Abby Hatcher Wiki

(Princess Flug is watering plants in the courtyard. Abby and Bozzly are nearby wearing ringmaster hats and standing between a podium with Elvin on top.)
Abby: Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!
Bozzly: And fuzzlies of all ages!
Abby: Feast your eyes on this ferocious beast!
(Shows Elvin on the podium acting anything but ferocious.)
Bozzly: Ooh! Ferocious!

(both laughing)

Abby says now, watch as he jumps Through a hoop! Come on, elvin. You can do it.


Abby and bozzly say aww.

Bozzly says aww. Cute!

Abby says adorbs!

(both laughing)

Princess flug says kitty cute kitty. (humming) Huh?

She finds a slug on the leaves.

(chittering) She says ooh! (chuckling) Look! Me found pet, me!

Abby says cool! You found a slug!

Bozzly says ooh! Sparkly!

Princess flug gasps and says me name her sparkles. Me keep pet slug, me.

Bozzly says bye, sparkles!

Abby says have fun, princess flug. Okay, elvin, let’s try again. Through the hoop.

(mewing, purring)

Abby says aww.

Bozzly says aww.

Elvin plays with the hoop.

(both laughing)

In the kitchen, curly says curly clean lettuce. Hmm.

Chef jeff says oh, curly!

Curly says huh?

Chef jeff says can you help me, please?

Curly says curly help.

Curly bounces away.

Princess flug says me feed sparkles, me. Ooh, berries. You eat berries, you. Hmm.

Princess flug drops sparkles in a bowl of berries. Slug jumps out of it.

Princess flug says you no like berry, you. You eat banana, you?

Sparkles sniffs the banana and says uh-uh.

Princess flug gasps and says hmm. Me need different snack, me.

Princess flug leaves.

(sniffing, gasping) Sparkles spots the bowl of lettuce and jumps into it.

Chef jeff walks in carrying a huge green gelatin tower on a tray.

Chef jeff says thank you, curly. There’s always room For chef jeff’s delicious Lime gelatin delight.

Curly says clean more salad.

Curly spins the lettuce in the cleaner making sparkles fly away.

Chef jeff says huh?

Sparkles lands on the gelatin.

Chef jeff says what?! Slug!

Chef jeff gets scared. The gelatin flies away and lands on his head.

Princess flug says sparkles!

Sparkles lands on the salad.

Chef jeff says ahh! (gasping) My gelatin delight! Mmm... It’s lime-a-licious!

Princess flug says sparkles! Sparkles! Where’s sparkles? Sparkles gone, sparkles.

Back in the garden, abby says and now, The amazing elvin Will balance a Bubble on his nose! Bubble us, bozzly.

Bozzly says bubbles! Ta-da!

(communicator ringing) Abby says the fuzzly spotter! (beeping)

Princess flug says help!

Abby says spotted! Princess flug’s In trouble in the kitchen! Fuzzly trouble, Can’t delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo ‘yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let’s ride! (abby making engine Revving sounds) (laughing)

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

Abby says help is on the way, Princess flug. Yahoo!

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby says what happened?

Chef jeff says there was a slug In my kitchen!

Princess flug says please find Sparkles, please?

Abby says on it! Zoomer-view Specs activate! The lettuce, bozzly.

Bozzly says sparkles! I’ll save you!

Bozzly grabs sparkles and says gotcha!

Princess flug says sparkles! Good sparkles, good. Me so worry, me.

Chef jeff says aww. I’m glad your pet’s okay, But I can’t have a slug In my kitchen.

Princess flug says no sparkles, no?

Abby says don’t worry, princess flug. If she can’t be in the kitchen, We’ll keep her in your snug.

Princess flug says yes! Sparkles and snug, Sparkles.

Abby says and we’ll make the best Pet palace ever. Come on!

Chef jeff says goodbye, sparkles. Good luck with the pet palace.

Abby says just a few more steps. Okay, look!

They stand in a beautiful place room with games.

Bozzly and princess flug say ooh!

Princess flug says me and sparkles love it, me! Slug maze!

Abby says show her how it works, bozzly.

Bozzly walks in the tiny maze.

Bozzly says yeah, yeah, yeah! Try, sparkles! (gasping) Oh, no! How do I get out?!

(both laughing)

Abby says maybe the maze is too much. Show her the wheel.

Bozzly says ooh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! Slug wheel!

Sparkles remains still.

Bozzly says hmm... Too big? But fun! Look!

