower necklaces.

She says ta-da!

Mom walks in and says do-do-do... Oh, don’t mind me! Just grabbing the sheets. The laundry truck comes today.

Abby puts a necklace on princess flug and says there, fuzz-tastically flowery! And mom, since you’re here, You can be flowery too!

Mom says I’d love that, abby. Thank you!

Abby puts a necklace on mom and laughs.

Bozzly says more flowers!

Mom says oh, I love it. I’m the most flowery thing Since spring!

Princess flug says me need more flowers, me. Ooh! Flowery! (laughing) Me flowery gown, me. Ahh!

She jumps on the laundry basket and covers herself with a blanket.

She says flowery gown cozy! Me flowery nap, me.

Mom picks up the basket and says do-do-do... (humming melody)

She leaves dancing like a ballerina.

Abby and bozzly laugh.

Bozzly says flowery.

Abby says did you see that, Princess flug? Huh? Princess flug?

Bozzly says maybe left for flowery stuff.

Abby says I guess. We should look for more Flowery stuff, too!

Mom says I wish there was an easy way To get all this laundry To the basement.

The squeaky peepers pop out of a secret passage on the wall.

The squeaky peepers sing fuzzly secret passage fun Slip and slide till day Is done

Mom says huh? That’s it! The fuzzly secret passageways! My wish came true. Ugh!

She drops the clothes in the passageway.

She sings fuzzly secret passage fun Laundry slide to basement, Done

(truck beeping) (snoring)

Princess flug sleeps in the basket.

A male truck driver says laundry for the hatcher Palace hotel. Check!

He loads the basket into the truck and drives away.

(humming) Looking up in the wardrobe, abby says I found something! Ta-da!

She puts a flower pin on her dress.

Bozzly says ooh, pretty!

A stream of water comes out of the flower wetting bozzly’s face.

Bozzly says ahhh!

They laugh.

Bozzly says fun! (beeping) The fuzzly spotter!

In abby’s special watch, princess flug says help!

Abby says spotted! Princess flug’s in trouble! And she’s moving away From the hotel!

Bozzly says uh-oh!

Abby looks out of the window.

She gasps and says it’s the laundry truck! Zoomer view specs, activate! Princess flug is in The laundry truck!

Bozzly says but how, abby?

Abby says my flowered sheets! She must have seen them And crawled into mom’s Laundry basket. Fuzzly trouble, can’t delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo ‘yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let’s ride! (abby making engine Revving sounds) (laughing) We’re coming, princess flug!

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

(giggling) Curly says whee!

Chef jeff mops the kitchen floor.

Chef jeff sighs and says there is nothing as marvelous As a masterfully mopped kitchen.

Curly says marvelous mopping. (laughing)

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby says yoo-hoo! Whoa!

She loses control of the trike as she slips on the wet floor.

Chef jeff says ahh!

Abby says sorry, chef jeff!

Bozzly says whooooa! Ah, ah!

Standing on a mop and a broom, chef jeff says look at me, curly! I’m so tall, I don’t even need My lift to reach the counter! It’s perfection!

Curly says tall, tall perfection! (both laughing)

Bozzly says yeah! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Abby drives along the sidewalk.

Abby says whoo-hoo, yeah!

Bozzly says that way!

Abby says she’s got to be on her way To the laundromat. Let’s move fuzzly fast!

Bozzly says whoo-hoo!

A man says whoa!

A woman says ah!

(honking horn) Bozzly yells coming through!

(slurping coffee) A couple sits at a café terrace.

A boy says huh?

Abby drives past the couple and says sorry!

A woman is about to eat a cookie when bozzly takes it away.

The woman says ah!

Abby says we’ve got a fuzzly to save!

The woman says a fuzz-what?

Bozzly says a fuzzly! Like me! Thank you!

Bozzly eats the cookie.

(door slamming)

Princess flug wakes up and says ahhh! Huh? Ooh, flowers! Me sniff, me.

She jumps out of the truck to sniff flowers outside a store.

(tires screeching)

Bozzly says laundry truck, abby!

Abby says let’s go, bozzly!

