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Squeaky Peepers
116b - Squeaky Peepers profile.png
Gender Female (All and sometimes Big Do)
Male (Big Do, usually)
Fuzzly Type Rabbits
Fuzzly Skill(s) Singing Songs in perfect pitch
Repeatedly appearing and disappearing out of nowhere
Voice Kate Miller
Debut "Hair Flair Everywhere"

The Squeaky Peepers (sometimes just called Peepers for short) love singing when someone either is in trouble or when having fun. Sometimes when a song is over, they run away in quick like a flash. In Peeper Time Blues they are shown sleeping inside an egg carton with their ears sticking out. They are the first fuzzly group to be in the show since season 1, there is another fuzzly group who also does music as well called Flower Fuzzlies, which were not added until season 2.

Abby sometimes uses the pitch pipe and the musical kazoo to calm them.


The Squeaky Peepers are bunny-shaped Fuzzlies with three legs (which retract when having a Peeper Panic or a Peeper time blues a Peeper sickens or scared or crying and shy. But in the peep-a-phone), and each is a different color of the rainbow. Each Peeper has a different hairline or personal touch to each:

  • Big Do (sometimes spelt as Big Doh) is violet and has rounded bangs that cover his forehead like a hime cut. His ears are more medium-sized, and the stripes reach just above his head.
  • Re is red and has two round bangs. Her ears are the biggest.
  • Mi is orange and has oval-shaped bangs that stick downward. Her ears are big like Re's.
  • Fa is yellow and has two sharp bangs that face right. Her ears are big. She is the only Peeper from the group to wear glasses.
  • So (sometimes spelled as Sol) is green and has three sharp bangs. Her ears are also big.
  • La is blue and has a small curved bang. Her ears are smaller than the others.
  • Ti is indigo and has bangs that are parted in the center. Her ears are big.
  • [1]
  • Little Do (sometimes spelled as Little Doh) is pink and the smallest Peeper that sometimes has a pacifier in her mouth, and has a single round bang. Her ears are the same size as La’s.

In addition, the Peepers can change their color depending on what mood they're in:

  • Gold: When having a Peeper Panic (Appears In Extra Long Abby Hatcher Episodes)
  • Baby blue: When extra sad
  • Pale green: When extra sick


Doh, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Doh!

"Dun, Dun, Duuuuuuuuuuuuun" -Various Episodes[2]

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