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The Shorts are short episodes of Abby Hatcher. They premiered on April 26th, 2020.


Title card Name Airdate Number Prod. Code
Abby Gives a Tour title card.png Abby Gives a Tour April 26, 2020 1 101
Abby and her cameraman Bozzly gives the viewers a brief tour of the hotel.
The Princess Flug Challenge title card.png The Princess Flug Challenge May 3rd, 2020 2 102
Abby and Bozzly use random stuff to try to make a sticky and sparkly material like Princess Flug's Glitter Goo.
Aced It! title card.png Aced It! May 10th, 2020 3 103
Abby and Bozzly attempt to make a smoothie similar to what Chef Jeff made.
Awesome Adventure Race title card.png Awesome Adventure Race May 31st, 2020 4 104
Abby and Princess Flug compete in the Awesome Adventure Race
What's Squishy in the Box June 7th, 2020 5 105
Abby, Bozzly and Melvin play their game, "What's Squishy in the Box".
Abby's Splizzacular Dance-Off June 14th, 2020 6 106
Abby and Bozzly compete in a dance off.
Fuzzly Treasure Hunt July 12th, 2020 7 107
Bozzly creates a treasure hunt that leads to Abby's birthday surprise.
Who Knows That Smell July 12th, 2020 8 208
Abby and Bozzly have a smelling contest.

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