She looks into the laundry truck and says princess flug? Hmm.

The truck driver says uh, nope, no princesses here.

Abby says sorry, we thought our fuzzly Friend was in here.

The truck driver says uh, fuzz-what?

Abby says a fuzzly, like him.

Bozzly says hi!

The truck driver says oh. Uh, okay.

Abby says that’s the last laundry cart. Hmm, princess flug must be In the laundromat.

Abby and bozzly say onward!

Bozzly says yee-ha!

(sniffing) Princess flug says me love flowers, me.

A woman watering flowers says they smell lovely, don’t they?

Princess flug says smell lovely!

The woman says just let me know if you need Any help!

(gasping) Princess flug says ooh! Mm, me with lots of flowers, me! (sniffing, giggling)

She jumps into a flower bouquet.

A deliveryman picks it and says flowers and bubbles, Yeah, that’s cool.

(motor revving)

The deliveryman drives away in a motorbike.

Abby says she wasn’t in there.

Bozzly says oh, princess flug lost for good?

Abby says a bubble? And a flower shop! Princess flug loves flowers. That bubble might be from her. Come on! Hi, have you seen A pink fuzzly Wearing a crown And blowing bubbles?

The woman watering followers says a fuzz-what?

Bozzly says a fuzzly, like me!

The woman says oh, yes! She blew bubbles All over the place!

Abby says splizzacular! Is she still here?

The woman says last I saw her, she was near A big flower arrangement That just went out for delivery.

Abby and bozzly say delivery?

The woman says oh, there he goes now.

Abby says follow that fuzzly!

Bozzly says yay!

At a traffic light, princess flug says huh? Beautiful flower! Me love flowers, me!

She jumps off the motorbike and stares at a tv showing flowers in a showcase.

Princess flug says beautiful!

Bozzly points at the deliveryman and says there, abby!

Abby says spotted! We’re right behind you, Princess flug!

(giggling) Princess flug says oh, flower’s gone. Where home? Where abby? (gasping) Me lost, me!

(tires screeching)

Abby says wait! There’s a fuzzly in those Flowers!

The deliveryman says a fuzz-what?

Abby says never mind that right now. Can we please look?

The deliveryman says yeah, sure.

(blowing) Abby says no princess flug.

The deliveryman says nope, just flowers. No flugs or fuzzlies. Sheesh.

Abby says I don’t get it. We saw bubbles Come from the bike.

Bozzly says uh-huh, she was there!

Abby says yeah, which means she must Have gotten off the bike Along the way.

Bozzly says hmm, how find?

Abby says go back the way we came. I bet she left a clue, And we’re gonna find it!

Bozzly says yay!

Riding her trike, abby says looking... Also looking... Looking. Still looking.

Bozzly says look, abby!

Flowers lay on the sidewalk.

Abby says that’s it! Flowers from the flower shop! Looks like princess flug Stopped here, but why?

Bozzly says hmm. Abby, look!

Bozzly points at the tv in the showcase.

Abby says another flower. Everywhere she goes, Princess flug Is following flowers. Hmm. (snapping fingers) Brain spark! If we want to get her home, We need a trail of flowers!

Bozzly says yeah, flower trail!

Abby says come on, bozzly!

Bozzly says whoo-hoo!

Abby says ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready! (laughing) Yay!

As abby drives the trike, bozzly drops flowers along the way.

Abby says whoo-hoo! Yee-hoo!

Bozzly says whoo-hoo! Wha! Yeah!

Princess flug says me so lost, me! Huh? Flowers! (gasping) Me see lots of flowers, me!

Princess flug picks up the flowers following the trail.

At the hotel, abby says do you see her yet, bozzly?

Bozzly says no, just see walking flowers.

Abby says oh. What?!

Bozzly says whoa!

Abby says caught ya.

They say princess flug!

(gasping) Princess flug says abby! Bozzly! (giggling)

Abby says yay!

Princess flug says me found you, me!

Abby says we missed you so much.

They hug and spin.

Princess flug says me home, me! (laughing) Me flowery, me. Me so happy, me!