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Wai po
115b - Wai Po on the tablet.png
Gender (female)
Age 65
Family Abby Hatcher (character)
Miranda Hatcher
Lex Hatcher

Miranda's mom is the mother of Miranda and the maternal grandmother of Abby, who called her WaiPo, the Chinese word for grandmother (外婆). She sends the Wok (鑊)featured in Fuzzliest Dinner. She is not actually seen.

The word Abby says is stylized as Wai Po in the captions for Fuzzly Photo Day and you finally see and hear her on a video chat!

End credits say Jane Luk voices her.

Her first visible visit to Hatcher Hotel was indicated as happening in the TV guide description for Abby's Snug but that turned out not to be true.


Season 1

Season 2