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When Abby Met Bozzly
Season 1, Episode 1
When Abby Met Bozzly title card.png
Production code 101
Character focus Bozzly
Fuzzly found Bozzly at the moving boxes
Fuzzly Spotter location Bozzly at the moving van
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When Abby Met Bozzly is the first half of the first episode in Season 1 of Abby Hatcher, and the series premiere.


Abby and her family move to the mysterious Hatcher Palace Hotel, where Abby looks inside and meets a little fuzzly named Bozzle and they become best friends in the process.


The series starts with a shot outside a quaint hotel, a young girl named Abby Hatcher and her parents Lex Hatcher and Miranda carry boxes inside. After Abby briefly gets stuck in the revolving door, Her parents welcomes her to the Hotel where they will be living and operating. Abby is nervous, but her parents reassure her that it can be fun, too. KOBY then gives KORN her childhood blanket, which is "soft and snuggly like a Fuzzly", causing her to think there could be Fuzzlies hiding in the hotel and she could finally meet one, which could be true as Lex points out socks went missing from owners and crumbs kept disappearing off the floor. Unknown to them, a blue-rabbit like Fuzzly watches them out of sight.

While Miranda and Lex get the hotel ready to open for guests, they decide to let Abby explore and give her a special watch that controls all sorts of things and has a map of the hotel so she can find her bedroom. Lex demonstrates by making the fireplace open to reveal a secret tunnel, and Abby runs in as the Fuzzly follows behind her. While in the tunnel, she lights it up with her watch and explores until she hears the Fuzzly behind her, who turns invisible and blends in. Abby soon reaches a dead end and uses the watch to open a tunnel to a staircase which she climbs up.

Abby reaches the top of the stairs and discovers her bedroom, and finds a plate of Fuzzly cookies on the table from Miranda. She suddenly hears the invisible Fuzzly behind her and searches until he starts to eat the cookies and they wrestle over one. The Fuzzly becomes visible and Abby sees him and says hi, only for him to hide in a box. Abby calms the Fuzzly down and offers him another cookie. The Fuzzly accepts and introduces himself as Bozzly, and the two talk and become best friends. Abby also gives him her blanket as a gift.

Abby decides to take Bozzly to meet her parents, but they enter the elevator just as they come downstairs. Bozzly begins coughing from the dust and offers her Fuzzly care pack to clean him. Abby puts the blanket on a box as he lets Abby groom him, but the mover unknowingly picks up the box and takes it out to the truck. When the two notice the blanket, Bozzly hurries outside and takes it, but the trunk closes and the truck starts driving off with him still on it.

When Abby comes outside and realizes Bozzly is gone, her watch starts sounding an alarm to alert that Bozzly is in trouble. Abby then uses the watch to open another tunnel and jumps in to gear up, then takes off on a bike through town. When she catches up with the truck when it comes to a red light, Bozzly is afraid to jump off. Abby encourages him, and Bozzly wears the blanket like a cape to feel brave and jumps into Abby's arms just as the truck drives away. Bozzly becomes Abby's sidekick and best friend, and the two hug.

Back at the hotel, Abby shows Bozzly his own bed on the windowsill next to her own, so she can sleep and stay with her. Bozzly thanks her and agrees to find Fuzzlies with her. Abby thinks there's more around, and Bozzly believes so if they find together. In the last scene, all the other Fuzzlies are shown peeking out of hiding places around the bedroom.


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  • When Abby says "This is going to be our home?" and "I hope so" she has her watch when she doesn't get it until a minute later.
  • When Abby receives her watch, the eyes on the watch are fully black with no blue scleras. It retains its proper appearance when she enters the passageway.


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