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The first season of Abby Hatcher started on January 1, 2019 and ended on February 16, 2020.


Title card Name Airdate Number Prod. Code
When Abby Met Bozzly title card.png "When Abby Met Bozzly" January 1, 2019 1a 108a
Abby moves into her family's new hotel and meets Bozzly for the first time.
Hair Flair Everywhere title card.png "Hair Flair Everywhere" January 1, 2019 1b 108b
Abby and Bozzly help Harriet find a new way to embrace her hair styling skills.
Mo and Bo in the Snow title card.png "Mo and Bo in the Snow" January 2, 2019 2a 110a
An accident leaves Mo and Bo covered in snow, making everyone think they're a snow monster.
Otis Out of Order title card.png "Otis Out of Order" January 2, 2019 2b 110b
Otis falls and develops a fear of heights.
There's Only One Bozzly title card.png "There's Only One Bozzly" January 3, 2019 3a 105a
Melvin fills in for Bozzly when he hurts his leg.
Cousin Flugtilda title card.png "Cousin Flugtilda" January 3, 2019 3b 105b
Princess Flug is jealous when her visiting cousin gets all the attention.
Princess Flug's Flower Float title card.png "Princess Flug's Flower Float" January 7, 2019 4a 102a
Disappearing roses lead Abby and Bozzly to flower-obsessed Fuzzly Princess Flug.
The Fuzzlies' Talent Show title card.png "The Fuzzlies' Talent Show" January 7, 2019 4b 102b
Teeny Terry thinks he doesn't have a talent for the Hotel Talent Show, so Abby and Bozzly help him find one.
Too Tired To Tuba title card.png "Too Tired to Tuba" January 8, 2019 5a 103a
Chef Jeff's tuba practice at night constantly keeps the Fuzzlies awake.
Princess Flug Day title card.png "Princess Flug Day" January 8, 2019 5b 103b
Princess Flug thinks Melvin's birthday party is for her.
Hair Flair Fuzzly title card.png "Hair Flair Fuzzly" January 9, 2019 6a 104a
Abby and Bozzly track down Mrs. Melvin's hairbrush to a hair obsessed Fuzzly named Harriet.
The Fuzzlies in the Attic title card.png "The Fuzzlies in the Attic" January 9, 2019 6b 104b
Abby and Bozzly meet cat twin Fuzzlies Mo and Bo and work to reunite them.
Afraid of Cats title card.png "Afraid of Cats" January 10, 2019 7a 106a
Abby helps the Fuzzlies face their fear of cats when Melvin brings home a cat named Elvin.
Chef Curly title card.png "Chef Curly" January 10, 2019 7b 104b
Chef Jeff thinks Curly is messing up the kitchen when really she wants to help him cook an important dinner for the hotel guests.
Curly and the Sock Doll title card.png "Curly and the Sock Doll" January 28, 2019 8a 107a
Abby and Bozzly help Curly find a way to rid the foul smell of her sock doll which she refuses to part with.
In the Park title card.png "In the Park" January 29, 2019 8b 107a
Princess Flug refuses to go to the park with Abby and the Fuzzlies after a rainstorm as she could get muddy.
Teeny Terry's Gift title card.png "Teeny Terry's Gift" January 30, 2019 9a 111a
Teeny Terry wants to surprise Lex by finishing everything on his to-do list, but finds it hard.
Peeper Time Blues title card.png "Peeper Time Blues" January 31, 2019 9b 111b
The Squeaky Peepers become depressed and Abby and Bozzly need to find out why.
Abby's Squeaky Peeper Panic title card.png "Abby's Squeaky Peeper Panic" February 11, 2019 10a 101a
When Little Do of the Squeaky Peepers goes missing causing a Peeper Panic, Abby and Bozzly have to find her and stop the madness.
Things That Go Ding in the Night title card.png "Things That Go Ding in the Night" February 12, 2019 10b 111b
Mysterious noises in the night lead Abby and Bozzly to a button-obsessed Fuzzly named Otis.
Hearts and Hugs Day title card.png "Hearts and Hugs Day" February 13, 2019 11a 109a
Abby helps Otis find a way to show his love on Hearts and Hugs Day.
Teeny Terry's Treehouse title card.png "Teeny Terry's Treehouse" February 14, 2019 11b 109b
Abby looks for ideas to make a snug for Teeny Terry but doesn't listen to his thoughts.
Secret Basement Disco title card.png "Secret Basement Disco" March 18, 2019 12a 112a
Abby helps Harriet deal with her fears of dancing when other people are around.
Frazzled Fuzzly title card.png "Frazzled Fuzzly" March 19, 2019 12b 112b
Teeny Terry thinks he's too small to be helpful and Abby helps him with his anger.
Fuzzly Slumber Party title card.png "Fuzzly Slumber Party" March 20, 2019 13a 114a
During a sleepover, the Fuzzlies think they've seen a monster when really it's a disguised Lex.
