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Super Strength Curly
Season 2, Episode 5a
Super Strength Curly title card.png
US Airdate May 17, 2020
Production code 205a
Character focus Curly
Fuzzly Spotter location Chef Jeff in the kitchen
Written by Camden Eicher
Directed by Kyrian Kelly
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Super Sitter Abby
"Super Strength Curly" is the first half of the fifth episode of Season 2 in Abby Hatcher.


Abby and Bozzly chase down Curly when she gets super strength and starts ruining everything.


Abby, Bozzly and Curly are in the kitchen stirring some Fuzzly Fruit Jellies, and then mix the fruit jellies with apple slices and then decide to do a taste test, but after tasting the fruit jellies, they decide to go get blueberries so they taste better. However, after they leave the kitchen, Princess Flug crawls into the kitchen and tries to get a taste of the fruit jellies, but she accidentally fiddles around with the lever on Chef Jeff's lift and she spins around, and some of her glitter goo is blasted straight into the bowl of fruit jellies. Princess Flug looks worried and runs off through the Fuzzly passageways.

Abby, Bozzly and Curly return with a bowl of blueberries and pour the blueberries into the fruit jellies bowl, and stir it. They pour the fruit jellies into a liquid-holder. They then taste the fruit jellies, but when Abby tries to pull her popsicle from the table, she starts to glow and she instead lifts the whole table up, which amazes everyone. Bozzly then decides to taste one and lifts up the box of bananas, but it wears off shortly after, realizing that the effects on the fruit jellies is temporary, and they think they made super strngth fruit jellies, and then decide to put up the jar of fruit jellies in a cabinet in case of big emergencies and run up to Abby's room to play.

In the diner, Chef Jeff serves Judge Thorn a vanilla sundae, but Judge Thorn doesn't like it. Soon, Chef Jeff sees Abby, Bozzly and Curly run up to Abby's room, but Chef Jeff immediately stops them and asks Curly if he could get him some things for Judge Thorn's sundae. Curly obeys and rushes to the kitchen to the fridge, but fails to open the fridge door, but then she remembers the fruit jellies. She eats a few of them, and opens the door, literally tearing the door off, and the door flies to Chef Jeff, and he flies over to the banana box. In Abby's room, Abby & Bozzly are playing Leap Fuzzly, until the Fuzzly Spotter rings and they see that Chef Jeff is in trouble, causing them to leap into action.

They make it to the kitchen, but their bike gets too fast and they crash straight into the banana box with Chef Jeff in it, causing him to fly off into the diner, and chocolate, sprinkles and a cherry flies onto Judge Thorn's sundae, impressing her. Abby & Bozzly see the jarred Fuzzly Fruit Jellies and Bozzly puts it into his pouch. They hop onto their bike, and they ride into the lobby. Curly stacks a couch the old man was sitting on, a stool, a table and a stuffed table and Abby and Bozzly notice it, realizing that Curly has been definitely been there, and Abby asks where's Curly. Bozzly suggests over there and points over to a wall... revealing a large hole made by the super strength Curly. They see Princess Flug (who is still acting nervous about accidentally getting her glitter goo into the fruit jellies), and they ride outside to the courtyard, where they see Curly do a high jump all of the way to the ceiling of the hotel, where Teeny Terry is birdwatching until Curly crashes into his tree, and the tree is knocked down.

Curly realizes her accident, and uses her super strength to put the tree back in it's place, but she jumps too high and Abby, Bozzly, and Princess Flug find Teeny Terry and Curly flying all of the way to the playground. They follow after them, and at the park, Teeny Terry's tree creates a humongous hole in the playground. Once the trio make it to the playground, Abby uses her Zoomer View Specs to find Curly & Teeny Terry. Abby tells Curly to use her super strength to get free, but Curly's super strength has fully worn off and can no longer get free. Soon, Abby does a brainspark and realizes that she can use the fruit jellies. Bozzly pulls out the Fuzzly fruit jellies & Abby eats one, causing her to have super strength. Abby then uses her super strength powers to put everything back in it's place, and she pours dirt into the giant hole to cover it. After the super strength wears off of Abby, she asks Curly why she ate the Fuzzly Fruit Jellies, and Curly says that she couldn't open the fridge door for Chef Jeff, and says sorry. Abby says that it's okay and she wonders how the fruit jellies gave them super strength. Princess Flug confesses that she accidentally put glitter goo into the fruit jellies, and says that she's very sorry for accidentally affecting the fruit jellies. Abby says that it's okay, & now that they know, they promise to never make fruit jellies again.

After everything has finally been turned back to normal, everyone is in the diner, and Bozzly tries to get a scoop of his sundae, and wishes that he had some super strength right now, and everyone and Bozzly laughs as the episode ends.


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The transcript of "Super Strength Curly" can be viewed here.

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