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|citation   = 
|cleanup    =
|grammar    =
|incomplete =
|pov        =
|unclear    =
|wikify     =
|wording    =
|sig        = ~~~~


This template is for articles that need to be improved in some fashion. It replaces the nearly one dozen templates that the wiki used to use. It will also be used to add articles to one or more categories to sort out what articles need what help and in what way.


This template should be added after any infoboxes on the page, but before the main article begins. It is designed to fit between the left margin and any infoboxes on the page. You may also remove any unused variables without it affecting the output of the template.


|pov = Abby and Bozzly's relationship section is written from the Real World perspective.
|sig = ~~~~

For each variable, you would describe how the article needs to be improved in that fashion. Remember to be specific, but to the point. If you describe in minute detail how the article needs to be changed, then you might as well change the article. If you need more than a couple of sentences, insert see [[{{TALKPAGENAME}}]] to link to the article's talk page and discuss it there.

If the Improve template is already on the page with a signature and you notice additional items that need to be added, you should do so by adding that variable along with the description of the problem and adding your signature like you would a comment on a talk page.


You should always leave your signature including the date in order to inform other users who added the template and when. This way, the editor who's trying to fix the page can contact you if they have any questions as to the reason why the template was added without wading through the page history.