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Snugs are a type of living quarters for Fuzzlies. They serve as their main bedrooms and either consist of a single bed or a full room inside.

Verbal references

List of snugs

  • Bozzly: A little bed on the windowsill next to Abby's bed.
  • Otis: A bed inside a secret drawer in the elevator.
  • Princess Flug: A princess's bedroom. Accessed via a crown-shaped door in the hotel lobby.
  • Mo and Bo: Two hammocks inside the attic closet.
  • Harriet Bouffant: A miniature dollhouse salon hidden under one of the salon sinks.
  • Curly: A miniature kitchen hidden under the counter in the kitchen.
  • Squeaky Peepers: An egg carton decorated with music notes (their Peeper bed).
  • Grumbles: A tent in the basement with an autumn leaf theme.
  • Teeny Terry: A miniature acorn shaped house on a tree on the roof deck.


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