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  • This marks the first appearance of the Flower Fuzzlies, including Tulip, Rose, Daisy, and Sweet Pea.
  • This is the third half hour episode of the series (The first 2 including "The Fuzzlies' Camping Trip" and "Fuzzly Beach Day."), but this time, this half hour special finally takes place entirely at the Hatcher Palace Hotel.
  • This episode is the first episode since "The Fuzzlies' Camping Trip" where new Fuzzlies are introduced, which also means that this episode ends the series' longest streak of consecutive episodes with no new Fuzzlies so far, at 41.
  • This is the second appearance of the Fuzzly in the Moon after "Full Moon Fuzzly".
    • And just like the aforementioned episode, the moon even winks to the camera at the end.
      • This is the third time an inanimate object winks to the viewers. The first two times were in "Super Secret Passageway" and Full Moon Fuzzly.
  • This is the first 2-part episode where Harriet, Mo, Bo, Teeny Terry and Grumbles do not appear.
  • When the Flower Fuzzlies come to life and announce their names, if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of their respective band instruments.
  • Irony: Had someone kept a close look out of the Flower Fuzzlies, they would never have run off.
  • This marks the fourth time the Squeaky Peepers are in their sad forms (The first 3 times including "Peeper time blues." Abby's runaway care case," and "Little Do's lost binky"). This is also the second time the Squeaky Peepers are shown crying, the first time being in Abby Loses Her Glasses.
  • despite not airing in Canada until December 7th the guide "original air date" wrongly lists November 21st
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