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The second and final season was announced June 4, 2019. It premiered March 8, 2020 and will end April 2, 2022. The show was not renewed for a third season, making this the final season.


"In the second season of Abby Hatcher (26 half-hour episodes, produced by Spin Master Entertainment), Abby and her best Fuzzly friend Bozzly lend a helping hand to some new Fuzzly pals as they explore their incredible hotel home, encounter a shuttle bus full of surprises and zoom off to new locations with Abby's souped-up bike and Fuzzly-finding gear. Abby Hatcher features a social-emotional curriculum highlighting empathy, compassion and problem-solving skills."


Title card Name Airdate Number Prod. Code
The Peeper Transport Tubes title card.png "The Peeper Transport Tubes" March 8, 2020 1a 201a
Abby sets up a tube transport system which leads to disaster.
Abby Loses Her Glasses title card.png "Abby Loses Her Glasses" March 8, 2020 1b 201b
Bozzly and Princess Flug must help Abby when she loses her glasses and cannot see without them.
Game Time With Mo & Bo title card.png "Game Time With Mo and Bo" April 5, 2020 2a 203a
Mo and Bo get addicted to a game, causing chaos throughout the hotel.
Grumbles Goes Down the Drain title card.png "Grumbles Goes Down the Drain" April 5, 2020 2b 203b
Grumbles sinks down the drain after a bath and Abby and Bozzly must save him before he gets to the sewers.
Teeny Terry is... TeenyMan! title card.png "Teeny Terry is... TeenyMan!" April 12, 2020 3a 202a
Teeny Terry thinks he's a superhero and Abby and Bozzly have to keep up the act.
Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail title card.png "Mo and Bo and the Missing Button Trail" April 12, 2020 3b 202b
Abby and the Fuzzlies get lost in the snow when their button trail is buried.
Mo and Bo on a Roll title card.png "Mo and Bo on a Roll" April 19, 2020 4a 204a
Mo and Bo get separated after getting into trouble with roller skates.
Dance Dance Grumbles title card.png "Dance Dance Grumbles" April 19, 2020 4b 204b
Abby and Bozzly help Grumbles learn to dance before Harriet's big dance show.
Super Strength Curly title card.png Super Strength Curly May 17, 2020 5a 205a
When Princess Flug accidentally gets glitter goo in some jelly mix, Abby, Bozzly, and Curly eat them by mistake and all get super strength.
Super Sitter Abby title card.png Super Sitter Abby May 17, 2020 5b 205b
Abby and Bozzly are hired by Grumbles to babysit his baby cousin, Mumbles, but the task proves to be easier said than done.
Otis and the Snack Machine title card.png Otis and the Snack Machine May 24, 2020 6a 206a
Abby must help Otis when he gets into some trouble with the hotel's snack machine.
Abby's Runaway Care Case title card.png Abby's Runaway Care Case May 24, 2020 6b 206b
Teeny Terry modifies Abby's care case so it takes care of the Fuzzly emergencies for her, but she soon begins to miss helping them.
Little Doh's Lost Binky title card.png Little Doh's Lost Binky June 21, 2020 7a 207a
Little Do loses her binky and Abby and Bozzly are sent on a mad search through the hotel for it.
Chef Beth title card.png Chef Beth June 21, 2020 7b 207b
When Chef Jeff's mother comes to visit, he is determined to make her stay perfect, but she'd rather spend some quality time with her son.
Teeny Terry's Perfect Sport title card.png Teeny Terry's Perfect Sport June 28, 2020 8a 208a
Abby and Bozzly try to find the perfect sport for Teeny Terry.
Abby's Track and Field Day title card.png Abby's Track and Field Day June 28, 2020 8b 208b
The Fuzzlies try to find a sport that Abby can do without using her gear.
Abby and the Costume Ball title card.png Abby and the Costume Ball July 5, 2020 9a 209a
Abby tries to find the perfect costume for the hotel costume ball.
Big Terry Fix-It Fuzzly title card.png Big Terry: Fix-It Fuzzly July 5, 2020 9b 209b
Grumbles wants to be a fixer like Teeny Terry, making him jealous.
Otis' Sick Day title card.png Otis' Sick Day July 26, 2020 10a 210a
Otis injures his tentacles and cannot operate the elevator for the day, but it's hard to find the right replacement.
Lights, Camera, Fuzzlies title card.png Lights, Camera, Fuzzlies July 26, 2020 10b 210b
Abby and the Fuzzlies try to impress Judge Thorn for her TV show.
Fuzzly Beach Day title card.png Fuzzly Beach Day August 2, 2020 11 211
Abby and the Fuzzlies go to the beach, but Otis is afraid to swim.
A Princess and the Peepers title card.png A Princess and the Peepers September 13, 2020 12a 212a
When the Squeaky Peepers falls asleep on Princess Flug's cozy blanket, the very picky princess finds it lumpy and can't get to sleep
The Perfect Job for Mo and Bo title card.png The Perfect Job for Mo and Bo September 13, 2020 12b 212b
Abby helps Mo and Bo find the perfect job.
Teeny Terry Safety Officer title card.png Teeny Terry: Safety Officer September 20, 2020 14a 214a
When Teeny Terry becomes the new safety officer at the Hatcher Palace Hotel, he abuses his power.
Abby Babysits Melvin title card.png Abby Babysits Melvin September 20, 2020 14b 214b
Abby is hired by Melvin's parents to watch over Melvin while they take a trip away from the hotel, but Melvin begins to miss his parents.
Princess Flug Goes Skiing title card.png Princess Flug Goes Skiing September 27, 2020 15a 215a
When Abby takes the Fuzzlies on a ski trip, Princess Flug is scared, but tries to roll with it.
Mo & Bo's Big Art Show title card.png Mo & Bo's Big Art Show September 27, 2020 15b 215b
Mo and Bo enter an art show and try to come up with the best creation yet.
The Blossom Band title card.png The Blossom Band October 18, 2020 16
Abby and Bozzly discover music-loving Flower Fuzzlies brought to life by a Fuzzly Full Moon.
Bozzly and the Baby title card.png Bozzly and the Baby November 22, 2020 17a
Abby and Bozzly are asked to watch Allen and Jeffery's rambunctious baby niece, who keeps toying with Bozzly's ears.

