Abby Hatcher Wiki

(In Abby's bedroom, Abby places canvases in different colors.)
Abby: Ta-da!
Bozzly: Ooh, pretty colors.
(He camouflages in front of each color as she names it.)
Abby: Greetings, green! What's new, blue? Hello, yellow!

You look fuzztastic in All those colours.

Bozzly says which colour's best For room, abby?

Abby says I'm not sure. I think we need extra Inspiration. To the lobby, bozzly!

Bozzly says to the lobby!

Behind the front desk, dad says here it is, teeny terry, Our official to-do list. Are you ready?

Teeny terry says ready. (clearing throat)

Dad says one, fix miranda's watering can.

Teeny terry says two, fix the kitchen Door hinges.

Dad says three, add stuffing And re-patch the cushion On the lobby couch. And last but not least, Paint abby's bedroom! (both laughing)

Abby says splizzacular!

Dad says have you picked A colour yet?

Abby says not yet. I'm trying To get a brain spark By looking at all the Colours around the hotel.

Bozzly stands on the back of the couch and says yeah! Pretty colours.

He spins and says whoa-whoa!

He falls back and comes out wearing the couch stuffing as beard and eyebrows.

He says ta-da! (all laughing)

Teeny terry says you still have time Before we get to your room. We have a long list Of fixing to do.

Dad says you said it, teeny terry. That's why I've got A surprise for you. A new screwdriver for Your fix-it helmet!

The peepers say ta-da!

Dad puts the screwdriver on top of teeny terry's hat and says all right!

Teeny terry says teeny-tastic!

Abby says cool! (chuckling)

Teeny terry says thanks, lex. Teeny five up high!

Dad and terry do a cool hand shake and say yeah! Uhh! (whistling)

Teeny terry says yeah! (both laughing)

Dad says let's put your Newest tool to use On to-do list item number one... The watering can.

Bozzly says ooh! Look, abby, nice colours.

Abby says can I take it to my room to see How these colours look?

Dad says sure! As soon as We get it fixed. Tool time, teeny terry. (chuckling)

He spins to fix the watering can and says whoa! All done. (straining)

Dad says success!

He gives the can to abby and says here you go! And now, Before we move on With the to-do list, I've got to get a new roller Brush "To-do" abby's room! (crickets chirping) Hah! Funny, right? Seriously, though, This brush is no good. But it's nothing a quick trip to The hardware store can't fix. Back in a jiffy, teeny terry.

Teeny terry says see ya!

Abby and bozzly say bye, dad!

Abby says hey, wanna check out these Colours in my room?

Teeny terry says no can do. I've gotta get to work. Lex gave me a gift. Now, I wanna give him one, too, By finishing our to-do List all by myself. To-do list item number two... Fix the kitchen door hinges.

Abby says have fun. Okay, bozzly, to our Room for colour inspiration!

Bozzly says colour perspiration! (both laughing)

Later, teeny terry fixes the kitchen door hinges.

As chef jeff walks in the kitchen, he steps in a bucket full of screws.

(humming) (gasping)

Teeny terry says wait!

Chef jeff falls back and says ahh!

One of the panels fall on him.


Chef jeff says this is less adorable Than it looks.

Teeny terry gasps.

In her bedroom, abby tries some paint samples and says what do you think, bozzly?

Bozzly says hmm...

Abby says like any of 'em? (communicator chiming)

Abby says ooh! The fuzzly spotter!

Teeny terry says oh, no!

Abby says spotted! Teeny terry's in Trouble in the dining room. (gasping) that's the next place On the to-do list.

Bozzly says uh-oh!

Abby says fuzzly trouble, Can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, Save the day!

Abby says woo-hoo! Woo-hoo-hoo! Whoo!

Bozzly says yeah!

Abby says yah! (grunting)

They jump in the closet and get all geared up.

Bozzly says hi-ya! (giggling)

Bozzly says doot-doo-doo Yeah!

Abby says ah-ah?

Abby tosses bozzly a treat.


They jump on abby's trike.

Abby says woo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready!

Abby says then, let's ride! Vroom, vroom, vroom! (laughing)

They both say yeah!

Abby rides along the secret tunnel and says here we come, teeny terry. Yahoo!

A cupboard slides and uncovers a secret door. Abby and bozzly come in the kitchen through the door.

They both say hi, chef jeff! Where's chef jeff?

Chef jeff says help!

Abby stops and says chef jeff?

Chef jeff says please get this off me.

Abby lift the door panel and says chef jeff! How do you feel?

With a flattened nose and in a nasal voice, chef jeff says a bit flat.

The nose pops back out and he says ahh, that's better. But what about my door?

Teeny terry says first, I'll do job number three... Fix the couch cushion. Then, I'll come back here For the door. And then...

Bozzly says paint abby's room!

Teeny terry says yeah. All before lex gets home.

A we still have time to Pick the right colour. Come on!

Chef jeff says well, as long as I can still get Food in and out of my kitchen...

Suddenly, the other panel falls on him.

He says I'm okay.

