Abby Hatcher Wiki

Abby hides in a fort made out of pillows and blankets.

Bozzly says going to catch you, Abby.

Abby says no, you won't. Forward escape, Teeny terry.

Abby sneaks out from the back.

Teeny terry says on it.

Abby says teeny-tastic.

She grabs teeny terry's tail goes up in the air.


Bozzly says abby sneaky. Huh?

Princess flug says come see me. (makes morse code-like sound) (gasping)

Bozzly says sound found. Princess flug need us.

Abby says to the flug snug. (giggling)

Teeny terry says that's the spot.

He starts deflating and says whoa!

Abby says caught you. Princess flug, Are you okay?

A tiny door in the shape of a tiara opens, a red carpet unrolls, and the squeaky peepers line up and announce her.

The peepers say hail princess flug

Princess flug says me excited, me. Come see. Me decorate, me. With glitter goo. See?

They walk in her room and say whoa.

Abby says you watch, you.

She grabs a canvas and makes a glitter goo machine squirt glue on it.

Abby says it's flug-tastic.

Teeny terry says and glittery.

Teeny terry says it's so you, princess flug.

Otis says ding! Abby, come quick.

Abby says coming, otis. To the elevator.

Bozzly says yay! Elevator. Oh. Door closed, abby.

Abby says don't worry. I got this. (knocking on door)

The door opens slightly. Otis sticks out his tentacle and does a cool handshake with abby.

Otis says ding-ding! Enter. New buttons. Look.

He hits the button and a cooking station comes out of the wall.

They all say whoa. (laughing)

Otis says see? Decorate with new buttons.

He turns on a blender.

(whirring) (giggling)

Abby says fuzz-tastic, otis. You have buttons for everything.

Bozzly says awesome.

Teeny terry says yeah. It's so you, otis.

Bozzly says or just like princess flug snug.

Abby says they both have super snug.

Teeny terry says yeah. They sure do.

Otis says milkshakes?

Abby says yes, please.

Teeny terry says oh. Me, me, me! (sighing)

Bozzly says awesome sauce.

Teeny terry walks off the elevator.

He walks in the kitchen and says aw. Everybody has a cool snug But me. I wish I had A comfy place of my own. Something that's all me. What's that?

He spots an empty can on the kitchen island.

He walks in and says ooh, nice. It has a door and everything. Cozy and echo-y. (hearing own voice echoing) Hee-hee. I like it. (humming)

Chef jeff throws a bunch of empty cans next to it.

(cans clattering)

He empties fruit salad can on a bowl and says perfection. I finally have enough fruit For chef jeff's famous Canned fruit cocktail.

He sees the pile of cans, gasps and says what a mess. Into the recycling bin you go.

Teeny terry says but I'm in here.

Meanwhile, abby and bozzly drink their shakes in the elevator.

Bozzly says ah.

Abby says thanks, otis. (device beeping)

Abby says the fuzzly spotter! (whirring, beeping)

Teeny terry says oh, no. (alarm dinging)

Abby says spotted. Teeny terry Is in trouble In the recycling bin. Fuzzly trouble, can't delay.

Bozzly says to the rescue, Save the day!

Abby says yeah!

Bozzly says yeah.

They get out of the elevator, jump in a secret passage leading to a tunnel, and get geared up.


Abby says hi-ya! (giggling)

Bozzly says doot-doo-doo Yeah! Ah-ah? (giggling)

Abby gives bozly a treat.

Then, they jump in the trike.

Abby says woo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly says ready.

Abby says then let's ride. Vroom, vroom, vroom! (laughing)

Abby says yeah, ha-ha!

Bozzly says here we come, Teeny terry.

A secret door opens in the kitchen and abby and bozzly ride in.


Abby says yee-haw!

Chef jeff sees them coming and screams.

On a rolling platform, he rolls against a garbage bin and says whoa!

Abby and bozzly help him out of the bin.

Chef jeff says ah. Thank you, abby.

Abby says happy to help, chef jeff.

Inside one of the cans, teeny terry says abby? Help! Help.

Bozzly says moving can, abby.

Abby grabs the can and shakes terry off it.

Teeny terry says thanks, abby. Sorry. I got stuck. All I wanted was A cozy little snug of my own Like princess flug and otis.

Abby says a teeny terry snug Is a great idea. But you should have it On the roof deck Where you birdwatch.

Teeny terry says I'd love a snug On the roof deck.

Abby says done. Operation build a snug Is on.

They all say to the roof deck.

Chef jess says have fun. I'll be here.

He grabs a couple of wooden spoons and hits the cans.

(playing steel drum-like notes)

On the roof deck, abby says making beautiful music. Ready for a snug you'll love, Teeny terry?

Teeny terry says ready.

Bozzly says bozzly ready, too.