Fix It Flug title card.png "Fix It Flug" March 21, 2019 13b 114b
Princess Flug becomes obsessed with "fixing" everything in the hotel with her glitter goop.
Princess Flug's Flowery Adventure title card.png "Princess Flug's Flowery Adventure" May 20, 2019 14a 115a
Princess Flug gets lost in the laundry and sends Abby and Bozzly on a wild chase through town.
Fuzzliest Dinner title card.png "Fuzzliest Dinner" May 20, 2019 14b 109b
Abby and Bozzly help Curly make a dinner for the hotel guests in Chef Jeff's absence.
Princess Flug's Pet Slug title card.png "Princess Flug's Pet Slug" May 21, 2019 15a 116a
Princess Flug adopts a slug who eats all the leaves in the hotel.
Fuzzly Photo Day title card.png "Fuzzly Photo Day" May 22, 2019 15b 116b
Abby wants to take a group picture to send to Wai Po but has a difficult time getting the Fuzzlies to stand still for a perfect shot.
Fairy Tale Fuzzly title card.png "Fairy Tale Fuzzly" May 23, 2019 16a 117a
Abby and Bozzly have to rescue Harriet when she gets trapped in the hotel turret.
Super Secret Passageway title card.png "Super Secret Passageway" June 18, 2019 16b 117b
Otis discovers a secret Fuzzly passageway which he, Abby and Bozzly get trapped in.
Teeny Pelican Terry title card.png "Teeny Pelican Terry" June 17, 2019 17a 119a
A mother pelican mistakes Teeny Terry for one of her babies and adopts him.
Tappin Mo and Bo title card.png "Tappin Mo and Bo" June 17, 2019 17b 119b
Mo and Bo discover tap dancing, only for their antics to disturb everyone in the hotel.
Grumbles' First Haircut title card.png "Grumbles' First Haircut" June 19, 2019 18a 121a
Grumbles is afraid to get a haircut when he starts losing fur.
Fuzzly Ball title card.png "Fuzzly Ball" June 20, 2019 18b 121b
Abby and the Fuzzlies plan a ball for Miranda and Lex when they cannot attend one themselves.
The Fuzzlies Camping Trip title card.png "The Fuzzlies Camping Trip" July 5, 2019 19 118
Abby and the Fuzzlies have a campout in the woods and meet a new Fuzzly, Grumbles.
Snug Loving Chipmunks title card.png "Snug Loving Chipmunks" September 15, 2019 20a 122a
Chipmunks steal Teeny Terry's snug and Abby and Bozzly have to help him get it back.
Abby's Snug title card.png "Abby's Snug" September 15, 2019 20b 122b
Abby searches for a place to bunk for the night with disastrous results.
Trick or Treat Otis title card.png "Trick or Treat Otis" October 4, 2019 21a 113a
Otis gets separated from the gang on Halloween and is mistaken for a puppy.
Bedtime For Peepers title card.png "Bedtime For Peepers" October 4, 2019 21b 113b
Abby tried to get the Squeaky Peepers to bed to stop them from interrupting Miranda and Lex's party.
Otis on the Go title card.png "Otis on the Go" November 1, 2019 22a 123a
When Otis accidentally takes off on Abby's modified bike, Abby and Bozzly must stop him.
Abby's Afraid title card.png "Abby's Afraid" November 1, 2019 22b 123b
Abby tries to avoid the dentist when she gets a loose tooth.
Shape of Grumbles title card.png "Shape of Grumbles" November 10, 2019 23a 124a
Grumbles starts morphing uncontrollably after getting hiccups.
Wai Po's Wild Day title card.png "Wai Po's Wild Day" November 10, 2019 23b 124b
Wai Po joins Abby and Bozzly for an epic adventure at the park.
Abby Loses Elvin title card.png "Abby Loses Elvin" December 1, 2019 24a 125a
Abby takes care of Elvin while Melvin builds a castle for him, but he constantly runs away.
The Berry Thief title card.png "The Berry Thief" December 1, 2019 24b 125b
Abby, Bozzly and Princess Flug try to stop a chipmunk from stealing their blueberries.
Fuzzlies' New Year Dragon title card.png "Fuzzlies' New Year Dragon" January 19, 2020 25b 120a
Abby and the Fuzzlies try to plan the perfect party for Chinese New Year before Wai Po arrives.
Full Moon Fuzzly title card.png "Full Moon Fuzzly" January 19, 2020 25b 120b
Teeny Terry wants to fly to the moon, and Abby and Bozzly help out.
Grumbles Gets Gone title card.png "Grumbles Gets Gone" February 16, 2020 26a 126a
Abby and Bozzly must intervene when Grumbles constantly transforms whenever he is frightened when meeting new people.
Here an Abby, There an Abby title card.png "Here an Abby, There an Abby" February 16, 2020 26b 126b
Abby struggles to do three chores at the same time.