Teeny Pelican Terry/Transcript


In the park, abby and grumbles, a large purple raspberry-like fuzzly with two buckteeth, watch bozzly walk around on four legs.

Abby says hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Okay, I give up.

Bozzly says what are you supposed to be? I’m a chipmunk! Ooh! (gasping) See?

Abby and grumbles chuckle.

Abby says okay, grumbles, Your turn for charades. Act things out and We’ll guess what they are.

Grumbles says okay. Hmm... (giggling)

Grumbles turns into a slide.

Bozzly says wow! It’s grumbles charades. (chuckling)

Bozzly says ooh, ooh, I know what he is!

Bozzly gets into the slide and says megaphone! (voice echoing) Hello!

Abby says he’s not a megaphone.

Looking through binoculars, teeny terry says shh! You’re gonna Scare the pelicans.

Abby says pelicans? Can I see?

Teeny terry says sure!

Abby says thanks! (chirping) Aww. Baby pelicans.

Teeny terry says aren’t they cute?

Abby says they sure are. Teeny terry sighs and says birds are so amazing. I wish I could get close And play with them.

Abby says you should fly over And say hi.

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says I bet they’d love to Make friends with you.

Teeny terry says I don’t know. Baby birds get scared Really easily, Especially when they See someone new.

Grumbles says teeny terry, look!

Grumbles turns into a pelican.

Grumbles says honk! Honk! Honk!

(all laughing)

Abby says that’s it! If you dress like a pelican, The birds will think You’re a pelican. Then, they won’t be scared!

Teeny terry says great idea! But where will I Get a pelican costume?

Abby says easy! I’ll make one! First, we’ll need Feathers for wings.

She opens her backpack and says hmm... But what can We use for a beak?

Bozzly says wait! I’ll look.

He takes a book out of his tummy and says book! No, that’s not a beak. Hmm. Pool noodle? (giggling) Hmm. No, not even close. A-ha! Beak! Squawk! Squawk!

(all giggling)

Abby says just a few more feathers And the beak is almost... There! Ta-da!

Bozzly says ta-da!

Teeny terry wears a fake peak and wings.

Grumbles says oh! Teeny terry pelican!

Teeny terry says it’s perfect. Thanks, guys. I can’t wait to Play with the pelicans.

Teeny terry flies to a pond with baby pelicans. (chirping)

Teeny terry says hi. I mean... (squawking)

Teeny terry says chuckles and says you’re even cuter close up. (cawing) Is that your mom? Does that mean You have to go home? (squawking) Oh, no! Ahh!

A mama pelican grabs her babies and teeny terry.

Teeny terry says wait, I’m not a pelican baby. Why are you carrying Me away with your babies? Help!

Grumbles says ready?

Bozzly says ready!

Grumbles says set?

Bozzly says set.

Grumbles says fly!

Abby and bozzly slide down the slide.

Abby says whoa! (giggling)

Abby and bozzly say tie!

(communicator ringing) Abby says the fuzzly spotter! (beeping)

Teeny terry says help!

Abby says spotted. Teeny terry’s in trouble And he’s moving across The park really quickly. Fuzzly trouble, Can’t delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day!

Abby says ya!

Grumbles says grumbles come too. Save teeny terry. (giggling)

Abby says whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.


Bozzly says hi-yah! (laughing)

Bozzly says doo-doo-doo ‘yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then let’s ride! (abby making engine Revving sounds) (laughing)

They ride along a secret tunnel to the kitchen.

Abby says on our way, teeny terry.

In the kitchen, chef jeff says ready, curly?

Curly says yeah!

Chef jeff says with both of us dusting, We’ll have this kitchen Spotless in no time. Ready, set, dust!

Curly says dust, dust, dust!

Chef jeff hums and dusts.

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

(whooping) Chef jeff says oh, no!

Abby and bozzly say sorry, chef jeff.

Abby drives past chef jeff making his rolling platform spin.

Chef jeff says whoa! (yelping) (grunting)

Curly says chef jeff looks like pelican.

Chef jeff ends up hanging on a structure in the ceiling holding two dusters.

Chef jeff laughs and says I do look like a pelican. Squawk, squawk, squawk!

In a nest, teeny terry says you made a mistake. I’m not a baby pelican. I’m a fuzzly!

The mama pelican hugs her babies and teeny terry.

(sighing) Teeny terry says this is kind of nice, though.

(whooping) (gasping)

Abby’s trike comes out of a secret door in the park.

Grumbles says there! Teeny terry!

Abby says come on. Teeny terry, what happened?

Teeny terry says she thinks I’m a baby pelican And she won’t Let me go back home! See what I mean?

Bozzly says take off costume!

Abby says just show her you’re a fuzzly And she’ll let you go.

Teeny terry says oh, yeah! That’s a great idea! I’ll be my fuzzly self In a jiffy. (straining) Except... I can’t get it off! Help!

Abby says we’ve gotta Get to that island And help teeny terry Get his costume off.