Fuzzly Lemonade Stand title card.png Fuzzly Lemonade Stand November 22, 2020 17b
Melvin opens a lemonade stand.
A Very Fuzzly Christmas title card.png
A Very Fuzzly Christmas December 6, 2020 18
The hotel shuts down due to a blizzard, forcing Abby and the fuzzlies to make christmas deliveries around town.
Teeny Terry Takes Off title card.png
Teeny Terry Takes Off December 13, 2020 19a unknown
Teeny Terry upgrades his snug.
Grumbles the Squeaky Peeper title card.png
Grumbles the Squeaky Peeper December 13, 2020 19b unknown
Grumbles substitutes for Big Do as a squeaky peeper.
Mo and Bo, Where'd They Go? title card.png Mo and Bo, Where'd They Go December 27, 2020 20a unknown
Mo and Bo get lost in town.
Abby and the Winning Fuzzlies title card.png Abby and the Winning Fuzzlies December 27, 2020 20b unknown
Mo and Bo win the hotel "anything you want day" contest.
Mo and Bo Go Toe to Toe title card.png Mo and Bo Go Toe to Toe January 3, 2021 21a unknown
Mo and Bo get into a disagreement about what games to play.
Abby and the Rooftop Playground title card.png Abby and the Rooftop Playground January 3, 2021 21b unknown
Abby wants to build a playground on the hotel roof.
Blossom Band on Tour title card.png Blossom Band on Tour January 24, 2021 22a unknown
The Flower Fuzzlies tour the city.
Abby's Old Toys title card.png Abby's Old Toys January 24, 2021 22b unknown
Abby finds her old baby toys in the attic.
Blossom Band and the Rock 'n' Rolling Stage title card.png Blossom Band and the Rock 'n' Rolling Stage February 7, 2021 23a unknown
The Flower Fuzzlies try to win the annual hotel flower contest.
The Squeaky Peeper Prize title card.png The Squeaky Peeper Prize February 7, 2021 23b unknown
Abby loses little do at the carnival.
Bozzly and the Missing Pillbug title card.png Bozzly and the Missing Pillbug February 21, 2021 24a unknown
Bozzly loses his pillbug toy.
Grumbles' Family Reunion title card.png Grumbles' Family Reunion February 21, 2021 24b unknown
Grumble's family visits the hotel.
Blossom Band Break Up title card.png Blossom Band Break Up March 7, 2021 25a unknown
The Flower Fzzlies separate and hire Abby to solve their problems for them.
Abby's Quick Fix title card.png Abby's Quick Fix March 7, 2021 25a unknown
A flood traps the squeaky peepers in the hotel passageways.