Secret Basement Disco/Transcript

(Abby and Bozzly are in her bedroom dancing; the Squeaky Peepers bounce around them in a circle doing beatboxing.)
Peepers: ♪ Go, Abby, go ♪
♪ Go, Bozzly, go ♪
♪ Go, Abby, go ♪
Abby: Splizzacular beatboxing, Peepers! Check it out! Yeah!
Bozzly: Oh, yeah!
Abby and Bozzly: (giggle)
Bozzly: Watch Bozzly! (stands on his ears) Uh! Woot-woot! (giggles)
Peepers: ♪ Go, Abby, go ♪
♪ Go, Bozzly, go ♪
Abby: (overlapping) It's a Fuzzly dance party!

(Cuts to the salon; Harriet is dancing to music on her bow boombox.)
Harriet: Love that beat! It makes me wanna swing my ponytail! Whoo-hoo!
(Out in the lobby, Mrs. Melvin walks past with salon toiletries in a bag; she hears the music through the wall vent. Cuts to inside the salon.)
Mrs. Melvin: (from outside) Harriet?
Harriet: (stops dancing and gasps) Oh, no! I don't want Mrs. Melvin to see my bad dancing!
(She hides in her snug which closes, causing a few toiletries to fall to the floor. Mrs. Melvin enters.)
Mrs. Melvin: Is anyone there? (steps on a can and slips on it) Whoa...whoaaaaa!!!
(She falls in the dryer chair and gets splashed with pink facial cream, which gets on her face and hands.)
Mrs. Melvin: Too much face cream! (the dryer falls over her.) Oh!

(Back in Abby's room, Abby, Bozzly and the Peepers are still dancing.)
Abby: Let's play Freeze Dance! When the music stops, we freeze!
Bozzly: Okay! (giggles)
Abby: Splizzacular! Peepers: ♪ Go, Abby, go ♪
♪ Go, Bozzly, go ♪
♪ Go, Abby, go ♪

Bozzly: yeah.

Abby: and freeze. Fuzz-tastic freeze, Bozzly.

Bozzly: you, too. (device beeping) Abby: The fuzzly spotter! (whirring, beeping)

Harriet: HELP!!!

(alarm dinging)

Abby: spotted. Harriet is in trouble In the salon. Fuzzly trouble, can't delay.

Bozzly: to the rescue, Save the day!

Abby: woo-hoo! Yeah!

Bozzly: yeah. (grunting)

They jump in the closet and get all geared up.

Bozzly: hai-ya! (giggling) Doot-doo-doo Yeah! Ah-ah?

Abby tosses bozzly a treat.


They jump on the trike.

Abby: woo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly: ready.

Abby: then let's ride. Vroom, vroom, vroom! (laughing)

They ride along the tunnel And say yeah, ha-ha!

Abby: let's go help harriet.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, chef jeff stands on his rolling platform whipping cream.

He says ah, curly, how I wish I had Some relaxing music to cook by.

Curly: music? Squeaky peepers. (whistling)

The peepers come along.

Chef Jeff: what a wonderful idea. Some relaxing cooking music, Please. Squeaky peepers?

Peepers: ♪ we love chef jeff ♪ ♪ A whole bunchies ♪ ♪ All his treats ♪ ♪ Are the best munchies ♪

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and melvin come in the kitchen through the door.

Abby: woo-hoo!

The peepers sing go, abby, go Go, bozzly, go

Abby: thanks, Peepers.

Bozzly: yeah.

Chef Jeff: but this isn't relaxing music At all. Isn't that right, curly?

Curly bounces and says can't help it. Fun.

Chef Jeff: oh, why not? It is fun. (everyone laughing) (grunting)

Abby gets to the salon and says mrs. Melvin? (grunting) (gasping)

Abby gets her head out of the dryer.

Bozzly: wow.

Mrs. Melvin: what? What's wrong? Where's the mirror? (gasping)

Mrs. Melvin: I need to go lay down. (gasping)

Harriet: poor mrs. Melvin.

Abby: harriet, what happened?

Harriet: I, uh... I was disco-dancing.

Bozzly: fun! Let's disco-dance. (laughing)

Harriet: please stop.

Bozzly: wha'?

Harriet: I love dancing when I'm alone, But I'm too embarrassed When anyone Is watching me.

Abby: maybe bozzly and I can help you.

Bozzly: yeah. How?

Harriet: yeah. How?

Abby: we'll wear these.

Harriet: salon eye masks?

Bozzly: so stylish. (giggling)

Abby: then we'll all dance together, And you'll get used to dancing In front of other people.

Harriet: do you think It'll help?

Abby: definitely. Once you feel good, We'll take the masks off And you won't feel embarrassed At all.

Harriet: that sounds amazing. Let's try it.

Harriet dances and says so far, so good. I'm dancing, even though You and bozzly are here.

Abby: fuzz-tastic. Okay, let's see what happens When we take the masks off. On three. One, two...

Harriet: wait, wait, wait! I'm not sure I'm ready.

Melvin comes along and says I hear music! Whoo-hoo!

Harriet: oh no!

She hides in her snug and drops some cans.

Melvin rolls on the cans and says augh! (crashing)

Bozzly: abby!

Melvin ends up with a face full of cream and abby with a headful of hair rolls.