(chuckling) (both laughing)

Bozzly runs in the wheel.

The squeaky peepers sing go, bozzly, go Go, bozzly, go Go, bozzly, go

Sparkles’s stomach growls.

The squeaky peepers sing go, bozzly, go Go, bozzly, go Go, bozzly, go

(chittering) Sparkles sees a plant in a hair salon.

Harriet bouffant says judge thorn, You look so beautiful.

Judge thorn says you really think so?

Harriet bouffant says absolutely. All you need now is a clip For the perfect hair flair.

Harriet bouffant grabs sparkles and places her on judge thorn’s head without noticing.

Harriet bouffant says ta-da!

Judge thorn says oh, my! This is nice.

Sparkles appears and judge thorn screams.

The squeaky peepers sing go, bozzly, go Go, bozzly, go

Judge thorn yells a slug!

Bozzly flies off the wheel and says whoa!

Abby says caught ya! Phew.

They all say sparkles!

Judge thorn says it’s in my hair! Get it out! Get it out!


Abby says sparkles?! Zoomer-view specs activate.

Judge thorn says oh, my!

Sparkles is about to eat a plant when abby catches her.

Abby says I see her! Caught ya!

Princess flug says sparkles save, sparkles. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah! (giggling)

Judge thorn says a slug was in my hair?

Princess flug says but look! Cute sparkles, cute.

Judge thorn says well... For a slug, She is rather adorable. But still!

Harriet bouffant says judge thorn’s right. We can’t have a slug In a beauty salon. Sorry.

Princess flug sighs and says no sparkles, no?

Abby says don’t worry. We can make her Happy someplace else.

Princess flug says really? Stay, sparkles, stay.

Abby says yes! (mewing, purring) Elvin... (chuckling) You’re so fun! (meowing) That’s it! That’s what’ll Make sparkles happy, A fun pet friend. They can do tricks together. Come on, bozzly. Bozzly?

(dryer whirring) Sitting in the dryer, bozzly says huh? Ooh! (giggling) Coming!

Later, at the lobby, abby says ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, Princess flug and bozzly...

Princess flug and bozzly say yay!

Abby says I now present two Fuzz-tastic friends: Elvin and sparkles!


Princess flug says sparkles, yay!

Bozzly says awesome!

Abby says okay, now, sparkles, You get on the teeter-totter. Then, elvin, You step on your side, So she flies onto your back. Got it? (mewing)

Dad says ooh! I’m just in time for the show, And I brought a snack... A super salad!

Sparkles is happy to see the salad and gasps. (mewing)

Abby says dad! Your salad!

Elvin steps on the teeter-totter making sparkles fly towards the salad.

Dad says huh?

Abby says pogo-spring shoes activate! In slow-motion, bozzly says whoa.

Just before sparkles lands on the salad, abby says caught ya!

Dad says my super salad, You saved it!

Sparkles eats a lettuce.

(chuckling) Princess flug says sparkles hungry, sparkles.

Abby giggles and says you really wanted That lettuce leaf, huh? And the big leaves In the salon, too.

Bozzly says and lettuce in the kitchen!

Abby says hmm. (snapping) Brain spark! Sparkles keeps crawling away Because she needs to be outside With all the leaves she can eat.

Princess flug says sparkles outside, sparkles? But sparkles my pet, mine.

Abby says she is your pet, princess flug, And she loves you, Just like you love her.

(gasping) Princess flug says me love sparkles, me.

Bozzly says aww.

Abby says but you found her in The leaves, right? And she keeps Crawling to leaves, So I think that’s Where she’s happy.

(sighing) Princess flug says sparkles belong Outside, sparkles.

Sparkles says mm-hmm!

Abby says but she can still be your pet, And we’ll make her The most splizzacular Outdoor pet home ever! Come on!

Bozzly says woo-hoo-hoo!

Sparkles crawls out of the maze.

Abby says great job, sparkles. See? She loves her Toys out in the garden.

Princess flug says sparkles happy, sparkles.

Bozzly says and snacks!

Bozzly puts weeds on sparkles’s plate.

Abby chuckles and says that’ll make mom happy. She hates weeds.

(belching) (all laughing) (yawning)

Abby says I think you’re tired After your big day. Good thing we’ve got this!

Bozzly says ta-da!

Abby says your very own...

Bozzly and abby say slug bed!

Abby says aww. She wants you to cuddle up With her, princess flug.

Princess flug says aww! Sparkles best pet, sparkles.