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The Suit-Up Sequence is a recurring element in Abby Hatcher.

Once every episode, after Abby checks the Fuzzly Spotter for the Fuzzly in trouble, she and Bozzly go through a sequence where they gear up. It starts when they jump through a tunnel to the Fuzzly Secret Passageways, then each suits up one by one. First Abby puts on her Head Hugging Helmet, followed by Bozzly putting on a helmet of his own. Then Abby puts on her Goo Gripper Gloves and tests the suctions, then Bozzly folds down the visor of his helmet. Abby then zips up her Bomber Blimp Jacket, and Bozzly strikes a pose as his helmet's attached cape dangles down. Abby then buckles her fanny pack to her waist, and pulls Bozzly over. He asks for a cookie, Abby feeds him one, then they both pose and jump onto Abby's bike. Abby says, "Ready, Bozzly?", he replies, "Ready!" then Abby says "Then, let's ride!" Abby pretends to rev the engine on her bike and makes vrooming noises as Bozzly giggles, and she pedals her way out of the passageways as they both cheer.




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