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  • Regarding the genders known via pronouns:
  • They are named after the music scales.
  • Fa and Little Do are the only Peepers to date to speak on their own.
  • Fa is the only member of the Peepers and is also the second lead character in the series to be shown with glasses, the first being Abby.
  • Their snug is an egg carton decorated with music notes, which is called their "Peeper Bed".
  • The Squeaky Peepers have appeared more times than any other Fuzzly, next to Bozzly.
  • Re, So, Ti and Little Do were the only Peepers seen when hiding in the final scene of When Abby Met Bozzly.
  • The Squeaky Peepers, Teeny Terry and Curly are the only Fuzzlies to date without an episode where they were first discovered. 
  • It is revealed in "Abby's Squeaky Peeper Panic" that the Peepers need to be together all the time, if either one of them is missing, they have an instant Peeper Panic.
  • The Peepers' blues music when sad sounds a lot like George Thorogood's 1982 single "Bad to the Bone".