Teeny terry re-stuffs the couch and says lex will be so surprised When he sees Our whole to-do list done. I can't... Get it all in. Whoa!

As he jumps to get the stuffing in, he bounces and falls on the stuffing bag.

He muffles hey, I can't see! Where am I? Help!

Abby plays finger puppets and says "Hmm... Which colour do you like Best, puppet princess flug?" "Me not sure me, puppet otis." (communicator chiming)

Abby says the fuzzly spotter! Spotted. There's trouble in the lobby. (gasping) that's where teeny Terry's fixing the cushion!

They both say onward!

They get on the trike and rides down the ramp to the lobby.

Bozzly says whoo-hoo-hoo!

Teeny terry says help!

Abby says he's in the stuffing!

Abby flips the bag upside down and shakes it. Teeny terry comes out as a ball of stuffing.

Abby says how's the to-do list coming? (laughing)

Teeny terry groans.

Later, abby gives teeny terry a bath.

Teeny terry says thanks, abby. I didn't know fixing a cushion Could be this hard. And I still need to hurry. The to-do list isn't Getting any shorter.

Abby says do you think you can get it all Done before my dad gets back?

Teeny terry says sure. I just want to take a Break from stuffing the sofa And move on to to-do List job number four.

Abby and bozzly say paint our room!

Teeny terry says here we go! Freshly painted bedroom Coming right up. (straining)

As he tries to open the paint can, teeny terry splatters paint on the wall.

He says ahh! Whoa! Oh, no! I got the wrong colour!

Abby says and it spilled and Splashed everywhere! (communicator chiming)

Abby says dad?

Dad says hey, abby. On my way home. And check out this roller. We'll have your room Painted in in no time! Right, teeny terry?

Teeny terry says um, yeah, right. It'll be great. See you soon. What will I do? My gift for lex is ruined. And I really wanted to do Something special for him.

Abby says and you tried, but the to-do List was really big, And you're just one fuzzly. Hmm... (gasping)

She snaps her fingers and says brain spark! You're just one fuzzly! You can finish the list in time! But you need help!

Bozzly says yeah!

Teeny terry says but isn't it only a real Gift if I do it myself?

Abby says no. Everyone needs Help sometimes. You and dad help Each other all the time. It's what friends do.

Abby and bozzly say to the dining room!

Teeny terry says to the dining room!

Meanwhile in the kitchen, chef jeff puts a bag of frozen peas on his nose and says woo-hoo! (muffled speaking)

Abby says we hold the door, You screw it on. Got it?

Teeny terry says got it. Whoa! And done!

Abby says splizzacular!

Chef jeff thank you for fixing my door!

Everyone says you're welcome!

At the lobby, abby says there, the stuffing's All back in the cushion. Now, we'll hold it together And you sew.

Teeny terry says thanks. This'll be so much quicker. Done.

Abby says teeny-tastic!

Bozzly says so fast!

Abby says to my room!

In abby's room, bozzly says ugh. Yucky colour. This looks like a job for the Peeper pacifying pitch pipe. (pipe sounding)

The peepers show up and in harmony they sing hello, hello, hello, hello

Bozzly says peppers paint!

Abby says we need that yucky colour Painted over, peppers.

Teeny terry says lex taught me to always paint in

The peepers clean the splatters on the wall as they sing one smooth line. Can you do it? One smooth line Painting's fun One smooth line Get it done

Abby says we'll clean the paint splatters Of everything else. Come on!

Later, they hide behind the couch in the lobby waiting for dad.

Teeny terry laughs and says I sure hope lex Likes what we did.

Abby says he'll love it. (banging) (gasping)

Dad says okay, teeny terry, I'm back.

They all pop out and shout surprise! (laughing)

Teeny terry says come and see the couch!

Dad says the cushion! It's fixed!

Teeny terry says there's more. Follow me.

Chef jeff coms out of the kitchen door and says stand back! Kitchen genius coming through!

Dad says amazing!

Teeny terry says follow me!

Dad walks in abby's room and says incredible! You finished the to-do list! What an amazing surprise.

Teeny terry says it was a gift, just like the Screwdriver you gave me. And I never Would've gotten it done Without the help Of all my friends, Just like you and me Help each other.

Dad says thanks, teeny terry. I'm really lucky to have a Fix-it buddy like you. Teeny five up high!

They both do the cool handshake and says yeah! Uhh! (whistling) Yeah!

Dad sighs.

Abby says dad, is something wrong?

Dad says no. I just... I was looking forward to Tackling that to-do list Because I love fixing things, Especially with you.

Teeny terry says I love fixing things With you, too.

Abby says well, I never did get to Try new colours on my wall.

Dad says all right!

Teeny terry says woo-hoo!

Dad and terry paints a rainbow on the walls.

Bozzly gasps and says look, abby!

Abby gasps.

The peepers sing ta-da!

Abby says splizzacular! Thank you so much! Now, I have the most Fuzzalicious room ever! Pretty amazing what you can do With a little help, Huh, teeny terry?

Teeny terry says it sure is. (both giggling)