Grumbles says hmm. (gasping) Run over bridge?

Abby says good idea, but that Might scare the pelicans. Hmm... (gasping) I got it!

Teeny terry says you’re very sweet. It’s just I’m not A baby pelican.

Hanging from a fishing rod, abby whispers pssst, teeny terry.

Teeny terry says abby!

(squawking) Mama pelican turns and abby disappears.

Teeny terry says I mean... (squawking)

Mama pelican leaves.

Abby says I’ll get you out of That costume in no time.

Teeny terry says thanks, abby.

Abby says goo-gripper gloves, activate. (straining)

Abby uses her gloves to unstick teeny terry’s costume.

Abby says reel me in, bozzly.

Bozzly says okay. (straining) Ahh! Oh, no!

Bozzly loses control of the rod and abby falls to the pond.

Abby says ahh!

(squawking) Mama pelican runs back.

Bozzly says abby!

Abby says wah! We’ll be back, teeny terry.

(squawking) Teeny terry says see, mama pelican? I’m not a baby pelican. I’m a fuzzly. (squawking) Ahh!

Mama pelican hugs teeny terry.

Bozzly says aww. Abby, Mama pelican don’t care what Teeny terry look like.

Grumbles says or that him fuzzly.

Abby says she loves him Just the way he is.

Teeny terry says wow, look at that! She’s feeding The babies. Uh-oh. She’s coming to me, but I don’t Want to eat a wiggly fish. Help!

(all gasping)

Abby says we might need another plan.

Abby and bozzly hide in a bush loaded on a grumbles, that has turned into a raft.

Abby says I think we’re ready. We’ve got a grumbles raft And a bush to hide us, So we don’t scare the pelicans.

Teeny terry screams abby! Oh, no! Oh, no!

Bozzly says let’s save teeny terry!


Abby whispers psst. It’s us, teeny terry. Hop on the bush And we’ll bring you home.

Teeny terry says that’s a great idea. You know what, guys? I think I’m just gonna go check Out this bush for a minute.

Grumbles says uh-oh.

(squawking) Mama pelican pecks on grumbles.

Grumbles says ow! Ouchie! Ow!

Abby says get us back to shore, Bozzly, quick!

Bozzly says copter ears, go! (gasping) (squawking) Yeah!

Flying, bozzly pushes the raft but it bumps into the shore.

Abby says no!

They all say whoa!

Abby says whoa! Pogo spring shoes, activate!

Abby lands safely on the ground.

(squawking) Mama pelican takes teeny terry away.

Teeny terry says it didn’t work, abby! What do we do now?

Bozzly says mama pelican love Teeny terry.

Grumbles says she treat him like Little pelican baby.

Abby says that’s true, she does. Hmm... Brain spark! If teeny terry doesn’t want to Be a little pelican, He has to get big! Teeny terry! You need to inflate, then you Won’t be baby pelican size And you can float back home.

Teeny terry says that’s a teeny-tastic idea! Here we go!

He inflates and says it worked!

The babies hang to teeny terry’s tail as he flies away.


Teeny terry says abby! The babies Want to stay with me, But they haven’t Learned how to fly yet! They’re not safe up here!

Abby says then, let’s get ‘em down. Pogo spring shoes, activate!

Abby bounces and tickles teeny terry’s tummy.

Abby says tickle, tickle, tickle.

(chuckling) Teeny terry says that’s the spooot!

Deflating, teeny terry says whoa! Whoa! The babies!

The babies fall.

Abby says we’re on it! Grumbles and bozzly, help me!

Bozzly says okay, helping! Yee-ha-ha! Gotcha!

Grumbles turns into a mattress to catch one of the babies.

Abby says yahoo! Goo-gripper gloves, activate. Caught ya!

Bozzly says yay!

They place the babies inside mama pelican’s mouth.

Falling, teeny terry screams help!

Grumbles says whoa. Caught ya, teeny terry.

Teeny terry says aww, thanks, grumbles. Now, I can go back home.

(squawking) Grumbles says pelican so sad.

Bozzly says aww. Pelicans really Love teeny terry.

Teeny terry says I love them, too. I’m not a baby pelican. I’ve got to go home.

Abby says you’re right. I just wish there was a way You could go home And still be with the pelicans. Hmm... Brain spark! Everybody, come with me.

They say yeah!

Next, they stand on a rooftop.

Abby says okay, I know we kept you waiting, But I think it’ll All be worth it. Ready?

Bozzly says okay! Open your eyes!

Mama pelican and her babies uncover their eyes.

Grumbles says pelican play pool!

Teeny terry says hi, guys! Come on in!


Abby says now you can be with teeny terry

The babies jump into the pool.

Teeny terry says right here where he lives. Do you like it? ‘cause if you do, You can visit me all the time.

(chirping) The babies nod.

Teeny terry says they do like it! Thank you, abby.


Teeny terry says and mama pelican Wants to thank you, too.


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