He has a sandwich and says mmm.

Otis says otis help, too.

Abby says thanks, otis. I saw how much you loved otis's Snug, so he's helping, too.

Otis says with buttons, buttons so fun. Use lots of buttons.

Abby says fuzz-a-rific plan, otis. Now, let's get building.

They all say yay.

Teeny terry says lots of buttons? Hmm. I guess, But it's more of an otis thing. Hey. Um, I kind of thought You'd wait for me to start.

Abby says couldn't. Too excited. You're going to love This snug.

He sighs and approaches bozzly.

He says painting, I see. Uh, maybe we should Talk about colour.

Bozzly spins and says yahoo! (spitting)

He spits blue paint all over teeny terry' face.

Teeny terry says I guess it's blue. Maybe I could help you Figure out...

Terry deploys a screwdriver on his helmet.

Otis grabs him and says dragger!

Otis spins him to screw his button panel on a tree.

Teeny terry says uh-oh. Whoa.

Abby shows him a house hanging from the tree and says teeny terry, Welcome to your new snug.

Teeny terry says ooh. So tall.

Abby says fly in. Check it out.

Teeny terry says okay. Whoa.

The inside of the snug is full of buttons.

Otis says use buttons For elevator.

Teeny terry says oh, an elevator? Kind of like your snug. Uh, great. Hmm. Which button should I press? Maybe all of them?

Buttons start lighting up.

Abby, bozzly and otis say huh? (elevator bell dinging)

The snug bursts open and shoots teeny terry up in the air.

Abby says we got to do Something, and fast.

Teeny terry says help! Abby?

Abby says pogo spring shoes, Activate.

She jumps highs and says woo-hoo! Caught you.

Teeny terry says I think I broke the snug. (thudding)

Otis says never press all buttons At once.

Teeny terry says um, abby, I was thinking maybe we should...

Abby says build you a new snug? I was thinking The same thing, And I know exactly Who can help.

Otis says ding-ding-ding!

Teeny terry sighs.

Princess flug says me best snug builder, me.

Teeny terry says okay. I guess you know What you're doing. So, is this a...

Abby says glitter dispenser. Princess flug says it's the best.

Princess flug says you, bozzly, you. More sparkles.

Bozzly says more sparkles.

Teeny terry says wow. Very, um, princess flug-like. (sighing)

Teeny terry says um, princess flug, I was Thinking maybe I could...

Princess flug says no. Me your friend. Me do everything for you. Abby, bozzly? You more glitter And sparkles, you.

Teeny terry sighs and says sure is a lot like flug's snug. I guess it'll be okay.

Princess flug sighs and says me build perfect snug, Me.

A tiara-shaped snug hangs from the tree.

Abby says it is perfect.

Teeny terry says perfect for princess flug.

Abby says teeny terry, step inside Your dream snug. (sighing)

Teeny terry says okay. It sure is a lot like Flug's snug.

He steps on a star-shaped platform and the glitter goo machine starts running.

Teeny terry says huh? Uh-oh.

The machine shoots goo on terry and sends him out of the snug.

Abby says whoa. (screaming)

Teeny terry falls down a gutter.

Abby says copter ears, bozzly. On it. (screaming)

Bozzly catches him with a baseball glove and says I got him. I got him. (screaming)

Bozzly says caught you.

Teeny terry gets angry, swells out and says argh! Argh!

Abby says what's wrong?

Teeny terry says the snugs are what's wrong. They're nothing like What I wanted. Nothing at all. This whole idea has been A disaster.

Abby says you're right. I'm so sorry, teeny terry. (giggling)

He starts deflating and says whoa.

In his original size, teeny terry falls on abby's hands.

Abby says the snugs were all wrong. We got so excited, we never Asked you what you wanted.

Teeny terry says yeah, I guess, but I should have Said they weren't right for me. Maybe I don't need a snug After all.

Abby says yes, you do, but the Otis-style snug wasn't right.

Bozzly says too many buttons.

Abby says and the princess flug-style Snug wasn't right.

Princess flug says you too much glitter, you.

Abby says brain spark! Teeny terry, we can still Make you the perfect snug. Just tell us Exactly what you want.

Teeny terry says really? You really want to know? Okay. Well...

He dribbles and says I want this And definitely this.

Abby says it's snug-tacular. Let's build.

They all start building the snug.

Terry picks out the paint colour.

Abby says what do you think, Teeny terry? Is it you?

An acorn-shaped snug hangs from the tree.

Teeny terry says yes, yes! It's me. A place for my hard hat. A place to build stuff. I can slide on this pole To my bed. And look: A perch where I can watch birds, With a telescope to look at All my different things. Thanks, abby. This snug is all me.

Abby says that's all we ever wanted For you. (everyone laughing)