Abby Hatcher Wiki

(The scene starts in the kitchen where the camera is inside the bowl as Curly mixes the fruit berry mix.)

Curly: Stir, stir, stir!

Bozzly: What else should we add to the fruit jelly mix.

(Abby got an idea.)

Abby: I know!

(Abby and Bozzly went to get some pears for the mix.)

Abby: We'll add pears!

(She throws them.)

Bozzly: And avocado!

(He throws them. Both fruit goes into the bowl where the mixing spoon is at. Then Curly stirs it all up.)

Curly: Taste, taste, taste!

(Curly and Bozzly tastes the mix with the spoons, but Abby used her finger to taste the mix.)

Abby: Mmm.

(Bozzly likes the mix with his tongue)

(All three make munching noises.)

Abby: Hmm... It's good, but it needs something splizzacular.

(Abby gasps as she thought an idea.)

Abby: Like fresh blueberries!

(She presses a button on the lift to go down, and grabs a bowl off camera as a clanking noises sounded.)

Abby: To the garden!

Curly: Berries, berries, berries!

Bozzly: Yeah!

(At the Fuzzly passage way leading into the kitchen, Princess Flug comes up as it opens, leading her into the kitchen, she hums, as she walks onto the lift to go up, and spots the jelly mix.)

Princess Flug: Oh! Jelly mix! Me try, me!

(She tries to get the spoon to taste the mix, but failed because she couldn't reach, and was about to fall.)

Princess Flug: Whoa! Me can't reach, me. Me lower, me.

(Princess Flug pushes the lever, and the lift goes up 2 times and down 1 time. Princess Flug spins the lift, making her dizzy.)

Princess Flug: Whoa-oh! Me too fast, me!

(As Princess Flug got dizzy, her tiara shoots out pieces of glitter goo, one of them went into the bowl, and it glows, then stops glowing as Princess Flug stops spinning the lift.)

Princess Flug: Whoa!

(She spots the berry mix and gasped.)

Princess Flug: Oh, no! Me ruin fruit jelly mix me! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh, no!

(As Princess Flug leaves through the Fuzzly passage way, the gate of it in the kitchen closes before Curly, Bozzly, and Abby got back into the kitchen. Bozzly hums. He stops humming as he poors the berries into the mix, Abby pours berries into the mix as well, while she is talking.)

Abby: Okay, Curly, give it a mix, then we'll put it in the molds.

(As Curly stirs the mix, Abby gets out an ice tray, it's shaped liked the Peepers. Curly stops stirring after Abby put down the ice tray.)

Curly: Now, pour, pour, pour.