Abby Hatcher Wiki


Abby: (Wearing a cat's nose and ears) it's the fuzzlies' first Halloween! And you all look splizzacular! Look, bozzly's a yummy sandwich! Pass the mustard!

Bozzly laughs and says mustard.

Abby giggles and says let me guess. You two are worms?

Mo and bo appear wearing rings along their bodies.

Mo says more than worms, Mo and bo.

Bo says glow-up-pillars, Watch us glow!

They glow.

Teeny terry says whoa! Look at my costume, abby!

Abby says I see your trick-or-treat Basket, But where's your costume?

Teeny terry says hee-hee!

He blows up and says I'm a hot-air balloon ride, And I even have a passenger!

A small pink peeper pops out of the basket and says passenger peeper, that's me!

Abby says aww, super cute!

A purple peeper blows a horn and a carpet unrolls.

The peepers sing hail queen flug On halloween The most royal fuzzly You've ever seen

Princess flug walks down the carpet holding a scepter.

Abby says happy halloween, most royal Princess flug!

Bozzly slips and says whoa! (laughing)

Princess flug says me queen flug, me!

Curly says time to make dinner! Here comes marvellous Chef jeff.

Curly stands inside a tray wearing a chef hat.

Abby says oh, chef jeff! I didn't know you wanted to Trick-or- treat with us.

Curly says chef jeff expert At trick and treating! Oof!


Wearing a green tail, otis says woof, woof! Otis puppy! Woof-woof!

Abby says hi, puppy otis! I'm kitty abby. Meow!

Mrs. Hatcher says you all look so cute! Now, get together and say, "Trick-or-treat!"

Abby says come on, fuzzlies!

They say trick-or-treat!

Mrs. Hatcher takes their picture and says oh, amazing!

Otis says woof, woof! Woof!

Mrs. Hatcher says I see you take your costume Very seriously. Good puppy!

Otis says woof-woof! Pbbbt!

Abby giggles and says let's go trick-or-treating!

(all cheering)

Mrs. Hatcher says have fun, and stay together!

On the street, abby says we'll be home by dark, And we'll all stick together, Right?

The fuzzlies say right!

Abby says perfect! Now, let me show you how To trick-or-treat! Come on!

(all cheering)

Abby says first, we have to ring The doorbell. Now, I wonder who...

Otis says me me, buttons! Woof-woof, otis love buttons! Ding!

Otis rings a doorbell extending his tentacle.

Abby whispers everyone yell, "Trick or treat."

Abby and the fuzzlies yell trick or treat!

A male neighbour says what wonderful costumes! I have some treats for you.

Abby says fuzz-tastic!

Abby and the fuzzlies say thank you!

Bozzly says so, we ask for treats, And get them?

Abby says yeah, at every house. Come on! Next house, bozzly rings The doorbell.

Otis stays behind and says but otis love buttons! (sighing) Huh?

Otis spots a new house and says another button! Wheee!

(children laughing)

Otis says huh?

Two children ring the doorbell.

Otis sighs and says no buttons for otis! Ooh, buttons! Wow, lots of buttons! Woof-woof!

Later, abby says is everyone ready For the next house? Meow!

The fuzzlies say yes!

Abby says otis didn't woof. Otis?

Mo and bo say where otis?

Princess flug says where'd otis go?

Bozzly says otis not here, abby.

Abby says but he has to be here. I know! I'll check The fuzzly spotter. (beeping)

Her watch shows blurry images.

Abby says fuzzblat! He's too far away. Fuzzly trouble, can't delay!

Bozzly says to the rescue, save the day! Yee-ha!

Abby says whoo-hoo! Whoo! Yeah!

They go through a secret door and get all geared up.

Bozzly says hi-ya! Hee-hee! Doo-doo-doo! Yeah! Ah, ah?

Abby gives bozzly a treat.


Abby jumps on her trike and says whoo-hoo! Ready, bozzly?

Bozzly jumps on the back and says ready!

Abby says then, let's ride. Vroom, vroom-vroom-vroom! (laughing)

They say yeah!

Abby says let's go help otis. Yeah!

They ride along a secret tunnel and pop up out of a cellar into the street.

Abby says don't worry, otis. Here we come!

Bozzly says oh, but abby, Sun's going down. No trick-or-treat time.

Abby says we'll have time. We just need to find otis first.

Princess flug looks into a pumpkin and says otis?

Behind a bush, mo says no otis, He is not there.

Bo says no otis anywhere.

Princess flug says otis?

Abby parks nearby and says does anyone see him?

Mo says no.

Bo says no otis!

Princess flug says me either, me.

Curly says no.

Abby says look for the puppy costume.

Princess flug says hmm.

Children walk by wearing similar puppy costumes.

Bozzly says uh... There's puppy costumes Everywhere. But no otis puppy.

Abby says hmm. I got it!

She opens up a suitcase and says we'll draw otis puppy, Then we'll ask if anyone's Seen him.

Mo and bo say me draw, me. Color!

Meanwhile, otis says ding, button! Woof-woof!

Otis rings a doorbell.

A boy giggles and says thanks, puppy.

Otis spots another boy's costume and says ooh! Robot buttons! Ding!

Pressing the buttons on the costume, otis says buttons! So many buttons! Ding!


A boy wearing a robot costume says you sure like buttons.

