Abby Hatcher Wiki
(Nighttime at the Hatcher Palace Hotel. Abby and Bozzly are sleeping when suddenly Bozzly wakes up to the sound of distant dinging.)

Bozzly: Bum-bum-bum-bum! Ooh! Sound found! Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaa!!
(He falls on Abby, waking her; she removes him from her face.)
Bozzly: (giggles) Hi, Abby.
Abby: (also giggles) Hey, Bozzly. (Yawns and puts her glasses on) It's still nighttime.
(More dinging; Bozzly's ears twitch.)
Bozzly: Sound found, Abby! Ding!
Abby: I hear it. Sounds like it came from downstairs. To the lobby!

(She and Bozzly get in the elevator down; inside, Bozzly reaches into his pouch and pulls out a bellhop's hat and wears it.)
Bozzly: Going down?
Abby: (giggles) Why, yes! Thank you, Mr. Elevator Operator. Lobby, please.
Bozzly: Going down! (Presses the lobby floor button)
Abby: (laughs)
(The elevator goes down and they enter the lobby.)
Abby: Look and listen, Bozzly. Whoever is making that sound has got to be down here.
Bozzly: Okay! (Both look around.)
Abby: I can't see a thing, but I know what can help. Zoomer View Night Specs, activate!
(She activates green lenses in her glasses and looks around until she sees the Squeaky Peepers walking upstairs wearing nightcaps.)
Abby: Zoomer View Night Specs, off! (Turns off the specs and laughs) Good night, Peeper.
Little Do: ♪ Nighty-night, Abby! ♪
(At the front desk, a tentacled hairy Fuzzly, Otis, notices the button on top of the desk bell and gasps; he presses it, alerting Abby and Bozzly.)
Abby and Bozzly: (gasp) The ding! Someone add the rest, please.