Melvin says awesome! I'm pink like Princess flug! Wait 'til I show my mom. Mom!

Abby shakes the rolls off and says harriet? Harriet? Come on out! You were so close to letting us See you dance!

Harriet: but when melvin saw me, I was so embarrassed!

Abby: hm... What if I taught You a dance? Maybe you'd be less embarrassed If we all did the same thing.

Harriet: maybe... Do you know a Good dance?

Later on stage, Harriet: are you all gonna watch me Learn to dance?

Abby: nope, the peepers can't see you! They're wearing salon masks!

The peepers sing can't see, can't see, Can't see 'cause we're wearing masks

Bozzly: and bozzly has spa mask, too!

Harriet: heh! I'm over here! (laughing)

Abby: I'll see you, but I'm the Only one. You won't be scared around Me, right?

Harriet: right.

They hug.

Abby: okay, peepers! Hit the Disco music!

The peepers sing go, harriet, go Swing that disco ponytail Go, harriet, go

Abby: here we go! And one, and two, And three, and... Frizzle feet and frazzle hands!

Harriet: one, two, three, Frizzle feet and frazzle hands!

Abby: you're getting the moves, and You look fuzz-tastic!

Harriet: I'm starting to feel great!

The peepers sing go, harriet, go

Meanwhile, missus melvin walks with otis and says I love your hair, but if you Want to try something new, I could work some magic! (disco music plays)

Mrs. Melvin: huh?!

The peepers sing go, harriet, go How strange!

Mrs. Melvin: otis, be a sweetie and swing up And open those curtains. I want to see where the music is Coming from.

O otis swing, yeah! Yeah!

Otis open the curtains.

The peepers sing go, harriet, go

Mrs. Melvin: harriet?!

Harriet freezes.

Abby gasps.

Bozzly: oh, no!

Harriet: you saw me? I'm so embarrassed! I've gotta go.

Harriet hits otis on her way out and otis lets go of the curtains rope.

Abby: no!

The curtains fall on all of them.

Harriet: this is terrible! I'm never Going to dance again. Ever!

Abby: but harriet, you love dancing! We've gotta find a way to help Her, bozzly. Bozzly?

Wearing his eye mask, Bozzly: so stylish.

As abby fixes the curtains, the peepers sing go, abby, go, Go, bozzly, go

Abby: ah-ee-ee-ah There, all fixed. And thanks for The peeperiffic music, peepers!

The peepers sing you're welcome, you're Welcome, you're welcome

Bozzly: how do we get harriet to Dance, abby?

Abby: I'm not sure, let's think!

They both say hm...

Abby: harriet was happy dancing in The salon alone.

Bozzly: harriet dance party! Swing that ponytail!

Abby: until mrs. Melvin saw her.

Bozzly: mrs. Melvin, big wipeout. Ah!

He falls on his back and smashes a glazed cookie on his face.

He says ah!

Abby: and she was happy dancing with Us in our masks, Until melvin saw her.

Bozzly: melvin pink like princess flug!

Abby: and she was happy dancing behind The curtain, Until mrs. Melvin and otis Saw her!

Bozzly: curtain go boom!

Abby: so harriet's always happy Dancing Until someone sees her. Hm... Brain spark! Let's make a super secret place That no one will find! Where she can dance all by Herself!

Bozzly: secret dance place?

Abby: better, a secret basement disco!

Bozzly: yeah! (giggling)

In the basement, Abby: it's not much now, but with Some coloured lights, A dance floor, a mirror ball, It will be the most Dance-tacular disco ever!

(peepers sing)

As abby and bozzly set up the disco, the peepers sing a disco ball And some coloured lights Now it's the secret basement Disco, all right

Abby knocks on harriet's snug.

Abby: hi, harriet! We're sorry we Didn't help you feel better About dancing in front Of people.

Harriet: oh... So embarrassing.

Abby: but we still want you to dance And have fun, So we have a surprise for you. To the basement!

Harriet: basement? But it's all yucky and filled With dusty boxes and junk.

In the basement, Abby: ready, harriet? Tah-dah!

The peepers sing go, harriet, go Swing that disco ponytail Go, harriet, go Put on a dancing disco show

Otis swing from the disco ball and says whoa!

He sits behind the spin table and says dance party!

Harriet: me! Dance party! Me!

Teeny terry comes along and says I hear dance party!

Mo says mo hear disco beat

Bo says bo wanna move his feet

Harriet: everyone's dancing in Their own way! And they're all having So much fun! It's like they don't know Anyone's watching.

Abby: they know, but they don't care! Everyone's just having fun.

Bozzly: like us!

Abby: fuzz-tastic!

Abby and bozzly join everyone on the dance floor.

Harriet: you're right. I don't have to Worry about looking silly. I can just have fun! Whoo-hoo! Secret basement disco Dance party!

Mrs. Melvin: I knew I heard music! I never knew you were such an Amazing dancer, harriet! Why didn't you show me before?

Melvin says disco basement dance party? So cool!

Harriet: I love it! Everyone's watching me dance, And I'm not embarrassed at all!

Abby: now that she's happy, I guess there's only one thing Left to do.

Abby and bozzly say swing that ponytail!

The peepers sing a disco ball And some coloured lights Now it's a secret basement Disco all right Let's get our feet Up on the floor

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