Otis says ha-ha! New button, woof-woof!

Now, otis presses the buttons of a traffic light.

The boy wearing a robot costume says thanks, puppy.

The boy crosses the street.

Showing a drawing of otis, abby says has anyone seen our friend, Otis? He's dressed as a puppy.

Bozzly says puppy!

Princess flug says puppy lost! Puppy lost! We lost puppy!

Mo and bo say mo and bo's pup friend go! Help find a puppy!

The boy wearing a robot costume says hey, I saw that puppy.

Abby says you did?

The boy wearing a robot costume says yeah, he played with These buttons, And then, he pushed The crosswalk button.

Bozzly says buttons? That's otis!

Abby says let's get him!

(buttons beeping)

A mom wearing glasses says did you have fun Trick-or-treating?

Fairy girl: Uh-huh, with my fairy wand! (gasping)

Otis says ooh, what that? Ooh, ooh, ooh!

Otis runs up to the girl and repeatedly presses a button on her wand.

Otis says star button! Fairy girl: (laughs) Mommy, look! The puppy loves my wand.

The mom wearing glasses says hmm, this puppy's alone. He must be lost.

The girl wearing a fairy costume says poor puppy!

The mom wearing glasses says let's take him home Where he'll be safe. We'll look for his family In the morning.

The girl wearing a fairy costume says yay! Come on, puppy!

Otis says woof, ding, woof!

(They lead him away just as Abby arrives with the Fuzzlies.)

Then, abby yells otis? Otis!

Bozzly says aww, otis not here.

Teeny terry says and the sun's almost down. We won't have time To trick-or-treat.

Bozzly says no.

Princess flug says me sad.

Mo and bo say treats, we want treats!

Curly says no, no!

Abby says hmm, we will find otis, And we will trick-or-treat With him, right?

The fuzzlies say right!

Abby says I'm just not sure how. Think, think, think. Is everybody thinking?

The fuzzlies say uh-huh! Think, think! Thinking.

Abby says how can we find otis? We tried looking.

Bozzly says too many puppies, ruff!

Abby says we tried showing pictures Of him.

Bozzly says looks just like otis!

Abby says but we can't find him anywhere.

Teeny terry says and it's about time To go back in, look! It's almost dark!

Abby says it is almost dark. Hmm. Maybe otis could see us With a signal. (gasping) Brain spark! That's how we'll get otis back. We'll make sure he sees us In the dark. Mo and bo, climb that light And get ready.

Mo and bo say mo and bo, go go go!

Mo and bo curl around a lamp post.

Abby says bubbles, princess flug.

Princess flug says me bubbles, me.

Bozzly says copter ears, activate!

Abby says curly, teeny terry, Go up high!

Curly says yeah!

Teeny terry says here I go!

Curly jumps into terry's basket and says high, high, high!

Abby says bomber blimp jacket, activate! Okay, mo and bo. You go up and hang Onto teeny terry.

Mo and bo say mo and bo, up we go!

Abby says good, now bozzly, You and princess flug On top. Now, lift that basket, curly.

Curly says yeah!

Abby says your turn, princess flug. We need some heart-shaped Bubbles.

Suspended in the air, bozzly holds princess flug.

Princess flug says me bubbles, me!

Abby says fuzz-tastic! Now, for the last touch. Flashlight, activate! The perfect signal!

A fuzzly sign appears on the night sky.

The mom wearing glasses looks up to the sky and says hmm. Well, that's interesting.

Otis looks at the sigh and says abby and fuzzlies, Ding-ding! Woof-woof!

Otis runs away.

Fairy girl: PUPPY!! Mom, he'll get lost! Come on!!

Otis says abby, ding! Abby, woof-woof!

Abby and the fuzzlies say otis!

Otis jumps onto abby's arms.

Abby says woof-woof!

Abby says aww! I missed you, otis.

Bozzly says you're back!

Princess flug says me so happy, me!

They all hug.

The girl wearing a fairy costume says mommy, look. The puppy found his family!

The mom wearing glasses says I'm glad you're all back Together. Happy halloween, otis!

The girl wearing a fairy costume says happy halloween!

The fuzzlies say happy halloween! Bye!

Otis says ding! Trick-or-treat?

Abby says we can't, The sun's almost down.

Curly says all done?

Teeny terry says no more treats?

Princess flug says us no more halloween, us?

Otis says we go home now?

Abby says that's it! I know how we can still Trick-or-treat! Come on!

(ringing doorbell)

Abby and the fuzzlies say trick or treat!

Mrs. Melvin opens the door and says what wonderful costumes. Happy halloween!

Abby and the fuzzlies say thank you, mrs. Melvin!


Abby and bozzly walk down a hotel hallway.

Bozzly says hotel trick-or-treats Super fun!

(ringing doorbell)

Abby and the fuzzlies say trick or treat!

An old man opens the door.

Abby empties her pumpkin on the floor.

The fuzzlies say mm, treats!

Mrs. Hatcher says what did you think, fuzzlies? Did you like your first Halloween?

The fuzzlies say halloween fun for everyone! (cheering)

Abby says I had fun, too, 'cause I got to Trick-or-treat with all of you. Happy halloween, fuzzlies!

The fuzzlies say happy halloween, abby!

(camera clicking) Mrs. Hatcher takes their picture.